Creative Moon Photography

Creative Moon Photography

Series of clever photos by talented French photographer Laurent Laveder.

Beautiful and amazing images show people interacting with the moon.

Moon Painting

Moon Clock

Playing with the Moon

Moon Picture

Measuring the Moon

Fun Moon Photography

Moon Lamp

Moon Balloon

Clever Moon Photography

Moon Basketball


Moon Baby

Amazing Moon Photography

Catching the Moon

Moon Photography

Moon Dinner

Climbing to the Moon

For more inspiration, check out: Cool Photos of Levitating Girl

  1. henry


  2. Lilia Smiles

    ooh I love this! My favorite is the moon balloon and I love these types of optical illusions. They’re cute and humorous and don’t cause may eyes to hurt like the ones with wheels that seem to move, but really don’t.

  3. woops

    Waiting for the Hadouken pose… still waiting…

  4. Sharyn

    I love the balloon! They’re all very creative and incredibly well done though.

  5. reason

    Lunar beauty evoking fantasy. Some are forced though.

  6. Will

    Are some of these not the Sun (the especially bright and crescent ones)?

  7. Shahid

    window to think louder :) nice

  8. Betty


  9. Dominic

    So sweet.

  10. Art of Concept

    Awesome art! Love the concepts here! Great work! Thumbs up! :-D

  11. Laurent Laveder

    Thank you all for your comments.
    Will, “Are some of these not the Sun (the especially bright and crescent ones)?”
    All of these are pictures with the Moon. Sometime, the foreground is dark (because it’s night), so I have to overexposed the Moon which looks like the Sun.

  12. Alston, HC. W

    Amazing indeed!

  13. Nisa Zul

    amazing… love it!

  14. Hannah

    @Will – you don’t get crescent suns (at least not unless you’re having an eclipse). Just very bright moons :)

  15. Chedie

    I love it!

  16. pooshda

    I love it, some of those are really great… Makes me want to break out the camera and get creative myself, I’ll probably just stick to the website for the time being though. Great post, thanks.

  17. Rhod

    Nice shots.. ΓΌ

  18. mahboobe

    very cool!!!

  19. Olga


    ….pun intended! :)

  20. Unknown

    Cool inspiration (:

  21. mea

    very nice, i love all of them

  22. MASEKI

    cool stuff.

  23. Jantra

    ahh so pretty!

  24. cool stuff

    whoa just noticed how pritty the moon is

  25. samaneh

    These pictures and also moon are perfect !! :x

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