Portal Bedroom

Portal Bedroom

Lauren Jennings transformed her bedroom into unique Portal themed room.

Creative bedroom is filled with posters, signs, and familiar objects from Valve’s puzzle video games: Portal and Portal 2.

Mirrors transform into orange and blue portals when the lights are on.

There are also Portal inspired bookends, mugs, and wall stickers.

Portal Bedroom is the perfect room for testing. Get your Portal Gun!

Portal 2 Bedroom

Portal 2 Themed Bedroom

Portal 2 Inspired Bedroom

Portal 2 Room

Portal 2 Themed Room

Portal Bed

Portal Inspired Bedroom

Portal Game Bedroom

Portal Room

Portal Themed Room

Portal Inspired Room

Portal Game Inspired Room

Portal Game Themed Bedroom

Portal Game Inspired Bedroom

Portal Coasters

Portal Game Room

Portal Game Themed Room

Portal 2 Inspired Room

Portal Themed Bedroom

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  1. @

    I especially like the infinity mirrors they made as “portals”, that was creative.

  2. Spectator

    One portal gun would have sufficed.

  3. Monica

    Wow serioislyyy u guys like this??! Only a carzy person wld turn his/her room to such a freaky place especially the writings on the wall it’s just creepy

  4. Gert

    Ok I REALLY love Star Wars…. and I don’t want it as a bedroom theme. To each their own but I would consider someone who decorated their bedroom this way with serious doubt as to their dateability potential.

  5. Sepehr

    what’s the connection between this and Star Wars?

  6. Douglas

    Agree with Monica. Some kids bedroom is cutting edge design work? There is so much more actual art and design out there. C’mon.

  7. Joe

    @ Gert

    I don’t know if you just don’t swing that way, but in my mind this vastly increases her dateability potential.

  8. Black Lotus

    Not creepy to me at all, I like it. Even though they took a concept and turned it into their bedroom design, I still think its creative in it own way. You rarely see stuff like this.

  9. Ru

    I love it, and love Portal, but don’t think I’d be able to sleep in here every day. Don’t find grey energising enough to get out of bed in the morning! Also would be thinking about cake and paranoid about murderous computers 24/7

  10. Darren

    Wow, having the incredible creativity and talent to put together something like this takes down your “dateability”? Alrighty…

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