Universal Packaging

Universal Packaging

Innovative packaging designed by Patrick Sung allows people to easily ship objects of all shapes and sizes.

Universal Packaging System is made out of small triangles. Each sheet can be folded to fit the shape of any object.

This means smaller and stronger packages. No more wasted space.

Will universal packaging replace regular cardboard boxes?

Universal Packaging System

Universal Shipping Box

Universal Packaging by Patrick Sung

Innovative Packaging

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  1. Katie

    Extremely creative and useful. How much tape would be necessary for it to keep its shape and stay shut? Also would there be a problem with placing the address/barcodes/etc on the package?

  2. woops

    Sure you could save some space, but organizing these packages by stacking and labeling would be a little inconvenient.

  3. reason

    Perfect for packing a cat.

  4. Betty


  5. Max

    Looks like the last fragile content package the Dutch postal service delivered at my doorstep. That, however, was supposed to be a square box.

  6. Lucky

    absolutely perfect for packing a dead body!

  7. Masteroche


  8. Douglas

    Who is going to sit down and try to figure this nonsense out. Because it won’t pack well handlers will toss them about. Good luck.

  9. Dominic

    @reason: LOLOLOL

  10. Yes

    @reason: yes, yes and yes!

  11. Rob

    Agree with woops. You can’t stack them so it would occupy more space in shipping containers making shipping more expensive.

  12. Vasilli

    The reason I package items is to protect them from being crushed. This product offers NO Protection. Better to just bubblewrap it.

  13. Zack

    Agree with Vasilli and Woops. This also needlessly increases costs by using some sort of special template design rather than just a piece of recycled paper stock.

  14. bryant

    Love this idea! Almost as good as wrapping my item in newspaper and throwing it down an elevator shaft.

  15. Me


  16. Him

    This is genius, if it were to be applied for giving presents person to person. You would be terrible to actually ship this. So just print it with a snazzy design and you have a million dollar idea.

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