Lamborghini Ankonian Concept

Lamborghini Ankonian Concept

Beautiful Lamborghini concept, designed by Slavche Tanevsky, is a more aggressive version of the famous Lamborghini Reventon.

Officially named the Lamborghini Ankonian, this car could make a perfect Batmobile for the next Batman movie.

Lamborghini Ankonian

Lamborghini Batmobile

Lamborghini Batmobile Concept

Dark Knight Lamborghini

The Dark Knight Lamborghini

Batman Lamborghini

Aggressive Lamborghini

Lamborghini Ankonian by Slavche Tanevsky

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  1. ICE3ERG

    don’t like it.
    the official Lamborghini models rule way more.

  2. Bogdan Sandu

    Be serious, Iceberg. The futuristic look is more than awesome.

  3. Donny Kurnia

    Wow, batmobile in mass production. We’ll se more bat-signal in the future then.

  4. CrazyGentleMan

    I don’t like Black to much, but this one looks so cool.

  5. derschreckliche

    BÄ-BÄM! This thing f*ck*n rocks.

    The only thing i would change is the glossy-lack – it should be matt so the form of that beauty is easier to see.

  6. lano

    wow, this car is really ugly! It looks okay from the side, but that’s about it!

  7. jalkmus

    Very nice

  8. Justine

    it looks like the batmobile!

  9. Chad


  10. cchana

    beautiful concept car. as mentioned before, looks a bit like a batmobile, but to me it just looks mean and menacing!

  11. Tony

    That thing is oooogly.
    Don’t like the back end at all.
    It looks like….I don’t know, one of those cheap foil ashtrays you get in a roadside cafe.

  12. andrei

    looks like a car with stuff on it… not concept enough, not for our future. am not a great fan

  13. SpAt


  14. Mevantha

    Nice Carr

  15. Robert Krupicer

    It is a great Designe ! what are the futures?

  16. latincrow

    umm too flashy for my taste, looks like something batman would drive and only batman. Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be caught dead driving that thing, still pretty cool for a superheroe

  17. heidi

    forget the car. i’d take the dude.

  18. lance

    batman’s next car…

  19. glodnykrolik

    I would say it looks good but more can be done to make it great.

  20. ajayJshah

    ugly.. enough said, but good try?

  21. Samildar

    Very cool, i will buy that. i think it is a bit like batman’s car!

  22. G

    I like it, I would like to see what it looks like from the back though.

  23. aaron

    Needs a lot of refinement- the angular, stealth thing is one thing
    in the air and completely another on the ground-
    very mean and aggressive- good to get that out of
    his system – Now move on to something more human, and earth

  24. Mask

    well, it looks like you either love it or hate it. i think it looks like an origami car. ^^
    yeah, gingers are so dishy ;D

  25. Palscience

    Oh man. Whats that. Its like the ones we see on the movies. They become reality now.. How much one of these is worth?

  26. jmennis

    da na na na na na na na BATMAN!!!!!! AWESOME

  27. Aidin

    I think it looks cool.

  28. Karin L. Stewart

    So VERY awesome!!!

  29. melon

    car inside a car!

  30. Malc

    It’s beautiful, but like many concept vehicles its lacking a little in the way of practical necessities like wing mirrors and windscreen wipers. I’d also be a bit concerned about front end lift and drag. The aerodynamics look somewhat suspect.

  31. Tyron Bache

    Freaking awesome I want one :) kinda looks like a batman car.

  32. parmy


  33. Jaqi Mugo

    I LOVE IT! It’s not a girly car, all curvy and glossy and looking like bubblegum on wheels. This is almost military, the driver can be taken seriously. Reminds me of the rides in Death Race.

  34. Margaret

    definitely a batmobile ;)

  35. Scubasteve

    I hated it at first. Now I think its the coolest thing I’ve ever seen….

  36. Matteo

    Looks like God crapped a geometry experiment and lamborghini put wheels on it. Looks ghey.

  37. vexel

    don’t like it.

  38. Allen Mueller

    This design is brilliant.

    The design has absolutely nothing to do with any of the dozen or so cliches that have been tossed around in this comment list.

  39. StevO

    Looks slick. Kinda blocky. But still slick. I definately would not say no if someone offered it to me. Even if my name is not batman.


  40. santhosh paul

    This is the coolest car i had ever seen………really an amazing design.I just love it…..

    This is going to be a superstar…….

    congrats to the designer………..

  41. za8

    soooooooooo prety car..
    but at the back have to give more concept to make this beutiful car very nice..

  42. ali

    it is very ugly reventon is best

  43. adgKraZy

    haha i can still see the murcielago lines all over. creative but not tht creative.

  44. Alexadra

    what kind of car is this this person should not have a good life.

  45. Lakeman

    Awesome design, kinda like the car in The Dark Knight, I just hope the when(if) the car releases it has a good performance.

  46. KevRyan

    Really would like to see this car in different colours. The black is awesome but I know I’d want it in a nice pearl white.

  47. Kris S

    i thing it would look sweet n a phantom gray look

  48. Harout

    As an architect i respect the concept
    looks like an experament in folding methods or origami …
    but i think it should have been given more time to evolve …
    btter luck next design …

  49. Joe

    None more black.

  50. Zohar

    This is probably the most interesting and sleek car i have ever seen. theres such strong contrast between the harsh corners and the curved cockpit. i just love it.

  51. :D

    damn it is so cool that is how a super car should look if i got a super car i want to play like a child whit it!!

  52. Christopher Gonzalez

    This car ……..(speechless)
    I love it I would like to know if I can get a model like that one to scale maybe a litltle smaller that’s definitely my dream car I would like to see it in my garage hopefully you guys will produce it
    If you do I will buy!

  53. dennis cannon

    yeah in mat black with a bit of colour detailing to show off it’s absolute style and mirrors wipers etc. and you got the makings of truly awesome dream car

  54. Fanda

    very good

  55. ARMAN

    VERY VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. skip

    Cool. For BatMan
    Not For Lambo

  57. Mr Hertz

    No words… excellent job, worth of every cent…. and more.

    I´d pay for one… if i had……. money.

    Anyway its a great job, sharp lines…. its futuristic, its unique, A++++ !

  58. Lewdachris

    This car rules! Can’t wait to see the actual car hope that this concept car doesn’t die.

  59. joey Tribioni

    It needs brushing up in some areas but most of it LOOKS quite good. I personally would get rid of those things above and in front of the front wheels.

  60. Galaxis

    Completely Awesome! Different! Aggressive! And sooo Lambo!!! The ridiculous “Batman” comments only exist because Batman exists; take your comic book hats off and LOOK at the car. And besides – it ain’t THAT much like a batmobile!

  61. Tarcazis


  62. lavarose

    i love it ppl are crazy for not liking, this amazing car, yes a agree they should have more colors of it than just black. If you were wondering if i’m a girl yes i am and i love lamborghinis. ppl think i’m weird or strange or crazy that i like cars and trucks so much but i like i the beauty and speed of them. GO LAMBORGHINI!!!!!!!

  63. Ekzz

    Stunning. Love, love, love it. Genius and daring design :))

  64. kinan

    batmobile ankonian

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