Spike Vest for Subway Commuters

Spike Vest for Subway Commuters

Innovative “Spike Away” vest designed by Siew Ming Cheng will protect your personal space on a crowded subway train.

“Spike Vest” can also be used in elevators, on buses, and in bedrooms.

Spiked Vest

Spike Away

Siew Ming Cheng

Spike Away by Siew Ming Cheng

Spike Away Vest

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Not a good thing to wear within crowded places.
    The cops will arrest you for possession of a deadly weapon.
    Sudden stops & gos will lead to accident to other people that will fight or sue you for the damages & injuries that it will cause.

  2. Alex

    The idea is sound, but the execution is poor. I’d be surprised if these even stayed on in a jostling subway.

  3. dexter

    another unnecessarily reason to show your stupidity in public….

  4. Dominic

    Where can I buy one!!!

  5. Liv

    More funny than practical. I like it as a commentary, but not so much as a product.

  6. We

    What if everyone wore one

  7. Rene Robichaud

    this is not new, remember wrestling tag teams Demolition and The Road Warrior , Legion of Doom.

  8. Josh

    Those look like the strips used to keep pigeons off rooftops and awnings, zip tied together. terrible idea.

  9. GoMuhammad

    “Stay away from Me and my kids!”

  10. Shawn

    Relax, its only rubber.

  11. ...mmmhh....

    people are gonna hate you for this. especially huggers

  12. Max Johnson

    now wear this and run around in a concert

  13. T.V.

    Would sell great among black-metal fans… :D

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