Pidgin Doll Head Bag

Pidgin Doll Head Bag

Designed by Joshua David McKenney, unique handbag looks like doll’s head and converts into a stylish backpack for versatile carrying options.

Pidgin Doll Head Bag made out of matte PU leather outside and soft polyester inside, features a two-way zipper for easy access.

Equipped with interchanging straps, cool bag transforms from a handbag into a practical backpack, quickly adapting to your dynamic lifestyle.

Inspired by the fashion doll designs of Joshua David McKenney, this bag is a true reflection of artistic expression.

Pidgin Doll Head Purse

Doll Head shape is a departure from traditional handbag designs, showcasing creativity in form and structure.

Pidgin Doll Head Handbag

Doll Head Bag captures the essence of the Pidgin brand’s imaginative spirit.

Doll Head Handbag

Must-have accessory for those who appreciate creativity in fashion.

Doll Head Purse

The ability to transform from a handbag to a backpack demonstrates inventive thinking in addressing practical needs.

Doll Head Backpack

For Joshua David McKenney, the journey from creating original dolls to designing handbags marks a natural evolution of his creative journey.

Doll Head Bag

Pidgin Doll Head Bag transcends conventional design, offering eye-catching aesthetic that captivates the imagination.

Pidgin Doll Head Backpack

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