Useless Objects

Useless Objects

British artist Jeremy Hutchison has collaborated with factory workers from different countries and created a series of dysfunctional luxury products.

Clever art project questions the purpose of high priced luxury items.

Useless products will be sold under Erratum (error) fashion brand.


Products by Jeremy Hutchison


Useless Luxury Products

Food Grater

Dysfunctional Objects


Dysfunctional Luxury Products

Hair Comb

Useless Luxury Objects

Walking Stick

Dysfunctional Products


Defective Luxury Products

Musical Instruments

Dysfunctional Luxury Objects

Jeremy Hutchison

Cricket Bat

Defective Object

Smoking Pipe


Shape Sorter Toy

Defective Objects


Defective Luxury Objects


Useless Products

Golf Club

Erratum by Jeremy Hutchison


Objects by Jeremy Hutchison

Tennis Racket

Defective Product

Dysfunctional Luxury Brand


Defective Products

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  1. khizar

    WHy…………….like why??? this world is so crazy lol

  2. minions

    Awesome, I think this idea has a lot of potential.

  3. Betty


  4. Frederick

    I want that tennis racket so I can go all Darth Maul on my matches.

  5. Kittu

    Lol everything that can go wrong with a design….. In our effort to beautification the core purpose of often lost…..

  6. John Cline

    It’s like a dream world where things don’t quite make sense.

  7. Andra

    I honestly don’t understand why anyone would buy this stuff…

  8. Mark

    More like a PhotoShop trick than anything else.

  9. latincrow81

    football still works that’s the beauty of the game

  10. Hossein

    Tennis Racket is cute. I think it can be useful

  11. Alexandre

    That is what Man Ray did almost 100 years ago, isnt it?

  12. Robin Horton

    When I was applying to art school, the application asked for the design of a useless object. I could have started with a useful object then modified it to render it useless: like a coat hanger without the top hook, or like many of these art objects presented in this post. However, I wanted to demonstrate that there were many products on the market that one just did not need. My solution was a “spaghetti twirler” made from two forks facing each other, connected in the center. Why would one need that when one could just use two forks? Oddly, I later found that exact same product on the market. The marketplace is flooded with useless objects.

  13. Roeland

    Luxury products: a comb? a ball?

  14. Ru

    I love the tennis racket! It looks like a useless kayak oar

  15. Enrico Martinez

    You can use the “Walking Stick” as a nunchuck.

    Just break the tennis racket in half and you can make a pair of snowshoes out of it.

  16. Max

    Nice interventions but I’ve seen them done before several times at art schools. Anyway what is up with the model? She looks like she’s stoning her head off…

  17. NIcé

    comb and cigar are really badly executed..

  18. Ans

    If you think that soccer ball is useless you’ve never been to Africa…

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