Creative Hair Clip

Creative Hair Clip

Stockholm based studio Humans Since 1982 has designed a hair clip that allows you to have eyes on the back of your head.

“Hair clip on hair” creates a visual similarity to a niqab / burqa headdress.

Hair Clip

Eyes Hair Clip

Hair Clip on Hair

Humans Since 1982 Hair Clip

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  1. Bob

    burqa clip?

  2. Jennifer


  3. George

    sooooo cool! i want one!

  4. Mihir Panchal

    What’s the big deal about this?

  5. Till B.


  6. Jaqi mugo

    Looks like a Muslim lady from behind, lol.

  7. Midet

    Creepy D:

  8. Juliee

    creepy also it can be offensive to muslims – when u compare it to the hijab and burkahs but all that aside
    its a creative and interesting idea

  9. Darrell

    Haha That’s funny

  10. Ish

    Death to the infidels!

  11. steriotype

    Not all muslım women look or dress like that. Please don’t confuse relıgıous propogandas with relıgıon itselve.

  12. Raads

    I’m a muslim women, and i find that ‘similarity’ abit too different. from above: ““Hair clip on hair” creates a visual similarity to a niqab / burqa headdress” erm.. no it doesnt. it totally defies why muslim women wear the niqab/hijaab/burqa, cuz we r doin it to *cover* our body and hair.. not show all of it and stick some eyes behind it.
    it does show some similarity, but i think thats a rude way of advertising. they should have said something like “eyes on the back of my head” or something.
    Plus, it aint that creative…
    If ypu disagree, plz dnt get enraged by this comment, im only saying it as a view of a muslim woman.

  13. kadal

    haha…i really like this one…and reminds me of sadako…lol

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