Fruit Juice Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa

Fruit Juice Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa

Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa has created a series of creative fruit juice packages that have the look and feel of the fruit they contain.

Juice Skin Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa 2

“I imagined that if the surface of the package imitated the colour and texture of the fruit skin, then the object would reproduce the feeling of the real skin.”

Juice Skin Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa 3

Juice Skin Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa 4

Alongside banana, strawberry and kiwi fruit  “juice skins” Naoto Fukasawa also offers a wild card “silken tofu skin” for a carton of soya milk.

Juice Skin Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa 5

Juice Skin Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa 7

Juice Skin Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa 8

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  1. hooohooo

    seriously funny and awesome

  2. wtyang24

    amazingly fun!

  3. Phuong Hoa Le

    so great!

  4. chuu

    CUTE! hahaha .. yes and funny

  5. Jovana


  6. Sklep Zoologiczny

    That’s trivial but… really awesome idea!

  7. mat


  8. gary

    Loving it. So does that mean you could now slip on banana packaging..?

  9. maaike

    it gives me a big smile! amazing! Fantastic! :)

  10. Laurie

    very cool!

  11. ArgosyCasinoLawrenceBurg

    Great, very creative.

  12. selvi

    wow! is this real?? it’s so cute and smart!

  13. richiee


  14. Jaqi Mugo

    Is this a serious packaging idea by a company? They have my vote and my money on this one, very attractive!!!

  15. victoria

    I want to see apple!

  16. Generic Reply

    Uhm, Yeah, neat, but i dont know if it is “amazing” or even “funny” It seems like common sense, bland. But good work. A very good use of this planets declining resources…..

  17. Divs

    creative mind indeed…i believe good marketing strategy :)

  18. dgorm

    Has nobody realized that banana and kiwi juice, while lending to nice packaging, is actually disgusting. Marketing only works if the product is good. Blech!

  19. matt dearlove

    The coolest one was the banana juice container… wait, what am I saying… banana juice? lol wtf

  20. AdnElric

    I want to drink it, THEN eat it! :) gotta love jap dudes

  21. jonboy

    Inspirational idea, hope it never makes it into production. More expensive packaging to go into landfill sites.

  22. Anon

    dgorm,Your kidding right? Kiwi juice is GODLY

  23. Kiyomi

    Cool, but what is the material? It would be better if he incorporated the actual fruit for packaging purposes i.e. fruit fiber, strawberry seeds, coconut fibers…if it;s made from plastic, I would throw it back…the real genius would be if he made it eco-friendly.

  24. rcorrino

    What, no pineapple? coconut?

    Does he only do juice or are dairy products included as well? I’d like to see breast milk.

  25. Estan

    it gives me a big smile! amazing! Fantastic! :)!

  26. angelshair

    That’s so cool!!!!


    I concur with Generic Reply.

    Amazingly funny – You must be looking at a different page :/

    …and yes..a waste of resources, same as people who drink bottled water when tap water is as clean as the water you buy in printed plastic bottles – such a waste.

  28. lagalette


  29. sami

    Simply perfect! Appetizing! Smart.

  30. Allie

    Heh, that’s innovative.

  31. lolatcomments, what an ignorant statement. Not all tap water is the same, the tap water in Dallas is disgusting, but my place in Austin it is great.

    Yes, the water comes from the same source, but they run it through a cleaning process before bottling it, they aren’t just hooking to bottle up to a tap…

    And yeah.. gee what a waste, art is so stupid, everything should look the same.

    leave the internet with your ignorant hate.

  32. Morg

    Great to see innovative packaging. Most American and much European packaging is pretty bad. A box of cereal cost 3.50 to 5 dollars. You need a knife to carefully slice it open, unless you rip it apart. Then the inner wax bag is heat sealed, must be cut to open and is not resealable. A bag of Ramen noodles tears uniformly across the top and the inner foil opens easily as well.
    Chinese clam packs require small explosive charges and are responsible for numerous emergency room visits.
    I think America can do better.

  33. Maddie

    Haha, thats so awesome!

  34. Jess L

    Wow – such a genius concept and incredible execution. A perfect example of thoughtful design with no over-design.

  35. Cpt Neo

    Wow! Those would sooooooo great all piled-up in a land fill.

  36. milker

    I want my ‘cow juice’ carton to look like a real cows utter.

  37. pat taylor

    These are what cool means! P@

  38. kuri

    I’m a bit confused.
    It sounds like this is breaking news but weren’t these designed for Kenya Hara’s HAPTIC exhibition a couple years ago?

  39. Put It On A Tshirt

    They are very cool – I am very impressed

  40. salem

    it gives me a big smile! amazing! Fantastic!

  41. Allen

    Very very interesting…… Cool…

  42. Zozo

    Amazing, i like to see something like this in all day use

  43. L

    Lovely realistic texture for fruit juice packaging. Nice!

  44. Craig

    This looks expensive. We should be making packaging that doesn’t “cost the earth”.

  45. ainkdast

    Nice and funny packaging……….

  46. parisa

    so creative

  47. Fraser

    Banana juice?

  48. publius

    “design” like this makes me want to shoot hello kitty characters…

  49. ijof9

    I wonder how would blueberry or grape juice packs would look like. :)

  50. woo

    love it! wear can I get it?

  51. Ulli

    The idea is ok in the context of Art, but I think it is definitely unacceptable to waste paper or whatever material is, to give texture or look-and-feel to a juice box which will go to trash in no time after being purchased -thanks to its packaging? Design and industrial design are not the same thing.

  52. Gonzalo LLorens

    I love the packaging of strawberry … it seems you go to eat a strawberry

  53. Dan Roback

    These are great! I would buy them if I saw them in a store. You people that live by a landfill should just move if you do not like it there. Maybe this will add some color to the garbage while it is decaying. Paper grows on trees and is a crop, decaying products help the soil become fertile.

  54. Ben

    Great to see some debate and criticism about packaging with regards to our environment. The more eco-friendly the packaging the better, love the idea about trying to use fruit fibre to package itself…

  55. Jen S.

    wow! how creative that is. i wish we had kiwi and strawberry juice here like how apple and orange juice is mass produced and everywhere.

  56. Roland Higginbotham

    Makes me want some !

  57. Al Woods

    Tropicana take note!!


  58. Justin Abbasi

    I’d so buy this. Cantaloupe would be an awesome addition too.

  59. Paolo

    I think it is a great idea! Regarding all those who suggest using fruit fibers: have you thought how totally environment UNFRIENDLY that is? How do you get the fibers without wasting the fruit? How intensive would the plantation be? Is that environmentally friendly, after all? Hmmm…
    I can agree about a biodegradable pack, but has nothing to do with putting fruit fibers in it!!!

  60. gern

    Wow. Neat, but just more useless packaging.

  61. Tukang Nggame

    with that package, fruit juice have more taste :-)

  62. Sanna

    where can i buy this ?

  63. Sianny

    I need to get quotation for this packaging. I am looking for supplier who can help me with this packaging. Please email me to let me know your location.

  64. niskk

    Please get me quotation for paper based water packaging 500mls, 600mls, 1000mls for 1000 packets of each per day, thanks

  65. simon

    Some people just LOVE to moan don’t they?

  66. Rep

    oh man did he actually say “seriously fun” or am I in some kind of horrible nightmare

  67. keta william

    i am intrested in your fruit juice, i want to place an order

  68. Drew Kirsten

    How would looks like his package for mineral water I wonder?

  69. bayilik

    They are good commercial idea and designs.And they are looking fresh

  70. gary baldon

    where can i puchase your banana juice

  71. amora

    genious!! realy realy genious!
    I am a design student. I love to try new things and these would be one of theme.

    keep working, design needs people like you! :)

  72. Cheryl

    The 1st thing that popped into my mind: OMG! THAT IS SERIOUSLY CUTE, COLLECTABLE STUFF!
    The 2nd: It must cost a bomb.
    The 3rd: Is it bio-degradable?
    The 4th: If it’s not, it should be made into a capped bottle form, not a juice box. you cant reuse a juice box but you sure can reuse a bottle with water or whatever. It’ll be extremely cool if we could reuse it then bring it to school/work.
    The last: I SO TOTALLY WANT IT!

  73. anna

    If Fukasawa really did this, I am deeply disapointed

  74. Narender Kamboj

    It is nice and if you can give the complete shape of banana then the handling of the packet can be covered in the same rest good job.

    Keep it up.

    Warm Regards

  75. noname watcher

    i want to see Pineapple juice ^^

  76. Kiwiman

    Kiwi kicks bum!

  77. ayodeji ogundare

    am consulting for a client need you to design a special package for their fruit juice please treat urgent we want you to be our techincal partners.

  78. farid

    Very very interesting…… Cool amsizing

  79. Rosemarie Macklin

    Please, Please, Please can you give me a live contact for these packages. I would love to know how I can purchase them.

  80. Gad

    Can i have this guys contact to place an order

  81. evan

    very creative~ and cute tooo~ X3

  82. kathery

    nice! good idea-

  83. ^_^


  84. rhys

    this is amazing

  85. farhana

    woohooo make one for durian juice!

  86. Angelique

    How does one go about purchasing these containers for packaging?

  87. Anonymous

    WTF is banana juice?

  88. Shannon

    Who drinks banana juice?

  89. soo

    that materials are made?

  90. Valuchi

    How about you eat the real fruit !!!! Really people? You want to create more waist? ????

  91. Lucia

    Nice,the banana one is nice, but if the Kiwiand strawberry the same as it is,it will be little scaring.

  92. Royal Crown Group

    Please send us folders of the packing that you have.
    please send them by email

  93. Halima

    I don’t care what negetive things are said, i think they are beautiful and unique.
    would love to purchase some. Please contact me.

  94. Sweety

    The idea seems to be good…. but these days innovations in packaging world of juices have gone way ahead that this type of idea would click only if the material used is ecofriendly :)

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