Cafelimo Truck Packaging

Cafelimo Truck Packaging

Creative packaging designed for Cafelimo blend of coffee and lemonade makes four cans look like they are being transported by a miniature truck.

The “Cafelimo 4 Pack” by BangBang design studio, affectionately known as “Mr. The Bear,” takes beverage packaging to a new level.

Elongated box ensures a comfortable grip, and the opening mimics the unloading of the product. Inspired by a small Kei-Truck.

Cafelimo Truck is more than just packaging; it’s a storytelling experience.

Cafelimo 4 Pack

Cafelimo 4 PAQ

Cafelimo 4 Pack Truck Packaging

Cafelimo Truck

Cafelimo 4 PAQ by BangBang

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