Freshy Fruit Syrup Packaging

Freshy Fruit Syrup Packaging

Creative bottles shaped to look like stacked oranges and other fruits feature wraparound label that mimics the natural freshness of fruit skins.

Freshy Fruit Syrup packaging by Prompt Design has garnered attention for its clarity, uniqueness, and overall appeal.

Packed with real fruits and featuring a unique bottle design inspired by vibrant farmers’ markets, Freshy Syrup stands out on store shelves.

Since its 2022 launch in Thailand, it’s become a go-to choice, boosting sales and enhancing shop aesthetics.

With plans to expand across Southeast Asia in 2023, Freshy is redefining syrup packaging with its fresh appeal.

Eye-catching design stands out and serves as a practical solution for arranging fruit displays in cafes and smoothie shops.

Freshy Fruit Syrup packaging isn’t just beautiful; it’s a sales magnet.

Freshy Fruit Syrup Bottle

Freshy Fruit Syrup Bottles

Freshy Fruit Syrup

Freshy Fruit Syrup by Prompt Design

Prompt Design Freshy Fruit Syrup

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