Beautiful Sand Drawings

Beautiful Sand Drawings

Wonderful sand paintings by San Francisco based artist Andres Amador.

Large scale beach drawings can take hours to complete, and then, when the tide comes in, this incredible art is washed away forever.

Sand Drawings by Andres Amador

Sand Painting by Andres Amador

Andres Amador Sand Drawing

Sand Paintings

Andres Amador Art

Beach Painting

Sand by Andres Amador

Sand Art by Andres Amador

Sand Painting

Andres Amador Sand Art

Andres Amador Sand Paintings

Andres Amador Sand Painting

Painting in the Sand

Sand Art

Sand Drawings

Sand Drawing

Andres Amador

Beach Drawing

Andres Amador Sand Drawings

Sand Paintings by Andres Amador

Sand Drawing by Andres Amador

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  1. Just Escaped


    And I don’t know who owns that house but what a house!

  2. Douglas

    See also Jim Denevan and Peter Donnelly. How these guys “see” the design and execute accurate geometric patterns walking around with a stick is crazy.

    Agreed on the house and don’t forget your keys at the beach.

  3. Ian H.

    Some of those geometric figures have crazy-precise lines. I wonder how he gets them so accurate from the level of the beach (without an overview)?

  4. The Thinking Insomniac


  5. Edwin

    It is really cool~ For those who see his work and without knowing is drawn by human, they may think is alien’s work~ like the graphics on the corn fields~

  6. Glitterati


  7. flatsolid

    Beautiful! What I like most is the ephemeral character of these works of art!

  8. Mel

    That’s amazing! And how creative he is!

  9. Sharyn

    Wow! They are just amazing.

  10. catherine

    This is so great. Some of the designs look so natural.

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