Tic Tac Gun

Tic Tac Gun

Powerful Tic Tac dispenser shaped to look like a handgun lets people enjoy their favorite breath-freshening candy in a whole new way.

Tic Tac Gun designed by 3DCubedPrinting transforms candy into sweet ammunition that you can shoot up to 15ft away.

Gun shaped dispenser makes Tic Tac candy a sugary weapon.

Perfect for friendly battles or satisfying your sweet tooth from a distance. Load, aim, and fire those tasty mints!

Fall in love with Tic Tacs all over again with the Tic Tac Gun.

Gun Shaped Tic Tac Dispenser

Tic Tac Handgun

Tic Tac Guns

Tic Tac Dispenser Gun

Tic Tac Dispenser

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