10 Cool Gadgets for Photographers

10 Cool Gadgets for Photographers

Collection of useful products, gadgets and photography accessories designed for professional and amateur photographers.

Level Camera Cube

Attaches to any hot shoe and helps perfectly level photos every time.

Level Camera Cube

Cloak Bag

Camera bag that doesn’t look like one, and allows you to take photographs without getting the camera out of the bag.

Cloak Bag

Canon Lens Thermos

Cool thermos designed to look like a 70-200mm Canon Zoom lens. [buy]

Canon Lens Thermos

Bottle Cap Tripod

Cool portable tripod mounts on any standard water or soda bottle.

Bottle Cap Tripod

Bike Helmet Camera Mount

Standard tripod mount with quick release lever slides through the cut-outs on your helmet.

Bike Helmet Camera Mount

Photoshop Photo Frame

World’s first analog Photoshop picture frame designed by Irina Blok.

Photoshop Photo Frame

Canon 5D Mark II Flash Drive

Unique USB flash drive shaped like Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera.

Canon 5D Mark II Flash Drive

Canon Lens Coffee Mug

Must have mug for Canon fans that also love to drink coffee. [buy]

Canon Lens Coffee Mug

Double Strap

The ultimate solution for two-camera shooters. Ergonomic and sleek.

Double Strap

Spy Lens

Super-secret spy lens turns 360 degrees to let you take 90 degree candid shots in any direction. Perfect for capturing the camera-shy people.

Spy Lens

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  1. izza

    the spy lens looks awesome!

  2. Justin

    Spy Lens is amazing! What an innovative idea!


  3. Snufkin

    very cool stuff, some more, some less useful ;)

  4. 4MIN

    Stand out of the bottle – it is wonderful invention.

  5. Constantin

    Lol, very nice stuff.

    Especially the last one is my favorite!

  6. Art of Concept

    Neato! being a photographer myself I was familiar with some of these great gadgets, but the Cloak Bag is just brilliant! Sometimes getting the camera out or back in the bad can be truly annoying, and you can’t hardly ever be fast enough to get the capture, but with the Cloak Bag, solved! =D

  7. Toasty O's

    The camera level is simplicity in action, although unless you are using a tripod, I don’t think it would really help an experienced photographer.

  8. timmay


  9. enav

    Bottle Cap Tripod is the best

  10. Karin L.


  11. Binc

    I want to have the canon lens thermos!!! LOVE IT!

  12. randomness

    the spy lens is pure genius!!

  13. Chuck

    The “spy” lens has been around for over 40 years.
    I like that thermos though. :C)

  14. Shania

    I love the “spy” lens. I’d like to buy one!
    And the coffee mug would be nice to have too. :D

  15. shawnC

    i get the white thermos from last week and it’s brilliant!

  16. Mona

    Very amazing!

  17. Ernie

    You can get the coffee mug in eBay. Be careful though, there are fakes out there produced in China. Make sure you confirm with the seller the box is the one in the picture and not black. The real one has an opening hole in the lid while the fake one you have to open the lid to drink. The exterior of the real one is stainless steel while the fake China one is plastic.

  18. Douglas

    Thiis so called spy lens has been around for more than 20 years. But it does work good.

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