Tea Calendar

Tea Calendar

Creative and innovative calendar designed for tea lovers features pages with days of the year made out of tea leaves.

Simply tear off one calendar page made of tea leaves, immerse it into hot water, and enjoy delicious cup of tea every morning.

Unique tea calendars were given to business partners of German tea company Hälssen & Lyon. Designed and created by Kelle Rebbe.

The Tea Calendar

Calendar Made of Tea

Calendar Made Out of Tea

Calendar Made from Tea

Calendar Made of Tea Leaves

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

Hälssen and Lyon Tea Calendar

Tea Leaves Calendar

Tea Leaf Calendar

Hälssen and Lyon Tea

Calendar for Tea Drinkers

Daily Tea Calendar

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  1. diego

    I have to get this for my mom

  2. Pete

    This is really cool, but wouldn’t the tea get stale out in the open like that? I try to keep my tea in airtight containers.

    Still think it’s cool, though.

  3. Barrie Hall

    My wife would go nuts for this.

  4. Martian

    It’s really beautiful! But I see problems: for tea purists it might be gross because of the printing and for the storing – I agree, Pete. I don’t like printing on foodstuff (if it’s food-safe or not) and I don’t like tea that has lost it’s flavour.

  5. Gert

    Martian, I would think they would print with the same stuff they mark candies like M&Ms with.

  6. GoMuhammad

    the printing paint probably were made by sugar or creamer. XD

  7. Jimbo

    Love the idea, but agree with Pete and Martian.

  8. Douglas

    I understand the need to innovate but this product is overly processed, gimmicky and unappealing. Sorry.

  9. Libeerian

    Does anyone know if they make this for beer?

  10. SierraN

    lol@Libeerian…haha! that would be awesome!

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