Horse Powered Car

Horse Powered Car

Innovative vehicle powered by a running horse can reach speeds of 60 kph.

ROUSH moving enclosure, designed to look like a starting stall, allows the horse to walk or gallop freely in a controlled environment.

Horse powered car helps train animals and optimize race performance.

Horse Car

ROUSH Horse Powered Car

ROUSH Horse Trainer


ROUSH Horse Car

Horse Power

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  1. Pearl Lambie

    ?WHY?!! That looks so stupid.

  2. John

    (Clearly intended for the Amish one-percent.)

  3. Swiper Fox

    Hmmm… A one horse power cart…
    That looks heavy to pull for just ONE horse.
    Should have painted it white to reflect bright hot sunlight; dark colors absorb the heat of sunlight.
    Maybe a canopy for the horse.

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