Unusual USB Flash Drives Collection

Collection of Unusual USB Flash Drives

This post features a collection of creative and unusual USB flash drives.

LEGO Brick USB Flash Drive

Available in five colors, these keys are 100% compatible with the real Lego bricks, enabling you to tweak your Lego creations. [link]

LEGO Brick USB Flash Drive

LEGO Brick USB Flash Drive 2

LEGO Brick USB Flash Drive 3

iPod USB Flash Drive

USB iPod Memory Stick features amazingly soft and tactile silicon outer casing and a carrying loop so you can make sure it doesn’t get lost. The USB plug is hidden under the ‘face’ of the iPod for added protection. [link]

iPod USB Flash Drive

Bullet USB Flash Drive

The bullet drive is a show stopper. It’s chrome finish and stylish shape makes it a sturdy attention getter. [link]

Bullet USB Flash Drive

Food USB Flash Drives

Brando’s USB flash drives include chicken, hot wings, a slab of pork, a pizza slice, a burger, a watermelon slice, a strawberry, cookies and biscuits. Best of all, these hold 4GB worth of junk and cost only $28. [link]

Food USB Flash Drives

Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive

Want to make a flash drive that nobody in a modern office would even think about taking? Hide it in a pink eraser and it’s secure in this digital age. [link]

Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive

Penguin USB Flash Drive

Cute 2GB USB flash drive that looks like a Penguin. [link]

Penguin USB Flash Drive

Penguin USB Flash Drive 2

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

The USB stick CO is a mobile data storage device in a solid, brushed aluminium housing. It is special because it incorporates an extra bottle opener function combining practical data storage with a thirst-quenching aid that is always to hand. [link]

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive 2

Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Intricate retro sci-fi USB flash drive created by a Russian modder. [link]

Steampunk USB Flash Drive 2

Steampunk USB Flash Drive 3

Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive

Cute Teddy Bear USB flash drive with removable head. [link]

Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive

Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive 2

Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive 3

Folderix USB Flash Drive

Folderix flash drive is designed to look like a folder icon, which proves that there are no boundaries to one’s postmodernist aspirations. [link]

Folderix USB Flash Drive 2

Pico USB Flash Drive

Barely bigger than the tip of your pinky, and less than 4mm thick, it’s positively small. The polished chrome finish is certainly shiny, but at 8 gigabytes, it’s redonkulously teeny! [link]

Pico USB Flash Drive

Pico USB Flash Drive 2

MIXA USB Flash Drive

MIXA is a 1GB USB flash drive that looks like a regular audio cassette tape. You can design your own unique sleeve using your own images, or select one of pre-made designs. MIXA comes with a plastic case, a set of stickers, a USB extension cable and a beautiful box. [link]

MIXA USB Flash Drive

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Gift Ideas
  1. Star Wars USB

    Very cool, especially the Steam Punk one.

    Other one that I heard of was the Mimobot, Star Wars collection. My personal favourite is still the Boba Fett version.

  2. Micaman

    Really nice! Thank you!

  3. ben

    My fav is Teddy Bear :)

  4. hex

    I love the steampunk one, too. Stunning design. It’s definitely my favorite. I wonder how much it costs.

  5. htiyun

    Very interesting! Thank you!


    very very nice and interesting

  7. mile

    My favourite is iPod model! Simple and elegant! ^^


    Wonderfull!The world has changed!Everyday we are looking for new events like these techs with new models,styles,colours,…

  9. ali

    Thank you. very nice

  10. yomi sopein

    i love those creative flash drives,my favorite is the iPod and the bottle opener one.


  11. Designer

    i want them all……

  12. Visitor

    Haha sooo cool! Where can I get these?
    (Probably have to search on google huh)

  13. Linda

    Sooooo aggrivating, I can find these unique flash drives but you tell nothing about how to purchase them or how much they cost. If someone can please email with this information. I tried the gmail address it gave and it said could not find. These are so awesome I bet you could sell a lot of them if people could actually get the information on how to purchase them.

  14. Tracy

    I bought the watermelon slice for my sister…she loved it!

  15. Pablinho

    Very interesting !!

    Going to try to modify one myself..

  16. Tiana

    i have seen a few of these around. for those that are considering a home modify job, get some polymer clay. i have made and sold several custom ones. it is also a great leave behind at an interview.

  17. Lay

    You could also add the latest Swiss Army knife. Love the little iPod though. :)

  18. electricgirl

    i want to i pod flash drive and very like.This one is very attraction for young pepople.

  19. Goober

    Pretty Rad stuff.. I just got a REAL cool USB flash drive in the mail.
    it’s shaped like a bullet from the band “My Chemical Romance” (it came with a promo bulletproof vest) and came preloaded with all sorts of concert footage and photos.

    I took some photos:




  20. Fhaye

    Cool ideas and concepts. Most are funny.

  21. DisComBoBuLaTeD

    I love the lego design…. I am so gonna make that… o_O

  22. emirsyah

    Folderix USB looks very cools for me. Very creative idea

  23. Edi


  24. marcus raisbeck

    i like the food ones coz im realy realy hungrey right now

  25. henry

    very nice

  26. Hannah

    I’ve also seen a flash drive that looks like Domo-kun. With a ninja hood. X3 That’s the one I’d really like. That or the iPod one. X3

  27. Colin

    very cool.novel style.

  28. dani

    heey! coooool!! i want to ipod! very nice! i <3 it!


    I like the steampunk and the bullet ^^

  30. aliyyaa

    I love the mixa and lego block ones <3 where can I buy that?

  31. Kat Francisco

    price list please. how do I purchase these cool drives?

  32. max

    these are very cool n i love teddy bear

  33. arman

    they are legendary…i love eraiser

  34. Clona

    i thought they crammed the bear head into the laptop and i was like “How the heck does that work!?”
    and then i eventually figured it out.

  35. Zhak

    Hey. By the way guys. There’re TRANSFORMER drives out there. X)

  36. ChEeSe

    i can make the earaser one!!

  37. sally

    I have this friend, her usb has twosides one with game and that makes it look normal

  38. Mohammad.H

    Hi. Very nice. i love Teddy Bear. thank you

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