Deep Fried Gadgets

Deep Fried Gadgets

Unique photo series by talented photographer Henry Hargreaves features deep fried cell phones, music players, computers, and other gadgets.

The artist compares modern electronic devices to fast food. People use these tools and then discard them when new models are released.

Deep Fried Gadgets by Henry Hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves Deep Fried Gadgets


Deep Fried iPad


Deep Fried iPod


Deep Fried Headphones

Nintendo Game Boy

Deep Fried Game Boy


Deep Fried iPhone


Deep Fried MacBook

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  1. Midet


  2. Niyari

    This makes me smile

  3. Lilia Smiles

    I like the comparison he made and people do have a tendency to want the newest the fastest

  4. Katie

    I’m more impressed with the deep fried lettering.

  5. charu

    best way to ditch the gadgets! ;)

  6. steve jobs

    the charger on the macbook is fake, it should go in on the other side and be much more beautiful designed, and not have that magnet thing around

  7. Dominic

    I don’t know if i like this!

  8. Rudy


  9. Gert

    Meh… Most people have sense enough to throw stuff in the recycle bin now. Shame this guy doesn’t.

  10. MasterOche

    Me too. I have a accident and drop theGame boy in the fryer!!

  11. pTc

    It would be better if he put skateboard wheels on them.

  12. Kochtopf

    gameboy noooooooooo D’:

  13. Taco Tuesdays

    Why? This is just a waste of money.

  14. Mark

    Sorry, but this is just stupid.

  15. Y U NO

    Y U no gave those gadgets to charity??

    Y U no donate your money to red-cross??

    Y U no eat those deep fried gadgets??

  16. Elliott

    To those that are worried, I suspect that most of these are just photographic tricks. Note things like the macbook cord and iPod headphones going into the wrong part of the device. ANd notice that all of the screens are functioning, which they certainly wouldn’t do if they were put in hot oil.

  17. Just Escaped

    Looking at this guy’s other work on his website I have to admit there’s not one piece of work that captures my thoughts, imagination and feelings. This is the type of work I would normally see from a fledgling artist/photographer. Reasonably good quality but lacks serious substance.

  18. woops

    @Just Escaped

    I definitely agree with Just Escaped on this guy’s other works. Sure there is a theme going on, but it doesn’t evoke any impression on the spectator.

    Also, most of these electronics look fake. Example, the MacBook keyboard looks like a print out glued onto a piece of cardboard. Look at the outlines of the keys.

  19. Brian K

    It’s been stated elsewhere that he didn’t use real electronics for the work, due to the dangers of frying them in hot oil.

  20. Stacey M.

    This makes me want to puke.

  21. Alex

    Since he didn’t actually waste real electronics (there are tell-tale signs indicating they are fake not to mention Brian’s comment) I rather like it. No, it’s not mind-blowingly insightful, but he does make a good point.

  22. Amy

    Oh, the silly things people waste their time on.

  23. Libeerian

    @pTc — lol.

  24. Christian

    how about a making of?
    the pictures seem pretty fake

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