Batmobile Replica in Sweden

Batmobile Replica from Sweden

It took Leif Garvin more than 3.5 years, 20,000 hours of work, and 1 million US dollars to convert a 1973 Lincoln Continental into a Batmobile.

Spotted in Stockholm, the car features voice recognition, DVD player, height adjustment, and rear view cameras.

Full Size Batmobile Replica

Batmobile Replica from Stockholm

Batmobile Replica in Stockholm

Batmobile Replica

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  1. Bim

    awesome conversion. shame he’s built the old one. new one is even better. still looks brilliant.

  2. Reilly

    Ha… this is really funny… most of cost a lot though…/

  3. John Cloud

    wow, this could be getting a lot of attention on streets

  4. Johnson Koh

    Does the owner wear like a batman? =)
    But it is really cool to see this running on the road.

  5. accessoire

    This is the hottest car I’ve ever seen! I want it *_*! ^^

  6. Karin Stewart

    Too bad it’s not the new one and if I had that much money to playaround with, I sure wouldn’t be spending it on a car replica but with that said…it’s awesome!

  7. Martin

    The car was ready in 2001. It was kind of new then…

  8. tech-mad

    batman makes an emergency trip to the store due to severe doritos cravings!

  9. Dave Sparks

    Nice I want one!

  10. Kirvi Inci

    Is it just for looks or can ti actually be driven. I would drive it. :)

  11. Derek

    @Bim The Tumbler? That was a poor excuse of a Batmobile! This is the classic version. Timeless :)

  12. Jason

    I commend Batman on his parallel parking in a 1 seat limousine length car!

  13. Bim

    @Derek the tumbler is excellent but this one is cool. is it road worthy? no. plates?

  14. Amy

    Can you imagine going over a speed bump with that car? Definitely would not end well. LOL

  15. Bryan

    Wow!! i am amazed with the detail, 1 milion is nothing when the owner decided to auction/sell the car. it definitely catch more than 1 mill. collector item.

  16. Reality Check

    It took Leif Garvin more than 3.5 years, 20,000 hours of work, and 1 million US dollars to convert a 1973 Lincoln Continental into SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE a Batmobile BUT SUCKS LIKE A LINCOLN. TMTOHH

  17. EPA

    If it gets less than 10 mpg, we want our luxury car tax NOW!

  18. ase x

    Badass! This thing looks better then the original!

  19. great creation

    Incredible. he must be a fan of Batman. Yeap… Bettẻ than the Original

  20. edson

    How could I by 1 batmobile? who built? looking for contact, tks eds

  21. tomas castelazo

    Well, it ended up in a junkyard in Mexico! See here!

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