Piano Cake Packaging

Piano Cake Packaging

Unique gift box designed to hold individually wrapped Financier cakes arranged to look like a keyboard of a piano.

Design uses all six surfaces of the box to recreate the keys of a keyboard.

The size of the box can be adjusted to create keyboards of different sizes, from small octaves to full 88-key grand pianos.

Inspiration for the design comes from the piano as an instrument that creates beautiful harmonies from the combination of individual sounds.

Creative piano cake packaging reflects the idea of individuality and harmony in society.

Recipient of the piano cake gift box will appreciate the care and thought put into the design.

Piano cake packaging designed by Japanese company Latona Marketing.

Piano Cake

Piano Financier Cake Packaging

Piano Cake Gift Box

Piano Financier Cake

Financier Cake

Financier Cake Packaging

MARAIS Piano Cake Packaging

Latona Marketing Piano Cake Packaging

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