Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

Innovative wetsuits designed by Australian research company SAMS protect swimmers, divers, and surfers from dangerous shark attacks.

Shark deterrent and repellent wetsuits were developed in collaboration with scientists from Oceans Institute of the University of Western Australia.

Warning Pattern Wetsuit

Designed for surfers, it presents the wearer as something poisonous and unpalatable to a shark. The same pattern can be applied to surfboards.

Anti-Shark Wetsuit

Shark Wetsuit

Cryptic Pattern Wetsuit

Designed for swimmers and divers, it makes it very difficult for a shark to see the wearer in the water. Invisibility Cloak for people in the ocean.

Shark Repellent Wetsuit

Shark Attack Mitigation Systems

Shark Deterrent Suit

Shark Suit

Anti-Shark Suit

Shark Repellent Suit

Shark Deterrent Wetsuit

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  1. Carrie


  2. Jimmy

    Hmm it seems okay but I would need hard proof if I was ever going to buy one of these. Even still, some sharks take a small nibble to check out what the object tastes like.. :L glad I live in the UK…

  3. Pearl Lamie

    Wouldn’t want to bet my life on the “invisibility” suit! They have such bad eyesight anyways, i don’t think they home in based on vision!

  4. Goobly

    What if you go missing in the sea, it would be almost impossible to find you.

  5. Matt

    It’s good to see people developing preventative measures through design, whether it truly works remains to be seen but I know what I’d rather be wearing in the water

  6. Jules

    Nice until you get harpooned!

  7. nessa

    people srent colour blind!!! only Sharks so you wont get harpooned!! DUHHH!!

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