Napkin Table

Napkin Table

Innovative table designed by Hung Lu Chan encourages people to put down their phones and interact with their friends.

Take a break from technology, eat delicious meals, and have a pleasant conversation with a real person.

Napkin Table with integrated cup holders. Designed for two people.

Napkin Picnic Table

Napkin Pic Nic Table

Portable Table

Hung Lu Chan

Hung Lu Chan Napkin Table

Picnic Table

Pic Nic Table

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  1. sgh

    more like a joke!

  2. dario

    one of the most useless thing even seen

  3. Superman

    You ain’t serious!

  4. Gert

    smh…. lol okeydokey.

  5. Moon Flower


  6. Swiper Fox

    Too bad if someone instantly has an emergency situation and has to leave immediately during the middle of the meal.
    Also stupid looking wearing that contraption.

  7. Noni

    Waiter, may I have the soup please…

  8. jimbo

    one good sneeze and the meal is over :-)

  9. SHameless

    Nice try, Koreans!

  10. Ashe

    Aww Not for Forever alone people.

    I guess I won’t get one.

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