Windshield Blocker

Windshield Blocker

Innovative parking enforcement device attaches securely to the windshield, blocks the view, and prevents the car from being driven.

Barnacle uses strong suction cups. It accepts credit cards and can be easily removed once you pay the fine for parking in the wrong place.

Windshield Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement


Barnacle Parking Enforcement

The Barnacle

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  1. Barrie Hall

    then you keep it?

  2. Adam Vesztergom

    The solution is easier than you think:

  3. Barnacle, llc

    Yes Barrie, after you pay the fine you get to keep the Barnacle. It is an amazing product and can be used for a multitude of purposes. You can use it as a briefcase or an umbrella, just suction it to your head and you’re good to go.

    Or, you can just use it on your friends or on random strangers and have the payments go into your account! This is our gift to you!

  4. John

    Foiled by a filthy windshield.

    (Or maybe the guy has to wash the windshield first? To make sure the suction cup gets a good seal?)

  5. George

    This is not only stupid but any effort of that magnitude that’s meant to help parking enforcers shouldn’t have any support by members of the general public.

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