Everyday Items Made of Wood

Everyday Items Made of Wood

New York based artist Randall Rosenthal creates unique wooden sculptures that represent ordinary household objects.

Each sculpture was hand carved from a single block of wood and then carefully painted with ink and acrylic to look just like the real thing.

Carved Art

Wooden Art

Wooden Dollars

Wooden Comics

Wooden Sculpture

Wooden Newspaper

Wooden Money

Wooden Map

Wooden Book

Wooden Newspapers


Carved Wood

Wooden Cards

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  1. Larna

    wow..looks real…though i think its not eco friendly bla bla…again, art is beautiful…and this includes too.

  2. Dido

    True art! Amazing!

  3. Jumanicus

    love it.. i thought it was things that started out as wood like paper and baseball cards lol not actually made from wood

  4. Glenn Contreras

    Ok, this is what “think outside the box” means!

  5. Celzn

    This was almost unthinkable! D:

  6. theatomicant

    amazing! all items look like they are real. brilliant work.

  7. kadal

    which one is made from wood?????

  8. James

    The majority of these are hardly ‘everyday’ items :P They look great though.

  9. tamsin

    No. It’s all been sprayed beige LOL.

  10. Rob


  11. RubiksDude


  12. Lau

    Looks so real!

  13. Danyell

    Well done!

  14. douglas

    Stunning work.

  15. MAD

    I wasn’t that impressed at first, but when I saw the Work-In-Progress photos..wow! Nicely done.

  16. kalakawa

    takes killing tree to a whole new level :D

  17. hesam

    wo0o0ow….very nice…..Well don

  18. miggy

    very nice takes time to do this wonderful

  19. jrob

    Don’t use rubber bands to store your cards! Great stuff.

  20. Lyndisenia


  21. Alex T

    Not quite sure how people are saying this isn’t economical. Wood is one of the most economical products we can use, as long as the tree’s that are cut down are replaced and the resource is correctly managed. I’d rather they did this than make plastic moulds to paint, wood is renewable.

  22. Darrell

    That is incredible!

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