Unusual USB Flash Drives

Unusual USB Flash Drives

This post features a collection of creative and unusual USB flash drives.

LEGO Brick USB Flash Drive

Available in five colors, these keys are 100% compatible with the real Lego bricks, enabling you to tweak your Lego creations.

LEGO Brick USB Flash Drive

LEGO Brick USB Flash Drive 2

LEGO Brick USB Flash Drive 3

iPod USB Flash Drive

USB iPod Memory Stick features amazingly soft and tactile silicon outer casing and a carrying loop so you can make sure it doesn’t get lost. The USB plug is hidden under the ‘face’ of the iPod for added protection.

iPod USB Flash Drive

Bullet USB Flash Drive

The bullet drive is a show stopper. It’s chrome finish and stylish shape makes it a sturdy attention getter.

Bullet USB Flash Drive

Food USB Flash Drives

Brando’s USB flash drives include chicken, hot wings, a slab of pork, a pizza slice, a burger, a watermelon slice, a strawberry, cookies and biscuits. Best of all, these hold 4GB worth of junk and cost only $28.

Food USB Flash Drives

Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive

Want to make a flash drive that nobody in a modern office would even think about taking? Hide it in a pink eraser and it’s secure in this digital age.

Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive

Penguin USB Flash Drive

Cute 2GB USB flash drive that looks like a Penguin.

Penguin USB Flash Drive

Penguin USB Flash Drive 2

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

The USB stick CO is a mobile data storage device in a solid, brushed aluminium housing. It is special because it incorporates an extra bottle opener function combining practical data storage with a thirst-quenching aid that is always to hand.

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive 2

Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Intricate retro sci-fi USB flash drive created by a Russian modder.

Steampunk USB Flash Drive 2

Steampunk USB Flash Drive 3

Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive

Cute Teddy Bear USB flash drive with removable head.

Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive

Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive 2

Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive 3

Folderix USB Flash Drive

Folderix flash drive is designed to look like a folder icon, which proves that there are no boundaries to one’s postmodernist aspirations.

Folderix USB Flash Drive 2

Pico USB Flash Drive

Barely bigger than the tip of your pinky, and less than 4mm thick, it’s positively small. The polished chrome finish is certainly shiny, but at 8 gigabytes, it’s redonkulously teeny!

Pico USB Flash Drive

Pico USB Flash Drive 2

MIXA USB Flash Drive

MIXA is a 1GB USB flash drive that looks like a regular audio cassette tape. You can design your own unique sleeve using your own images, or select one of pre-made designs. MIXA comes with a plastic case, a set of stickers, a USB extension cable and a beautiful box.

MIXA USB Flash Drive

Collection of Unusual USB Flash Drives

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  1. Star Wars USB

    Very cool, especially the Steam Punk one.

    Other one that I heard of was the Mimobot, Star Wars collection. My personal favourite is still the Boba Fett version.

  2. Micaman

    Really nice! Thank you!

  3. ben

    My fav is Teddy Bear :)

  4. hex

    I love the steampunk one, too. Stunning design. It’s definitely my favorite. I wonder how much it costs.

  5. htiyun

    Very interesting! Thank you!


    very very nice and interesting

  7. mile

    My favourite is iPod model! Simple and elegant! ^^


    Wonderfull!The world has changed!Everyday we are looking for new events like these techs with new models,styles,colours,…

  9. ali

    Thank you. very nice

  10. yomi sopein

    i love those creative flash drives,my favorite is the iPod and the bottle opener one.


  11. Designer

    i want them all……

  12. Visitor

    Haha sooo cool! Where can I get these?
    (Probably have to search on google huh)

  13. Linda

    Sooooo aggrivating, I can find these unique flash drives but you tell nothing about how to purchase them or how much they cost. If someone can please email with this information. I tried the gmail address it gave and it said could not find. These are so awesome I bet you could sell a lot of them if people could actually get the information on how to purchase them.

  14. Tracy

    I bought the watermelon slice for my sister…she loved it!

  15. Pablinho

    Very interesting !!

    Going to try to modify one myself..

  16. Tiana

    i have seen a few of these around. for those that are considering a home modify job, get some polymer clay. i have made and sold several custom ones. it is also a great leave behind at an interview.

  17. Lay

    You could also add the latest Swiss Army knife. Love the little iPod though. :)

  18. electricgirl

    i want to i pod flash drive and very like.This one is very attraction for young pepople.

  19. Goober

    Pretty Rad stuff.. I just got a REAL cool USB flash drive in the mail.
    it’s shaped like a bullet from the band “My Chemical Romance” (it came with a promo bulletproof vest) and came preloaded with all sorts of concert footage and photos.

    I took some photos:




  20. Fhaye

    Cool ideas and concepts. Most are funny.

  21. DisComBoBuLaTeD

    I love the lego design…. I am so gonna make that… o_O

  22. emirsyah

    Folderix USB looks very cools for me. Very creative idea

  23. Edi


  24. marcus raisbeck

    i like the food ones coz im realy realy hungrey right now

  25. henry

    very nice

  26. Hannah

    I’ve also seen a flash drive that looks like Domo-kun. With a ninja hood. X3 That’s the one I’d really like. That or the iPod one. X3

  27. Colin

    very cool.novel style.

  28. dani

    heey! coooool!! i want to ipod! very nice! i <3 it!


    I like the steampunk and the bullet ^^

  30. aliyyaa

    I love the mixa and lego block ones <3 where can I buy that?

  31. Kat Francisco

    price list please. how do I purchase these cool drives?

  32. max

    these are very cool n i love teddy bear

  33. arman

    they are legendary…i love eraiser

  34. Clona

    i thought they crammed the bear head into the laptop and i was like “How the heck does that work!?”
    and then i eventually figured it out.

  35. Zhak

    Hey. By the way guys. There’re TRANSFORMER drives out there. X)

  36. ChEeSe

    i can make the earaser one!!

  37. sally

    I have this friend, her usb has twosides one with game and that makes it look normal

  38. Mohammad.H

    Hi. Very nice. i love Teddy Bear. thank you

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