Easy-to-Carry Juice Bottle Labels

Easy-to-Carry Juice Bottle Labels

Creative juice packaging for busy on-the-go lifestyle features strong cut-out labels that make carrying glass bottles very easy.

Moj Sokic packaging label concept designed by Snezana Jeremic ensures effortless portability of glass juice bottles.

Innovative easy-to-carry labels feature a minimalist cut-out design, with each white label strategically placed under the lid of the bottle.

The juice label flips up, providing users with a convenient grip and allowing them to hang or store their juice bottle effortlessly.

Inspired by the practicality of carabiner clips, commonly found on reusable water bottles, this design offers a cost-effective alternative.

Minimalistic labeling incorporates a cutout shape of each fruit, ensuring a clear and visually appealing representation of the product.

Easy-to-Carry Juice Bottle Label

Moj Juice by Snezana Jeremic

Moj Sokic by Snezana Jeremic

Snezana Jeremic Moj Sokic

Moj Juices Packaging

Snezana Jeremic Moj Juice

Moj Juice Packaging

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