Hummer Turned Into a Horse Cart

Hummer Turned Into a Horse Cart

Hummer H2 truck was converted into a horse drawn carriage by a talented New York based artist Jeremy Dean.

Back to the Futurama is a protest against an unsustainable lifestyle and a rolling reminder of what could happen when the oil runs out.

Hummer H2 Horse Cart

Hummer Horse Cart

Hummer Cart Interior

Hummer Cart

Hummer Carriage

Jeremy Dean

Hummer Horse Carriage

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  1. isabelle

    way to help the economy & earth #1.

    this should be what we use hummers for full time.


    Very clever

  3. Sarah

    Really awesome!

  4. Daniel

    Mennonites go future!
    But still have Problems with “too much technique”? May they are no target group ;)

  5. Klaatu

    That’s amazing!…very clever indeed…..It needs a cyborg John Wayne sitting on it.

  6. Betty

    Clever statement! But, the Hummer is as inelegant as a horse cart as it is a motor-vehicle.

  7. Den

    I really don’t like it, it looks like an elephant robot at first sight…but it’s fine if it’s a green reminder to us all…

  8. may

    is he giving rides….I wanna go!!!

  9. Chad

    I would miss not being in an “open carriage”.

  10. Auzy

    Look at him trying to look cool in front of it, sorry but u just wasted 100k…. nice horses tho

  11. Karin L.

    It has NO nostalgia of a carriage!!!

  12. Pete

    I like it

  13. Mark

    It just doesn’t look right.

  14. Bill

    I’m sorry, but that is lame.

  15. Rose


  16. Kratom

    I get the point but if you wanted a horse n cart ride you would want the real thing no? As a statement it is quite good.

  17. laura

    isn’t that a bit too heavy for the horse to pull??

  18. smeshnoj

    Poor horse :(

  19. timmay

    i agreee with laura, that is way to heavy for 2 horses to pull. it looks kool but it fails misrebly.

  20. dalla

    i agree with laura as well. when i saw this i wondered if they were taking into consideration that horses have lives too. also, when i saw this i thought it was the opposite of a green statement and i thought “what has this world come too”. imagine seeing this on the street and not knowing the story behind it.

  21. Critical Eye

    Absurd… but I guess that’s the point.

    Hummer H3’s kinda got a bad rap… they consumed about as much fuel as full-sized SUV’s like Toyota’s Land Cruiser, Porsche Cayanne Turbo, BMW X5, etc. but could carry a bit more. Horrible looking, so I’d never own one, but no more “evil” than other cars that seem to get a pass from the art community.

  22. Ana

    It looks nice and all but, like other people said, I think it’s way too heavy for 2 horses. :/

  23. jake

    it is merely the body of a hummer, the engine and everything was ripped out, and it is on wheels. Put in neutral 2-3 people can push a hummer down the road, with all the bits and parts still in it, so no it is not too heavy for 2 horses to pull. You people who are worried about the horses have to also realize that horses used to drive metal carriages, or pull wagons full of supplies, booze, etc. You people are going way too over the top with “animal rights” from the looks of it these horses are well groomed and probably love their life, even though they have to pull the shell of a hummer around.

  24. Linda

    Yeah, what Jake said. Those are two big Percherons. They could pull a plow all day long (turning soil, not just rolling along on wheels on pavement). This thing should be easy duty for them.

  25. Reilly

    So weird, yet so cool! That’s like Pimp my Horse Carriage!

  26. vikilife

    wow a huge project

  27. Jason

    LOL That’s pretty awesome.

  28. Lintu

    poor hummer

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