Breathtaking Sky Art

Breathtaking Sky Art

It looks like sky was the primary source of inspiration for these images. Enjoy.

SKYplay series combines white clouds with different real world objects.

Sky Art 2

Sky Art 3

Sky Art 4

Sky Art 5

Sky Art 6

Sky Art 7

Sky Art 8

Sky Art 9

Sky Art

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  1. Spike

    Really, really nice!!!

  2. eric


  3. jooooooo

    cool budy

  4. Milla Valkeasuo

    Very nice!

  5. rachel.

    It’s a cute idea, but these are really shitty quality.

  6. cenzi

    rachel needs lovin. these are very unique!

  7. Rob

    Cenzi, unique means one of a kind, something cannot be very one-of-a-kind.

  8. john

    this is not art. any person with a camera could have done any one of these. you people did not even try. stop patting yourselves on the back for this utter, worthless shit.

  9. not important

    John is an ass

  10. Very Important

    I second “not importants” remark.

  11. Ew.

    These are okay, but at least get someone that doesn’t have a hairyass hand.

  12. Meh

    Hairy hands = bad art? And art = shitty quality? I thought art was the expression of ones mind/feelings not the quality (or hairyness) of ones hands.

  13. Fredrick

    Breathtaking? Not at all.
    Decent though.

  14. nniiggeell


    Gonna go do that.

  15. Wright

    DUDE you have ridiculously hairy hands… shave or something man, come one

  16. [insert common name here]

    first to anyone who says this isn’t art: look at the first picture. notice how the model thingy’s back hand is behind the cloud.

    second to Wright: shaving your hands has go to be the stupidest thing a person could do!

  17. Yeah Right

    Photoshopped. Thats why the quality is so bad, because when you scale down quality its harder to notice the changes he made.

  18. [insert common name here]

    yes that is the point, Yeah Right. He used photoshop to layer the objects in front of the sky. did anyone honestly think that someone was holding things up? the point is that there is that he inserted the objects well enough that the match up with the cloud patterns.

  19. Required

    Whats up with the hands?

  20. bipedal

    People are too critical with art. Art is simply one’s vision and the expression and interpretation of one’s ideas. If you don’t like the way it came out, so be it. It may not be up to standards with your taste in art, but that doesn’t make it not art. Maybe people need to stop rudely criticizing other peoples ideas and embracing them and helping them. I think these are great and perfectly capture the vision that someone obviously had when they came up with it. Whether its painted or photoshopped, it doesn’t matter. Beautiful.

  21. Hairless

    That man has very hairy hands.
    It’s slightly creepy.

  22. zookeeper

    how did he get the monkey to hold that stuff up there? must have been a chimp….

  23. zookeeper

    ….but it’s an original way to make money off of a monkey and a camera…. neat pics too.

  24. soar

    Wow, such childish comments. Art is in the eye of the beholder. These are all wonderful.

  25. idiots

    The hand in the first picture is not BEHIND the cloud, look at the shape of the right hand, it is cut in a way that actually fit the cloud perfectly, no photoshopping necessary. And look at the lighting in all the pictures, obviously not ‘shopped. You guys are idiots, I think some of these pictures are amazing.

  26. merk

    wow.i cant believe you guys took the time to bash such a creative idea.if you dont like it,go and not like it.but dont bash a dudes form of your mind and go do something not half this cool.jesus i mean who gives a shit if the dudes hands are hairy.hands get hairy.big freakin deal.i on the other hand thought these were pretty damn cool.i would of never thought of that.keep it up man.

  27. Eric B

    Nice pictures. Very creative indeed. Now if you could figure out a way to turn them into cash that would be even better!

  28. moira

    these are amazing! i love simple things that are beautiful. and to the nitpicking haters: what is art anyway? are you the one that finally figured that out?

  29. JR Kabuki Conquest

    The images are inspired, even if in a simple way. And they’ve actually materialized in a way that people can comment on good or bad. Sounds like more than enough to me.

  30. goldfish

    5 sec in MS paint

  31. Bob

    Rachel. Your comment makes you sound like a deusch

  32. Katie

    The are beautiful — but were they photoshopped or were they photographed? I feel like the depth of field would be different if they were photographs. Nevertheless, very pretty!

  33. Nicolai

    Whoops, some spelling- and grammatical mistakes :~)

  34. [dont copy and paste my name... i want you to type it out when u quote me!]

    it is very east to hold something in one hand and take a picture with the other… its not that complicated… if what jackson pollock did was art so is this… its just something simple that someone did before you… and you are jealous of it…

  35. lovesbutt

    do a barrel roll

  36. Person who very possibly has an actual brain

    Even if they are photoshopped or ‘shitty quality,’ it doesn’t matter. It has no effect on the viewer’s enjoyment of the idea. And it’s not like there’s some rule that all art that’s worth anything can’t be created in photoshop.
    But I’m not gonna lie… those hands are pretty damn hairy. But shaving your hands? Dude, that’s retarded.

  37. Photoshopper

    Actually the hand of the puppet is not behind the cloud
    if you’ve ever seen one of those kinds of dolls their hands are round on top and flat on bottom the hand is merely bent back. Not everything on the internet is photoshopped.

  38. Kemp

    That’s a fun and creative idea:-))))

  39. The Cheshire Cat

    Hey, these made me grin.


  40. poo


  41. Jurgen

    Pure art! Thanks for sharing such beauty!

  42. me

    agreement with ‘Person who very possibly has an actual brain’.
    you can argue anything to be art. even photoshopped images are art in a sense.
    and yes those hands are hairy altho i have seen worse + i dont judge. shaving your hands… honestly?

  43. Suitengu

    Great concept.

  44. blimeymate

    nice pics. looked at each for about 10 secs to take in the idea. then spent 10 mins reading the comments. must have done something right1 dontcha just love the haters.

  45. jessica

    Beautiful :) unique.
    Those haters don’t know the true meaning of art.
    easy or not, it’s beautiful and full of expressions.

  46. Mike

    I have always had a pursuit of original ideas of my own… I always look at things around me to see if I could make something out of them that I could turn into art. I still look at the urban environment around me to discover all those crazy ideas that i have that no one else can see to only discover that clouds in the sky are the perfect way to show some imagination and creativity to other people. You have an excellent way of showing people what you see and what you feel that very moment you look up and see patterns of something in the sky. We all look at the sky once in a while in our lives. I think these pictures remind us that when we look at the sky, we always take the patterns of the clouds and combine them with our man-made devices. anyway…. every cloud is different and every opportunity is different but capturing these moments and sharing them with us is a great thing. You have a mind of an artist.
    Keep it up!

  47. Shah Imran

    really amazing……….

  48. issidoros

    those haters, yeah, haha!
    I also spent more time reading the comments than actually observing the photos!
    some people here got no class, excuse me for saying!
    someone takes pictures and then uploads them to share their interest and joy and there are people judging the hair in their hands, this is the first step to pornographic aspect of art enjoyment, you need training, some of ya clever haters!!!!

  49. melvin

    this is wack.

  50. Bradley


  51. a little elf

    Those are Santa’s hands! You morons! You are not getting ANYTHING for Christmas!

    (Nice pictures, Boss!)

  52. omar

    Ahh nice. thanks for thet “why didn’t i think of that moment”

  53. Fish

    Get this person to make one of someone smoking a bong!

  54. i'm gonna eatcha

    his hands are hairy? i hadn’t noticed until you overly criticizing people pointed that out. thank you for telling me something that i didn’t need to know. for all of you who said something bad about that why don’t you go shave your hands. see how many people think that that’s cool.

  55. Ali

    I think this is really cool, because its changing something we overlook constantly into something with a new perspective. Way to be creative :)

  56. rick

    a short collection of people shaving their hands would be a little bit deeper and ask questions, provoke.

  57. Candy

    how would u do that??????

  58. Josh

    i like the hose and first paint brush. as for the comments that anyone with a camera could have done this, most art is, just like anyone with microwave can make popcorn, no one is impressed about how hard popcorn is to make they just like popcorn.

  59. Chris

    I think anyone who says this is art really takes away from real artists who put a lot of time and passion into what they do. This is stupid.

  60. Cynthia

    These photographs are not ‘shopped. You can see the high resolution originals on Flickr:

  61. just another chick

    i agree with lovesbutt,
    do a BArReL role! haha good stuff

    no but really, everyone needs to caaalm dooooown
    it’s all good
    inculding the pics, thumbs up :)

  62. Just wondering

    I could probably shave my left hand OK, but I’m not so sure about the right.

    The pics are very cool!

  63. Miggs

    HAHA – classic comments ..

    think the idea was cool … could probably think of cooler things to put infront of the clouds …. but nicely done none the less .

  64. Sharon

    I thought this was a fabulous idea I enjoyed all the clever ‘uses’ of the sky. I would love to be there when you see a potential sky and have to go grab what you need for it. They don’t last long and you never get the same sky twice.
    I bet there are ‘the-one-that-got-away’ stories!
    Thanx for sharing.

  65. Nick

    the hands are creepy….especially the one with the test tube…its really really scary D:

  66. Jaap

    I think john is right… this is worthless shit

  67. Hitech Stupidity

    Wow…this is just amazing.

  68. privacy policy

    i like them but does anyone not notice that these wispy type of clouds are actually CHEMTRAILS.
    please look in to CHEMTRAILS because then you’ll notice they are DEADLY…Please don’t make light of them they are slowly killing us..causing all different kinds of mental and physical illnesses in us mere human beings
    take care people xx

  69. Me

    “It looks like sky was the primary source of inspiration for these images.” haha no really?

  70. Asdfghjkl;

    Wow, that’s awesome!
    Very creative. :D

  71. beckycookie

    great idea! just need better camera

    john,i also think your an ass
    art is all around us,it just takes somebody with a brain to see it,obviously you dont have one.
    i bet you never lay on the grass as a kid and looked at the clouds in the sky to see what animals and things you can see in them

  72. arin

    art or not… who cares? i got a good laugh out of it. crazy idea. love it.

  73. Michelle

    eh, great idea, poorly executed. though i probably couldn’t do any better.

  74. buttonwiz

    those hands are artworks in themselves.
    imagine just the hair touching your neck.

  75. jasmine

    nice work
    very creative one thanks for sharing it


  76. laurence

    John, Rachel and Privacy Policy are all correct.

    Having said that, they are pretty cool, just not “breathtaking”

  77. John Smith

    Somewhat creative ;)

  78. Laura

    i really like them, no matter what anyone else says. plus i agree with meh, art is ones self expression. of course there will always be people who don’t like it. but me? i think it’s a great idea ^_^

  79. Kris

    Cool idea and photos, but I don’t know if I would call it “breathtaking” necessarily. Still, good job!

  80. halie

    i think this is a cool idea. you people who disagree go ahead but at least keep your rude ass comments to yourself. art is anything anyone wants it to be, some people would think a pile of trash was art, take a picture of it, and sell that picture for hundreds of dollars. this is his idea of art, so shut up and appreciate his creativity.

  81. kiddochips

    mildly enjoyable, not as entertaining as the comments you people madly posted.

    and moira…theres a reason people can put a price on art..because theres a definition of it, just because you cannot put your finger on one of the many definitions does not mean art is this open ended thing, it most certainly is not, there is quality to art and there is art that lacks quality then there is the stuff people like to slap the label art on just so they feel special. This is and isn’t art, looks to me like someone got bored.

  82. Swaddle

    I liked them
    I found the comments funny
    I wonder how hairy your butt is cos the hand frightens me.

  83. Gilson

    I dont know why people that could never come up with an idea like that keeping posting that its not art or that its not good, cmon evebody envy isnt a healthy thing…

  84. Erin

    I really like your pictures thank you for sharing them :-)

  85. Look up more.

    Privacy Policy, you may want to research cirrus clouds.

  86. Construction Blog

    If not original, at the very least it’s well-done. Thumbs up!

  87. Debra

    These are nice and fairly creative, but I’m not going to say they are outstanding by any means. Would be nice if the images were higher quality- some of these look like they were taken via cellphone.

    As to the comment about the first ones hand being behind the cloud, that is a flat plane that you’re seeing; it’s not behind anything.

  88. infoseekr

    ahhh chemtrails….
    wake up clouds are not streaks throught the sky. WTF

    google chemtrails

  89. Jarrett Kerpan

    very good concept awesome

  90. AKviking

    Creative. And that’s why some hate, because they lack any creative skill or ambition. Sitting behind a monitor criticizing something that one lacks the will or ability to even come close to is not talent, nor a real use of any cognitive ability – it’s a true waste of time and energy.

    GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING REAL CREATIVE!!! (you’re all living proof of IDIOCRACY)

    Photoshopped or not, it’s art, and time well spent.

  91. steve

    rachel is a negative nancy! ( booo hooo the qualitys bad!!!) knob. this is an awsum idea! and done soo well

  92. D-Graff

    Really cool. I’ve always been a firm fan of the sky. I call it Nature’s TV lol

  93. bek

    this is to john…. appreciate it for what it is you negative pos

  94. banfill

    There was a guy in Mexico that attached a dog to a pole and let it starve to death and considered it art and tried to sell it. That was bogus, this is not. It’s very creative.

  95. Eithiriel


  96. conditionofreality

    i love them. they made me smile. thank you.

  97. julie

    Art is subjective! You cannot say that it is not art. You may not like it but whether or not it is art is not up to you to decide.

  98. josh hutcherson

    good but im better than sky art im a movie star and i broke up with shannon so IM SINGLE love,josh

  99. baff magnet

    Breathtaking? no.

  100. jack

    not fantastic stuff but it kicks julian beavers ass!

  101. Cody Elliot Sortore

    I like a lot! Very fun images. I see a lot of people have been very hard on their quality, which could be a concern if you’re a self centered egoistic bastard… but they’re very nice. It’s a great idea.

  102. john

    oh my god i cannot believe this site is still receiving active commentary…..I remain firm in my conviction. this could easily have been replicated by anyone with some time on their hands, and seriously, somebody shave that dude’s arms.

  103. paresh

    nice, i like it.

  104. Alphabetix

    Very nice images. The perspective is fabulous!

  105. Juzer Burhani

    excellent photography…

  106. slimslacks

    AKviking shush you have no idea what you talking about, for all you know the criticizers are artists themselves, thats usually why one critiques, they know about the subject, do you think all artists get along so cheerily and complement each other on a regular basis, heh, wrong, YOU should get off your ass and get a life because your making comment on things you obviously have no idea about.

  107. blueskies2day

    Why do people have to be so negative? Someone had a good idea, took some lovely photos of something which does no one any harm, and took the time to post them onto the internet for other people to enjoy as well.

    If you don’t like them, you don’t have to comment. If you see someone walking down the street and you don’t like their coat, you don’t say to them “Excuse me, your coat is awful.” The internet should be no different just because you can remain anonymous.

    Thankyou for the photos.

  108. Ally

    Hell yeah, great job.

    Have any more?

  109. Colin

    Thats lovely jubbly. Like the album art covers : )

  110. i dont give out that personal info

    i think its a waste of time but it looks cool

  111. Glad My Hands Are Practically Bald

    It is plainly not photoshopped. Otherwise the artist would have used his skills to clean his hands up.

    Terrific set of images. Thank you Artist.

  112. Gromix

    Cool O_o

  113. Shera

    These are so cool. i like the fourth one best! :):)

  114. Daniel

    Really cool and creative. Very Imaginary

  115. Yoland

    creative indeed

  116. photomaj

    These photos are surreal at best but contain no qualities which could change society or the way we view it. they hold no social context. like i said they are surreal and i believe the value stops there. so instead of writting cool, nice, great job, very creative, why ont you try writting why. Try thinking about what the artist is trying to do. Is he trying to provoke our perception of what art is and how we create it. I believe the artist is trying to show us a way to create an illusion with his tool the camera. I would go ahead and give him a positive response by saying he succeeded in this and the challenge here is that the camera can only record what we see, or that the camera can record light. Therefore the task of creating something surreal, with out actually creating it as an instillation first then taking the picture, can be challenging. This is not a photograph i would put in my house because it contains no social or historical context, importance in todays art community should be focused on phylosiphy and society and nature and the way we communicate with those subjects. In the end I am only one man and can say these photos are cool. but what does cool really say.

  117. Martin

    “It looks like sky was the primary source of inspiration for these images”

    Really? are you sure?

  118. Gideon Davidson

    Cool idea- I’m always seeing these amazing skies but on their own they might not communicate to others. Great, creative way of making use of them!

  119. Ramona

    :) i like those. Good job.

  120. blaaaaaa

    Photomaj has to be the biggest twat I’ve ever come across. He would probably do a poo on a plate and hang that on his wall for the historical context. Tosser!

  121. Nicolas

    Awesome! I applaud this excellent idea.

  122. Alison

    How cute….

  123. randy

    I like these pictures. Why does anybody care if they are photoshopped or if they “say” anything? Some people need to get a life.

  124. Karl

    Man, I can’t believe people take the time out of their lives to write such nasty comments. Lovely pics, thanks.

  125. z0r0o

    Beautiful :):):):) “-” (:(:(:

  126. casual brother

    very very nice. great pics

  127. Maria

    Great Idea.. you really have active imagination

  128. tiffany

    Made me smile, I like it.

  129. i


  130. Mike D

    I liked the pictures, and then read the first 30 or so comments. God I hate the internet, and most of the people who use it.

    quick douche list.

    rachel, rob, john, ew, whatever….

  131. quantanamo hay

    forced perspective… clever girl
    (like the dude says in jurassic park right before the raptor nails him!)

  132. Za

    Hm. I’m getting the feeling that these might be photoshopped…

  133. Sun

    Clever and original regardless of the actual source. Keep it up!

  134. jojocool

    Viva photoshop

  135. kiki

    wow so cool to cool to be true how did you do it?

  136. Nice

    this was awesome! to all those haters, you can just stick it in your juice box and suck it!

  137. sj

    I would have enjoyed this more without comments.

  138. Morgan :]

    his hand is not behind the cloud in the first picture. art mannequin’s hands are shaped like an egg cut in half. the shadows and exposure on the objects closer up are consistent with the background and i dont think that the image quality is that bad. the constrast is the same for the background and the object in the foreground for each picture which also supports that the pictures aren’t photoshopped. and stop judging what you think is art and what you think is not. this is not your place to judge, and if you had any pieces of what you call art, you would be defending them agains people who dont have anything better to do with their time as well

  139. tommy

    Yea Morgan :] !

  140. OHHHHmmmm

    the only people who bash this awesome stuff are terrible artists who see art that is way better then theirs. message to you guys- my 5 minute pencil drawing of border patrol shooting a space alien is great art. argue with me if you can

  141. OHHHHmmmm

    and hairy = manly

  142. Percival

    Does anyone know when the last train goes…. and to where?

  143. DiZzY(;

    I’m Amazed :)
    I Love Every Artistic Detail.

  144. jessica and ryan

    hey ur awesome

  145. ace3

    to neone who has to be negative about these all i have to say is, do u even have an ounce of the creativity to go out and do something inspiring like this. sumthin tells me no

  146. Jane Lenoir

    big deal.

  147. lizzy

    great job its god

  148. John

    Gilette. The best a hand can get.

  149. Bob Ross Fan

    Is that the hand of Bob Ross?

  150. J

    great idea and well executed. I really like them. I also wanted to add that hairy hands are sexy and anyone that has anything bad to say; if you don’t like it why are you even taking the time to comment on it? just move on. Sheesh. Bunch of rude people.

  151. thinkglobalfuture

    Love the textures. Juxtapostion of the ethereal clouds and the the objects creates great tension. I don’t think the hand is behind the clouds, it’s pointing away and has a flat “palm”. The lighting on the hands is superb! The creativity in choosing the skyscapes and matching up the tools is enviable and the entire sequence took thought and time. I just love it. As a grouping, it would make cheerful, thought provoking home or corporate art. I’d be tempted to sell it on a stock photos site. It’s just quirky enough to catch the eye and diverse enough to be useful in a variety of industries/settings. sf

  152. igor

    where’s the LIKE button ?

  153. Lumpy


  154. Ben

    Wow~ It’s awesome

  155. billy

    Dude in the first pic its not behind, it bent forward, look real close

  156. Martin

    Very creative!

  157. Skyliner

    The guy was a genius. He passed away in 2010.

  158. Cassiopeia

    I Like this idea~

    That’s so different & coll ~

    From Taiwan*

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