20 Unique and Creative Logo Designs

20 Unique and Creative Logo Designs

Logo is a symbol or emblem commonly used by companies and individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.

This post features our favorite examples of unique, memorable, and creative logos designed by talented artists from all over the world.

Killed Productions Logo

Clever logo designed by Sean Heisler for Killed Productions.

Killed Productions Logo

Spartan Logo

Brilliant logo by Richard Fonteneau designed for Spartan golf club.

Spartan Logo

Twins Logo

Creative logo with “2” instead of “N” designed by Action Designer.

Twins Logo

Steps Logo

Jason Sanzone managed to incorporate “steps” into the actual logo.

Steps Logo

Zip Logo

Zip logo designed by Mike Erickson features “zipper” instead of “I”.

Zip Logo

Look Logo

Brilliant and memorable logo designed by Zain Zayan from India.

Look Logo

Swing Studios Logo

Creative literal logo designed by struve for Swing Studios.

Swing Studios Logo

Pause Logo

Logo designed by volkan ek?i utilizes the universal “pause” symbol.

Pause Logo

Foot Logo

Perfect example of creative logo design by Dalius Stuoka.

Foot Logo

B Logo

Creative bee inspired logo designed by William Patino.

B Logo

Goodduck Logo

Unique logo design created by Badovsky Design for Goodduck.

Goodduck Logo

Catch 5 Logo

Creative logo designed by Mike Erickson for Catch 5.

Catch 5 Logo

Sushi Logo

Simple yet brilliant sushi restaurant logo by Alen Pavlovi.

Sushi Logo

Wine House Logo

Minimal, memorable and elegant logo concept for wine company.

Wine House Logo

Mister Cutts Logo

Cool logo designed by Tabitha Kristen for Mr.Cutts barber shop.

Mister Cutts Logo

Horror Films Logo

Creative logo design created for Horror Films by Siah Design.

Horror Films Logo

Ant Logo

Beautiful ant shaped logo designed by Alberto William.

Ant Logo

Wiesinger Music Logo

Stylish yet minimal logo designed for a piano service shop.

Wiesinger Music Logo

CFO Cycling Team Logo

Creative logo by Nadir Balcikli designed for CFO Cycling Team.

CFO Cycling Team Logo

Iron Duck Logo

Brilliant logo designed by Siah Design for Iron Duck clothing.

Iron Duck Logo

For more cool logo designs, check out talented logo designers and their extensive logo design portfolio at LogoMyWay.

  1. ajayjshah

    Think I’ve seen all these before, but good round-up.

  2. Megan

    Most of them are great, but the Cycling Team logo is one of the best logos I have ever seen!!!

  3. Sharyn

    I thought they were all really creative, but the Spartan one blew me away! The Horror Films one was really cute.

  4. Nahid

    Love the ant logo.. Simply amazing

  5. tim

    Spartan logo is awesome.

  6. thatisocool

    wow these are so creative :D

  7. steveo

    Horror Films is the smartest of the bunch. Simple. Funny. Minimalistic.

  8. Bob

    Jesus christ these are creative

  9. Chelsea

    Funny, but as a designer, when I tried to come up with logos similar to these in school, my instructors failed me. The Winehouse, Mister Cutts, and the Wiesinger Music logos are the most clever I think. The rest are just obvious reactions to easy brand names…

  10. Aarti Harish

    Wow…how creative and wonderful…hats off…!!!

  11. Den

    Some are truly creative! My fave: The ANT logo!

  12. Tony Abila

    Simplicity is always the best! love all these logos :-)

  13. Shane

    I feel most of these logos were created from a nice idea not for real clients with real….boring names, though nice and inspirational it would be good to see real logos promoting real identities.

  14. Enrique Serrano

    That’s right, these logos seem like creative exercises for fictional brands, not just real company designs working in the real world.

    Anyway, the imagination and great graphic execution of all these concepts makes them outstanding. I really loved the Spartan concept.

    Some of these approaches would have worked in the real world. Nevertheless, real brands usually need much longer names to avoid name overlapping and other copyright issues, which makes simple, brief names much more complex.

    That’s why creative concepts designed taking into account company name initials are some of the best ways to tackle real company branding: they keep it simple and memorable.

  15. txl kid

    What do people think about the nike logo? I have always thought it was a brilliant logo, but the design world seems to think that it is awful and that the only reason it is good is because it is plastered on everything they make… any comments?

  16. txl kid

    oh and brilliant logos by the way. I am learning logo design in a graphics class right now and this is just the inspiration I needed!

  17. Ben

    Really cool collection. Some of the are so well done. Very clever and nice.
    I love it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Diego

    The Spartan Golf Club is just AMAZING ! Good Work

  19. mahsa

    really fantastic!

  20. Simon Erich

    It’s nice to finally see a list of logos that really follow the basic rules of a good logo design… simplicity (that work in a single color) and creativity. Often it’s the client that gets in the way when trying to achieve those things.
    I do agree with the statement that a lot of these, while great, seem like the names of the companies are made up for student projects. Rarely do existing companies come to you with such strong and simple brand names.
    “Zip” and “Foot” and “Horror Films” top my list of faves. Thanks for the quality collection!

  21. Blupointer

    The Spartan Golf Club one is cool! At first I didn’t really look at it, but then “spartan” image finally clicked in my mind! I guess for some people, they wouldn’t look at it that closely – nor ever notice. But, I like how the swing motion forms the helmet…and you follow it from there.

  22. Karin L.

    GREAT creativity!!!

  23. Richard

    WOW. This makes me feel so dumb hahaha. Good job to all the creators

  24. Debra

    I have to say the Spartan golf one is my favorite- very clever double images.

  25. MochiPu

    I like the PAIISE one XD~

  26. DeDe

    Awesome stuff!! now start charging for it…(if you are not already)….

  27. Deepika

    I do like few of them Golf, Swing, Music, Sushi. Thanks for uploading the collection

  28. Jiby S K

    Nice set of logos… logo with true meaning….

  29. Beckley

    Great logos. I’m not into how they’re presented though. We’re not so dense that we have to be told beforehand what the visual pun is. We know. If we needed to be told, the logos wouldn’t be effective. They’re great because they explain themselves. If it takes us a second to see the inference, even better. We’ve been engaged.

    We’re also fully capable of appreciating that each one is “clever”, “brilliant” and “creative”. Also unnecessary.

  30. Maher Sinjary

    IRON DUCK, LOOK, FOOT & WIESINGER MUSIC are my best, all others are simple as well.

    Well done.

  31. Cahya AS

    for me, Spartan is the best one =)

  32. JK III

    Killed one is the best.

  33. malinkin

    STEP logo reminds way too much of ESPRIT logo.
    but the rest of them is still cool.

  34. Drew

    Great set of inspirational ideas. Thanks for posting the list!

  35. wall murals

    Most of these are amazing, I have to say. Horror Films doesn’t really work for me though, reminds me too much of a bowling ball. Thanks for sharing :)

  36. Vinod

    most of them are good

  37. Juanny

    Logo design is remarkable in many ways. It can only be produced by one who sees with the mind first and then the eye….

  38. Sarah

    Yay for visual puns. Chelsea was right. These are all really predictable. A couple are nice, but for the most part, these are just nicely designed first ideas. Sure, they’re pretty. But not that original.
    I’d like to see some really original designs show up on here.

  39. Hermitbiker

    …. cool logo designs all collected here !!

  40. linda

    it’s creative, and very intelligent for design this

  41. Dhawal

    the bee logo is awesome!!

  42. Vitaly Kolesnik

    Spartan logo is a masterpiece.

  43. Dan

    wow…spartan logo is amazing.

  44. CB

    Clever! I like the Iron Duck logo.

  45. bet stoixima

    Vote for paiise

  46. mkhcatlover

    I like the Spartan logo the best! Great Job!

  47. Gilberto J Perera

    Great round up…good source of inspiration.

  48. ricardo Zerpa

    The Spartan logo is one of the best logos i have EVER seen .. It’s very creative, very attractive, yet simple. Amazing job on that one.. i love it.

  49. anuja

    awsome !!!! gr8 logos

  50. Jonathan Cox

    Dude, I love the Spartan Golf Clubs logo and the Swing logo the best. Those are awesome. The broken swing for the “i” in swing was brilliant, and brings back childhood memories.

    I also like the alternating bg’s in your comment boxes.

  51. Clayton Shumway

    Great collection! Spartan logo is AMAZING, very creative and simple.

  52. Loner4Life

    Am I the only one who really like the “B” logo? I thought it was really sleek and cool. I guess it’s a matter of personal preference. But they were all pretty creative.
    Some made me chuckle a bit.

    ~ Jay

  53. Somebody

    Can someone explain me the Sparatan logo?

    Ok, so I see the face and the helmet…anything else I’m missing?

  54. Fauzul

    Lots of awesome logos. great inspiration from these logo creators. I especially like the horror film logo simple and funny but somewhat ironic.

  55. vivek

    these logos are really great..inspiration!!
    its always the simplicity that sets things apart..
    i think the KILLED, ZIP and PAUSE logos were the best.
    great collection this!!

  56. ATL

    These would be better if most of them were actual real companies and not made up titles to suit the concept.

  57. Vassilis

    These are truly amazing.

    Thanx for posting.

  58. Hashim

    Great work of art ans superb thinking of creater of these logos, specially that ant logo

  59. golosinavisual

    Somebody, u can’t see the golf player in Spartan logo??

  60. Olav

    Spartan Golf Club was def. BEST!

  61. dadas

    WOW these guys r crazy!what an imagination!bravo walla!

  62. Ryan Cowles

    I’ve seen some of these before, but not all. Some of these are simply amazing! Good logos are very inspiring. You have to make an impact, using something as simple as can be.

  63. Arthouse

    I especially like the ones where the names are incorporated into the work. Some art is just best built custom and inside.

  64. Shaun

    Wonderful logos. I think the Spartan Golf Club is the cream of the crop in terms of creativity though!

  65. Ron

    Great set!
    I like the Spartan Golf && Ant best of all.

  66. Gabriel

    Great logos!

  67. Steven

    Personally, I’d have to go with the Goodduck as my favourite. The use of font is poorly chosen though, but it takes a few seconds to see the full duck and not just the beak the first time around. I think the discovery makes the logo all the more memorable.

  68. Steven

    Also, the contrast and clean cut presentation of the WM is fantastic.

  69. K-Dog

    That spartan one was awesome!

  70. Share Filtration

    Good Design, I am also thinking of designing a website logo for my company, however, it’s hard. But here I get some ideas. Thanks!

  71. Iben Hakenluggis

    How about a logo for a group called the LibTards???

  72. ab rauf

    interesting & creative

  73. chuck

    To “somebody” – you REALLY remind me of some of the clients I’ve had in my thirty+ years in printing and design. That said, I’m going to go bang my head against a wall. (Amazing how the designer was able to turn the “golfer” into a “face.” Or, was it the other way around?!)

  74. noelramesh

    all the logos were realy good…but my favs r the spartan,foot,mr.cutts,B and CFO….really amazing

  75. Mike

    Very inspirative logo designs, i really like the most of them, nice list.

  76. forbiddeneyes

    great idea, love the logos

  77. kalaivani

    Excellent Logos…Mister cut, ant and Spartan Logo are really awesome. Especially in that spartan logo I can see the man holding golf stick and the way he is hitting, its really fantastic concept. Good Luck guys!!

  78. alireza

    I like must of them, but the Mister Cutts Logo(Barber Shop)is a bit different & creative.

  79. Shane

    Great presentation. I also like Logopond.com for inspiration. I am sure most of you have been there too but just in case.

  80. Serenity

    Aww Soo Cute XD I Loved The Bee one…The Wine House…Swing Studios And.. The Sushi!!!! Great Compilation!

    -Serenity <3

  81. Serenity

    Heee Hee and The Spartan One!!!

    _Serenity <3

  82. Ashok Chauhan

    Wow ! Great Creative Ideas
    Inspired to do

  83. Nikolas Allen

    Most of these are amazing, creative, clever and fun.

    Effective logo design that works on various levels is a challenge and this collection is quite inspiring.

    Whether they are for real companies or not is beside the point.

    To those who were unimpressed and underwhelmed, I would REALLY like to see YOUR portfolio!

  84. Tash

    I will agree with the others who say Spartan is the most creative. They are all good though. Very inspiring!!

  85. nev

    good i like the swing one

  86. Richard

    Some really nice logos. I’ve designed quite a few now and the problem I find is that the client quite often asks me to change a design so it goes from a cool design to a shit one. What to do?!

  87. sidra

    Nice Logo designs…..

  88. Sarah

    Very creative logos.

  89. Seika

    Saw a local wine-related local business used the concept of Wine House’s design just now.
    Stealing ?

  90. Spencer Turner

    Wow, I haven’t seen the “Iron Duck”, “Mister Cutts” or “Spartan Golf Club” logos before they’re awesome, very creative and inspiring! Nice post :)

  91. yogo2009

    I love the Goodduck Logo ! It’s very funny !!1

  92. Miss Blossom

    I love them, but my clients wouldn’t : )

  93. Åsel

    Very nice and compact logos :-)

  94. Rayd

    Spartan takes the cake, however the ” B ” is very creative.

  95. Vipin Panwar


  96. William Schunke

    These are amazing. I love the Spartan, B, and Zip logos. Though, of course, they all are pretty creative.

  97. Ben Koshkin

    Some really creative people out there.

    Ben Koshkin

  98. KaiTho

    well, that’s what I call creativity!!!

  99. D1Tarkwizzle

    Dang. So simple, yet I would’ve never come up with these. I’m a graphic designer and web developer. Hats off to the creator.

  100. Blue Buffalo

    That Spartan Golf Clubs logo is awesome!! Very creative.

  101. Ching

    i like~

  102. ruth deal

    loved it! refresh look for my eyes!

  103. SURAJ

    I have never seen such creative logos. I hope to use one of the logos in future. swing’s logo was the best for me on my favorite color green.

  104. Martin Dansky

    What a wonderful idea for an English class… discussing the wit behind the the imagery. Do you accept logos from outside graphic artists

  105. shania

    wow…i really liked those logos they were so creative espically the swings and sushi logos.

  106. Lee Harding

    Killed Productions – best logo by a longshot – simple, clever and memorable!

  107. kanon

    Spartan Golf Club would make even M.C. Escher proud.

  108. JayTurn

    Pretty sweet collection. I love the Spartan golf and FCO cycling. If they are real logos for real companies I think they did really well with their choice of designers.

    Kudos to the designers.

  109. Bob

    Sarah, you are the client from hell.

  110. Zaigham

    Every logo is a master piece. Marvelous!

  111. RAm

    Amazing !!

  112. Marsadie

    Sarah, you are the client from hell. [2]

  113. Norm

    I agree with Marsadie. You suck Sarah. :)

    That said these are fun. Always good to see creative. Why do we have to critique everything. Can’t we just look and say… cool. I am thinking people like Sarah go to the Rocky Mountains and say “well they could have been bigger, and well I’ve seen pictures that look better.”

    Carpe diem my friend.

  114. Kathleen Ruddy

    Loved them! I spend my days up to my eyeballs in science, and love coming up for air in art. Thanks so much.

  115. Kent

    These are awesome. I wish I were creative enough to make logos like these. Thanks for sharing.

  116. Scott Duncan

    Ive seen the majority of these before and always think the Killed Productions and Swing stick out. Great creativity involved in both of these!

  117. mwmphis

    this was wOOOOw

  118. mwmphis

    this sites makes everyones Cr6atiVity..rolls…

  119. gracelyne

    Loved the logos! Simply amazing creatvity!
    Esp the Twins, WM , Killed – Awesome!! \m/

  120. Sara

    Great logos – very creative. I stopped doing logos a long time ago because the client and I never agreed on one important thing – simplicity! These logos are exactly that – and I think that they are all wonderful! Most clients want something very complicated – they THINK! And I found I spent more time on a logo than I could possibly charge for, so I no longer do logos. Enjoyed seeing these tho.

  121. Shravan Papanaidu

    Awesome logos :)

  122. KJuly

    Good ones!

  123. Kenny Glenn

    really great collection of logos

  124. angie chan

    how could i contact you to make a logo design?
    your design is fantastic

  125. vibhoo

    spartan logo is the best – if u see closely its 2 logos in 1 – a man hitting shot with golf club and the other is the side view of a spartan’s face wearing helmet. Brilliant!!

  126. ganesha

    Really COOL

    All of them are so inspiring…
    My favorites,
    Spartian, BEE, ZIP and Killed

    Killed is the best I think

  127. John Difool

    I tend to agree with Sarah….

    I can’t say they are creative but quite obvious and predictable.
    ALL of them.

    Sorry dudes
    Even Spartian…

    I don’t say they aren’t good.
    Just not original

    My favorite…

  128. bertha barreto

    Very Creative.. thanks for sharing

  129. Sunil Sherekar

    All of them are amazing.
    I liked all.
    Lovely creation.

  130. Schahryar Fekri

    Great logo designs!!!

  131. Vivek

    Wow! Totally awesome! Stumbled!

  132. Vivek

    *faints* *wakes up* Uhh…

  133. Dom Britt

    Wow! all are gr888888888888888888888888888888888t.

  134. veenz

    Creativity that inspires!

  135. Fadi

    Does these companies exist or just an excercise ?

  136. saravani

    Really Amazing The Ant LOGO Is One Of The Best. All The Other R In My heart.Hats Off For The >> Designers<<

  137. sir jorge

    those are quality fonts and styles, i wish i could design like that

  138. vignesh Gangan

    Steps and Zip logos are amazing. CFO is simply creative. Look looks distinct. Congrats all designers.

  139. Yurandir

    Those are the bar.

  140. balky

    “Funny, but as a designer, when I tried to come up with logos similar to these in school, my instructors failed me. The Winehouse, Mister Cutts, and the Wiesinger Music logos are the most clever I think. The rest are just obvious reactions to easy brand names…”

    how is it your instructors fault if you couldn’t come up with a strong concept and apply it visually, sounds like someone has a case of the blames.

  141. César

    Yes, most of them consist on making the object fit with the word and, that’s not being creative :S

  142. calvis

    pause and swing do it for me

  143. Jess

    omg it took me FOREVER to realize the spartan golf one was actually a spartan XD

  144. Lauren

    These would be great if there were actual companies involved … it is far easier to come up with a clever image for a word (pause, swing) then it is to come up with a logo that is meaningful to a company. Twins = 2 = what letter can I replace with the 2 = simple.
    What does Pause do? Maybe they are a dog groomer and this logo has no relevance whatsoever.
    Weisinger Music … also not a company … six piano keys looks like a W and an M … hmmm I think I’ll type a name that begins with W and the word music … oh look, great logo …
    Would love to see of a roundup of great logos for companies that actually exist.

  145. POG

    those are quality fonts and styles, i wish i could design like that

  146. james

    some of these are pretty sick!

  147. Chad Sanderson

    Lauren, it’s funny you used Weisinger Music and Twins as examples, considering both of those companies are quite real. I think the ability of a designer to create a logo that makes you go- Why didn’t I think of that?- is one that should praised, not insulted. The time and effort put into each of these is enormous, and every designer listed here is famous in their own right. Good round up, by the way.

  148. chandru

    Nice set of logos… logo with true meaning….

  149. Bavan

    All of Logos are amazing very creative and meaningful.

  150. Oscar Blanco

    The Spartan logo floored me! Wow! Most are amazing!
    Some are not so obvious, and some like the ant one have serious “reading” problems.

  151. Niranjan Adyar

    Liked all the logos, but the one that caught my attention was the Spartan logo. Wiesinger Music logo is also impressive.

  152. Stani Shey

    ‘Killed Productions’ & ‘Spartan’ are really unique and memorable logos

  153. Bernadette

    Great insight! Love these creative designs! Inspiring. Thanks for the post. :)

  154. Rakesh

    Quite good collection, some of them clearly puts light on the base idea.

  155. David Conrad

    3 or 4 are excellent – though I agree that these do not appear to be real world assignments… but by FAR, the “Spartan Golf” is the MOST amazing!! I wish I had designed that! Simply brilliant!

  156. Igor the Illustrator

    These logos are really inspiring. I love the way designers “play” with letters to create some truly creative logos. Thanks for sharing them.

  157. mahlon ncube

    loved the wiesinger logo its exceptional and beyond creativity.

  158. Marlowe Madrigal

    Damn! I’m a natural born artist and f@*$%#! These artist who made these logos are f@**!@# insane! They are one of most talented people in the whole wide world! Unbelievable ideas! Creative f*@#&#! minds!

    That Spartan logo! It’s so f%$@!*^! creative…I mean all of those logos! What the f%*@#$! you made me wanna become a great artist too!

  159. Termo

    awesome concepts

  160. Lyndi

    Love them! I think they’re all brilliant. Especially the Spartan Golf one was memorable for me.

  161. Mosa Khooe

    I must say the Spartan logo for me is one of the best memorable logos for me, everytime i think of it, i get inspired.

  162. michael

    What can I say, they are all brilliant. But the Spartan logo is AMAZING. Every element has been captured without fuss, logo design at its best. Got to put a mention out for Wiesinger Music and Mister Cuts.

  163. Kate

    Brightwell Aquatics has an awesome logo.

  164. Justin

    Really nice collection of logos. Very creative

  165. Ajith prasad

    Brillent thoughts and works ,…….

  166. Achu Arunr Raj

    really great….. and inspiring…..

  167. alireza

    very nice
    but some of them was very usual

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