World’s Oldest Skyscrapers

Worlds Oldest Skyscrapers

Shibam, a town in Hadramawt, Yemen, is considered to have the world’s oldest skyscrapers. It has about 7,000 inhabitants and all of the town’s house are made out of mud bricks. Some of these structures rise 5 to 9 stories high.

This technique of building was implemented in order to protect residents from Bedouin attacks. While Shibam has existed for around 2,000 years, most of the city’s houses come mainly from the 16th century.

Shibam is often called “the Manhattan of the desert”.

World's Oldest Skyscrapers 2

World's Oldest Skyscrapers 3

World's Oldest Skyscrapers 4

World's Oldest Skyscrapers 5

World's Oldest Skyscrapers

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  1. Leon

    Very interesting, I’d like to visit this someday.

  2. Jander

    Wow, this is so cool…

  3. Anonymous

    Yes perhaps these are the oldest ones existence, but not far from Hadramawt is an area that is known to have had the earliest skyscrapers in history. This is in the Ahqaf area, but God wiped them off and all traces of their existence when they disobeyed the prophet that was sent to them and asked the prophet Ad (peace be upon him) to bring forth the punnishment of God on them for not believing in God.

  4. MR

    I hate to break it to you, but god like Santa clause isn’t real. Get over it. They made him up to make you feel better about dying.

  5. ruiner

    live ur life dreaming of nothing after death god does exist u cant prove otherwise *stumbled onto this by the way*

  6. Colleenmike

    You can’t prove there isn’t a tea pot circling the Earth. But, that doesn’t mean it’s in orbit.
    God is for children. Grow up.

  7. Anon

    no, forcing your opinion on other people is whats childish. people can believe whatever they want

  8. jim

    “no, forcing your opinion on other people is whats childish. people can believe whatever they want”

    exactly, so quit telling me god is real.

  9. Jack White

    Hey hey! I am not a believer either, but it is the atheists in this page that are forcing their view. If the story goes that God wiped the place out, then that is the story. If you don’t believe it, don’t. But there is no need to be rude.

  10. Anononon


    If I can chose to believe whatever I want than I chose to believe that there is no god and that it is my duty to tell you that.

    God is what people use to make theme selves feel better about how little control an individual has in their life.

    It should not be on Atheists to prove that their is no god, lets see some indisputable evidence that there is a god. And no the bible doesn’t count it’s like all those other books “based on actual events” the writers took liberties.

  11. A Dude

    Okay, children please, I don’t mean to start a religious discussion here, BUT, there is indisputable evidence on both sides of the fence…especially if you ignore Christianity and go with Judaism. So lets all calm our feathers and go on gawking in amazement at these works of wonder made in the 16th century!

  12. vandalla

    If you believe that there is no God, then for your sake I hope you are right. As for me I will pray for you and all non-believers to see the light.

  13. BillinDetroit

    I don’t think “Anononon” has clue one about the impact of God on humans. Nor do I think that he realizes that atheism is not a belief system … it excludes the concept of a conclusion based on faith. Atheism relies on hard evidence and he provides none. Nor can he.

    I have to wonder what HE uses to make himself feel better about how little control he has in his life? He’s in a march against the clock … at death, it’s all over for him. Every minute spent surfing online is a minute taken from his puny legacy which will, in a generation or two, be all but forgotten in any case. Quick, name Todd Lincoln’s oldest child. Probably you’ll have to DAGS to determine if one even existed.

    I don’t buy the Muslim approach to God … but atheism makes even less sense to me.

    I can not look around me and regard this unique proposition in the universe as simply a ‘fluke’ that somehow violated the natural laws preventing life anywhere else in the immediate neighborhood (the nearest 20 light years, for instance) and it is difficult for me to embrace the idea that my life has no enduring meaning. But, if it ends at death, that is exactly correct. Moreover, I think that a belief in God imposes a sense of accountability that results in a far more sane world than otherwise would obtain. Yeah, false religion causes a lot of grief … but that is exactly what marks it as false. Think about that the next time your local religious leader urges you to take up arms against fellow human beings. The light that goes off in your head should be flashing bright red.

    One thing I like about photos like this is that it makes us rethink our ideas about the relative sophistication of earlier ages. It takes some pretty good engineering to build structures like this … they face high winds and they actually invite attacks. Notice the defensive wall around it. That wall won’t stop and M1 Abrams, but it would sure slow down a guy on a camel.

    There is a video at that is well worth viewing because it shows how the pyramids of Egypt might have been erected by a relatively small work force using simple technology that was definitely available to them. No spaceships, no levitation, no hoo-doo of any sort.

    Ur, the ancient home of Abraham, had running water and indoor plumbing. Evaporative cooling was not unknown. Apparently there was also knowledge of batteries and that presumes that there was some use for them. Lighting? Medicine? Hydrogen fuels? Shock nightcrawlers to the surface? Who knows … the batteries survived but the devices / instructions haven’t been found (yet).

    Anononon speaks from ignorance. I speak from experience. Religion is not a way to cope with a loss of control, it is a way to gain it. Before embracing religion I had as much control in this life as he does. Now I have more.

  14. SYRIUS

    Dang people just look at the picture religion has no effect on whether the picture is cool or not starting arguments really show maturity and help you get your point across much clearer than a sit down calm talk

  15. mgwalk

    I like the buildings btw!

  16. wtf mate?

    cool pictures….think they have like a little Wawa, or 7-Eleven store in there somewhere. I mean what in the world would they do without one?

    They look close enough to jump from one building to the next, that would be so awesome. I might just do it if I was there. Why you may ask? Well I will tell you why. Because if I jumped all the buildings and made it, I would definitely be cool. If I failed I would finally put an end to this argument, but the secret would be mine for the keeping. As for you silly people arguing over something that has caused so many pointless wars, why don’t you just make another one……stupid stupid people will we ever learn from our past mistakes…

    THE PICTURE IS AWESOMEEEEEE, the story is cool, and damn I wish I had a house made out of sand because then it wouldn’t cost me so much to buy one.


  17. Sebass

    If there is a god, may he strike the internet DEAD!

  18. Mandy

    Quoted from above:


    If I can chose to believe whatever I want then I chose to believe that there is no god and that it is my duty to tell you that.”

    Oh the irony! LOL.

  19. Bob McKay

    Besides….With Atheism you get no religious holidays….have fun

  20. MC

    Instead of arguing whether or not God exists, lets just all appreciate the beauty, and incredible fortitude it took to build this city. Maybe we all should stop arguing, and start learning, imagine the wonders that we could achieve! God Bless each and every one of you.

  21. Konner

    Agreed with MC there is no point to start a religious fight over a set of beautiful pictures that has nothing to even do with God really. enjoy the pictures and stumble on your ways….unless you like those pictures then keep looking in awe like i am. CALM DOWN and have a good 4th of july ;)

  22. Mar


  23. paresh


  24. verynice

    Shouldn’t Manhattan be called the Shibam of the urban desert and not other way around?

  25. Alabaster Xnight

    I do find this interesting, and while I find theological debate odd in this medium, and notice the tea pot between here and Mars is mentioned and not the pink invisible unicorn.

    Stand on the shoulders of those more original than you, because despite your self-important patter.

    Faith is a matter not of proof (reason is just a matter of mental force conforming to certain rules ie formalized mental violence), and only small dicked individuals are threatened by people believing differently than themselves. (That goes for the female of our species, as having a small dick isn’t good for anyone)

  26. Pelagius

    BillInDetroit appears to have swallowed the con that is religion hook line and sinker.

    Guess what Bill? Nobody knows what happens after death. You could be living your entire life for a lie. You aren’t ever going to know until it’s too late…

    Pictures are good, btw.

  27. Happy Atheist

    Hey BillinDetroit. Just because you can’t cope with the fact there is no life after death doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t.

    Oh, and atheism doesn’t rely on hard evidence but on the absence of it for religious peoples’ bizarre beliefs.

    Great photos by the way…!

  28. God

    I wish you guys would leave me out of this. You nonbelievers sure do spend a lot of time arguing over religion.

    Who is more childish, the child or one who argues with a child?

  29. str4nger

    “If I can chose to believe whatever I want than I chose to believe that there is no god and that it is my duty to tell you that.”

    You don’t have to be a jerk about it like Dawkins.

  30. Rich

    It was “Anonymous” who came on and spouted his religious bullshit like it was fact that started this off. Keep all that jibberish for sunday and between yourselves.

  31. Joshua

    It was “Anonymous” who came on and spouted his religious bullshit like it was fact that started this off. Keep all that jibberish for sunday and between yourselves.

    What difference does it make, Rich? If someone says something they believe why must you condescend them? Why is belief in God such an insult to atheist?

    “Don’t mention God in my presence! I’m an intellectual one. I dare such people have an opinion of their own.”

    Most atheist are so sure of themselves it could be mistaken for dogma. Speaking of childish behavior, the only ones I see cursing on here are atheists. Is that really the most effective way to make your point, guys?

  32. Cedric

    Hello all. Nice pictures !

    About God, I’d like to say that I’m French and I’m an atheist, even if I’m a christian, I just don’t believe.

    However, I really like mythical stories like in the Bible or in ancient Greece. IMHO it’s purely fiction but the fans got a bit carried away. ;-)

  33. Joshua

    Thanks for being respectable, Cedric. And not even one curse word either. I love being wrong about people.

    Wait… you’re a Christian and an atheist? That’s new to me. But nothing really surprises me anymore.

  34. Rich

    Well Joshua the point is he was spouting his bible story as historical fact. You can say what you believe all you want in my presence. I just find the presentation of a mythical story as historical fact as distasteful and short sighted.

    Again not the belief in God that is the insult its the presentation of his beliefs as fact.

    Thats the point you’re mssing

  35. goldman

    when people with religion state opinion as fact:

    “This is in the Ahqaf area, but God wiped them off and all traces of their existence when they disobeyed the prophet that was sent to them and asked the prophet Ad (peace be upon him) to bring forth the punnishment of God on them for not believing in God.”

    it just annoys atheists and they need to speak up. My opinion is (rather than me saying ‘the fact is’) that Religion is a vice, a way of feeling better about yourselves. As intelligence increases so does the likelyhood of being athesist. Look it up.

    Me, personally, i’m Agnostic – I still believe there’s a supreme power out there, but all of the religions have it seriously wrong.

    I think i’m just in denial that there isn’t anything. I’m starting to lean towards becoming Atheist.

  36. goldman

    And GREAT pictures, by the way.

  37. al

    Wow, so much passion! The thing I find so funny is that this post (in a nutshell) is the reason why we haven’t figured out why were floating around on a rock in the middle of nothing! If people could for a second stop arguing about whose suposed God is real, we might find some really cool things out, like WTF are we all doing here! It doesn’t matter who put us here or how we evolved from gas and lightning (no joke people, do your research). If we stop spending money on M1 Abrams’, Oil Sands, Angelina Jolie, and 50 Cent, we might actually live l;ong enough(as a species) to figure some of it out.

  38. al

    Sorry, just a quick one. Does anyone else find it awesome that the holy site of Mecca, visited by countless numbers, contains the Kabaa, or holy black stone, which is actually a meteorite?!? I’m telling you, i’m going to start the Church of the Telescope. Time for some answers instead of meaningless rhetoric.

  39. William blake

    Why are you talking about god at all? This is a website depicting some interesting buildings with a unique history. Get over yourselves.

  40. Seriously.

    They are fantastic buildings. Absolutely incredible.

    Anonymous was simply telling a story of the area. That whole region of the world is steeped in religious “history.”

    There is nothing wrong with being an atheist at all. Absolutely nothing. While I subscribe to a different set of beliefs there is nothing wrong with yours. However the fact remains that a lot of the generally accepted history for that region is what is listed in several religious texts. Not just the Bible, the Torah and the Koran but also the Gilgamesh text. It’s actually quite fascinating.

    In any case none of that is what this thread is about.

    Those are some kick-ass buildings.


  41. me.

    I’m with William Blake.

  42. CryptSphin

    Astounding buildings, given their age.

    Despite the fact that
    they appear aesthetically simplistic I imagine they’re akin to architectural pornography.

  43. weelibin

    i completley agree with cryptsphin(- the x?)
    absolutley incredible

  44. God

    Stop this blasphemy!


    Ya’ll are stupid. Some one call Tom Cruise to moderate this battle of god vs no god just to make it even more pointless to discuss. Nice pics btw

  46. XTIAAN

    I love fairy tales and the bible is one of the best. I honestly envy people who can believe stuff like that just to make themselves feel better about dying.

    Im fine with death, its just the people Ive lost along the way that i could use a toothfairy or god to make me feel better about loosing them

    how many shopping days left till xmas btw?, he KNOWS if youve been naughty or nice,
    hey that sounds just like god doesnt it…

  47. XTIAAN

    and Im so getting an apartment here, Im thinking the chances are as good as something rent controlled in new york. Beautiful, these are skyscrapers that are still HUMAN.
    if only i had a deity on my side who could perform lease and rent miracles…

  48. yuqing china

    WOW, this really makes people surprised at the culture, I liked it,
    It coordinates the Google earth in this: 15 ° 55’36 .22 “N48 ° 37’34 .64” E

  49. Seed of the Earth

    The universe is vast and filled with many wonders. As we are on the outer rim of the expanding universe there are certainly older and probably more advanced life forms towards the center but that doesn’t mean they are gods. When we create AI’s or even biological life forms (however rudimentary) do we consider ourselves gods? Would we demand that they fight and die for us? Would we consider ourselves responsible for giving them new life after they expire?

  50. Gaspar

    I love this photograph. Why are the buildings in varied shades? Is that the color of aged mud bricks? Are there any close up shots or more detailed information on this city?

  51. Cindy

    Great pictures! Awesome buildings… but sorry, I want to just say something:

    I think anyone can say whatever they want, as long as they aren’t condescending (like a lot of people up there) or looking down at people with differing opinions.

    Everyone’s entitled to their own belief system, their own opinions, and to talk to others with other beliefs with such disregard to respect and a sense of superiority is just disgusting. I suggest that even if you are atheist and don’t believe in anything, respect the fact that many people aren’t.

    Most atheists hate it when Christians try to convert them, but isn’t this what atheists always do? They always try to force their beliefs on Christians and people of other religions, making it seem like it’s their duty to tell all people who have a belief to tell them that it’s not true.

    All I really want to say it, RESPECT everyone around you, keep it clean, polite, and remember everyone can have their own opinion.

  52. Ta Mere

    If you want to comment on god go to (they accept donations too).
    Taht city is amazing, props to the people of Hadramawt, Yemen


  53. Atlantis

    If god exists it has to be proven by repeatable observation, that is the way scientific fact becomes fact. It is a fact that god does not exist, there is many observations to verify this, therefore it the burden of believers/scientist to discredit this fact, if it possible to do so, by a repeatable observation.
    Much like “Colleenmike” stated you can believe that a teapot circles the earth but that doesn’t make it true, in other words you would have to observe it and be able to prove it to others.

  54. Tiago

    Get over it dudes, some believe there is a god some don’t. Get over it. When we all die we’ll see who’s right. In the meantime why not just appreciate these wonderful pictures?

  55. Anonymous


  56. hozr

    Everyone has the right to believe whatever they are compelled to believe. NO ONE has the right to belittle or attack ANYONE else in any fashion. You want proof of the existence of the divine? Fine. This work for both my wife (a rampaging atheist prior) and I.

    The day our first daughter was born the surgical nurse place the wiggling little ball of bloody goo in my arms wrapped in a blanket. My baby stopped crying INSTANTLY and looked at me. She blinked twice and promptly stuck her tongue out at me.

    There. See? BTW I am not joking on any account. The events happened and it really did prompt a spark of faith in both my wife and I. Proof that the divine exists. Just exactly what deity that is I can not say. For me and mine faith is personal and religion is a sin.

    Stop fighting about belief. A beneficent creator would be outraged. A maleficent one wouldn’t care either way.

  57. cthulhu

    hozr said, “Everyone has the right to believe whatever they are compelled to believe. NO ONE has the right to belittle or attack ANYONE else in any fashion.”

    But, aren’t you attacking those who belittle and attack others, and telling them they have no right to believe they must do so? But you just said you didn’t have the right to do that!


  58. bob the mob

    Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded. God doesn’t exist, and you’re stupid for arguing one way or the other.

  59. Sara

    I am in love with these pictures. I live in NYC, so I can almost imagine what it’s like to live in such a crowded environment. However, the buildings of Shibam convey a beautiful, calm feeling as opposed to the hectic Manhattan building design.

  60. Lector

    All hail Aten the one true god, or however you call the presence, be it Jehovah or Allah or numerous others they are all the same.

    Do not try to look upon the presence as your eyes will be blinded by the light.

    But you must believe as it flies above us each day of east to west, it never fails. It brings our light, our warmth, our food. It chases the evil nasty things that lurk in the dark away to their hide-e-holes where they cower in it’s glory.

    This is our God, never forget and have faith that tomorrow he will shine on us again.

  61. Willis

    This is why these “comment” things shouldn’t even exist. You aren’t even talking about the picture! You’re arguing with strangers a few words at a time! All of you, get a life!

  62. friedlinx

    Mar is right…photoshopped…u can tell. So is god.

  63. LadyM

    Willis, thank you.

    People, try to understand that there are appropriate places for every discussion, specifically somewhere where the rest of us don’t have to look at you wasting your lives comment by comment. It really screws up our viewing pleasure to see WW3 breaking out on what should be a perfectly innocuous comment page. Just because someone says something stupid or ignorant or obnoxious doesn’t mean you have to jump in and set them right.

    Arguing on the internet is an exercise in futility. You achieve nothing, win nothing, convince nobody, convert nobody, make no day or person brighter or better. You just offend and annoy, no matter how valid or articulate your argument is, because even at best all you do is encourage the vitriolic crazies. Go paint a picture, talk to your family, alphabetize your CD collection, ANYTHING. Or leave a comment on that nice interesting picture up there like a decent polite human being.

  64. Jesus

    What’s that rule about the longer a debate goes on, the more likely someone is to make a Hitler comparison?

    Well, there should be a similar rule for the longer a thread is, the more likely it will disintergrate into 1) ill-informed religious debate (on both sides) 2) which is better, Xbox or PlayStation or 3) whether or not it was Photoshopped, in descending order of importance, ie. when someone said the pics where ‘shopped, no one bother to answer, because they were debating whether or not god exists.

    But this city should be a level in a PS3 game, not XBox 360, because the M$ piece of $4!+ wouldn’t be able to handle such awesomeness!

  65. lovejahlive

    Obviously Photoshopped!

  66. fai4u

    pple who dnt belive in god, can u ask yourslf a qustion. where is your great grand father. hope there no longr exist…? but where r there now…? if u can ansr this then its means u right no god… if u cant then try force yourslf to beliv in god..u may say in the grave, if its there thn cn u dig n take him
    o yep regarding christianty.. i dont thnks so its name or there is god behain it,its just human beliv, n human made there own rules.. yep there was ture christianty when jesus was there on earth,but now it have been changed, to suit better human live.
    eg. if i thnkg tea is good for me, thn i take if nt thn dont..thats hw christianty hv been changed frm pass years… i was ture christian beliv 8yrs ago…?

  67. anon

    god doesn’t exist. i know ’cause a voice told me.

  68. shawn

    they really are nice pics.

  69. Hooray4Jesus

    I don’t believe these buildings exist.

  70. David

    This is photoshopped.
    And it was totally Zeus that FSU. He was all pissed as usual and had to take it out on some unsuspecting sky scrapers.

  71. Egbert Cheeseman

    Rod, Tod… This is God. Walk through the wall. I will remove it for you…later.

  72. Dennis Poulsen

    These people were God’s Children. God’s
    children built this city. This I know
    to be true. I wish they could speak from
    the dust so they could have a voice on the

  73. Dennis Poulsen

    Merry Christmas

  74. Someone

    Pretty cool pictures, the 3rd one looks like if it was a model but that just makes it the more interesting on how they made the most of the space they had.

  75. god

    i don’t question your existence!

  76. Jesus

    Leave me pops out of this… should of never have told Gore to make the internet…

    See You All Soon,

  77. gojeebi

    we come from cheese and end up as cheese… its not that complicated, peepal! Sheeze…

  78. vraiment

    I find the bible has been translated so many times that how can we trust these are more than stories anymore, Written by man…not god himself. The book of Judas is not included, nor the book of Mary. So an incomplete book of stories. Believe what you want, just be educated in your beliefs. Faith is very different than proof and once the stories of the bible can be proven…then will I consider it. The stories are interesting and guide us to live with decent social laws. Nothing more at this point. Awesome pics and a good story to go with them.

  79. june

    the Pictures are amazing!!!! FYI: all your religious christian holidays are all stolen from the pagans!!! x-mas was the birth of the sun (big glowing ball out side that warms our earth) 10,000 yrs before Christianity ever existed! Easter is a fertility holiday hence the eggs and bunnies. Easter is named after the fertility goddess from Germany named Ester.

  80. gmk

    To all of the atheists and non-believers who are so brilliant and omniscient please answer the following:

    When you look up into the sky, into the universe, tell me where does the universe end.

    If you say it has no end, then how do you explain that phenomenon .

  81. Kaii

    Shut up about religion. : / These are comments on pictures.

  82. Joe

    What ego centric little creatures mankind is to think themselves blessed to an eternity of existence. Each person who has ever lived, lived in their time. Just as we live in our time.
    All peoples look back and revel in what has come before. Personally I look forward and see us at being close to a good starting point. We know enough about science to understand what we know and what we don’t know. We realize we know just a little, and what we don’t know is immense.
    Medicine has gotten to the point where most things that used to kill us off, no longer are of concern. Science is moving ahead everyday helping us to understand. To light the darkness we have energy. To water all living things we have water. We move massive amounts of food from one point to another to feed all. We have networked the planet and are able to see most anywhere we choose to look. If a friend lives on the other side of the globe they are but a phone call or an email away. In a few short years we will be able to always hace our friends with us.
    We see governments merging together in commerce and societies blending north with south, east with west. In a few hundred years we will begin to take on a unified appearance. We need this to happen for it will allow the best of us to be every where.
    If we are able to get beyond the falsehoods of politics, religion and superstition then we should be able to survive peacefully for many thousands of years.
    We have stepped out of the past and moved ourselves forward to the point where we may have a chance for a good beginning.
    The rules we’ve made up as we’ve gone along are okay. They have taught us how to live together in small groups. Now they need to be adapted to work for the entire species all over the world.
    Just like the people in these first home towers adapted to live with the world around them. We too need to adapt to live in the world we have made.

  83. Stevey P

    only read about half these comments before getting riled enough to comment, im not religious, im not an athiest, im not a spiritualist either, i just think live until you die, then find out what happens.

    id just like to say whether you believe in god or not you can read any holy book to find many many historically true stories, these books are not only about spouting religious teachings and ways of life but also happen to be books of historical documentation to a certain degree, if you look at ancient history such as ancient sumerian and assyrian and babylonian, most of which date past most religious books and beliefs, you will find stories that occur in the bible and what not, maybe with slight differences in the main characters or slightly different interpretations but if you take these stories together read them both you can see the almost exact story lines being played and it will even help towards realizing that a hell of a lot of religions either arise from the same areas are of the same origin and have been slowly misinterpreted as being different devising them into seperate religions, (for instance jesus’s life and upbringing into adulthood is fairly similar to that of a Buddhist Dalli lama.) or even that these same events and stories crop up over and over again in different parts of the world ranging from south americas to middle east, africa and then asia even aboriginals and random tribes on islands in the middle of nowhere have written and drawn stories that emerge in other mainstream holy books, this could mean maybe these events were not happening just by the hand of one person? maybe the teaching of religion was being done by many beings, could be angels or paladians whatever suits your sense of logic, im stopping there cos i need a piss, tugs n hugs all

  84. Neitzsche is Dead-

    -The absolute denial of the absolute…-

  85. Eli

    people tend to think that absolute faith in something is good.
    but when you take out all logic and blindly beleive in something without evidence its called Fanatacism

  86. Satan

    Cool pictures, I like this place

  87. Stevo

    God vs. No God vs. Who Has the Better God

    Too many people have died already.

    Do you think that is what God wants?

  88. Joe

    God IS real. I am an atheist, but consider this point folks. What is “real”? What does “exist” mean? If one person believes in it, doesn’t that make it real? How many people have to believe in something for it to exist? 1, 10, 100, 100, 1 billion? IMO, we server ourselves and our respective interests better when we look for the similarities between all of us and not the differences. I hope my opinion helps someone.

  89. Joe

    PS…I’ve been searching for the proof of the existence of love and I cannot find it, but I still beleive in it :-)

  90. Other

    I find it interesting that someone who is religious (i.e. Anonymous) can say stuff like, “and God killed them because they didn’t believe in him” but immediately after an atheist says god does not exist, the religious go, “why are you attacking my beliefs? why do you have to push your atheism on me? Why are you so mean?”

    hmmm… and the tables have turned. Maybe for the first time in a couple thousand years the atheists can have a word in? It’s kinda like reverse racism- its a joke when the dominant people in society try to become the victims.

    Religious conversation- continue.
    Fellow atheists- keep up the good work.

  91. onthefence

    i have noticed that atheists are the most angry touchy
    ones out there & they get even more toychy the more you poke at how they beleve the universe works the wheel spins both ways get of your high horses no one is special

  92. JesusSaves!!!

    Just think about it for a second, do any of you have children?And think about how they are made? from sperm and an egg! and then when they come out a human being. How a women can give birth! It is a miracle.
    This planet we live on is made for us! Perfect with everything we need to survive! Water, oxygen, etc.
    Do you really think there was an explosion and all the sudden we were here?
    I am not forcing anything on anyone, but just think about it ,look around you this is not coincident.

    And to comment on What MR said “they made him up so you would feel better about dying” Well let me tell you this those people were alive when they wrote the bible, so what makes you think that they would know to make something up, THEY WERE STILL ALIVE JUST LIKE YOU!

  93. SUZA

    Hm apart from the pictures are nice, the place is too probably the technology was wonderful for the age – this God milarky … Do you who disbelieve believe that Einstein both existed and was a fantastic visionary/engineer/scientist etc ? Do you believe that he opened up so many doors to today’s knowledge banks it was unreal? Probably yes is the answer.
    Then do you understand the idea behind his answers in a famous lecture when he was just a student? to follow
    Does darkness exist……?
    No, only the absence of light.
    Does cold exist?
    No, only the absence of heat.
    Does atheism exist?
    No, only the absence of faith/God……
    Get the drift – If there is no God why do you get so wound up about it? YOu should be plodding along think ‘ho hum, suckers’ but no, ‘atheists’ spend their entire life trying to prove that love doesn’t exist…. YOu can’t touch it, see it, eat it, buy it etc but it’s there. If God is love and love is there then by definition God exists and atheism is a ‘belief’ of the absence of God/love and if you truely feel that way then I feel sorry for you!!

  94. anti follower

    No, I don’t believe. No, I don’t think god is love. If as you put words in our mouth (because none of us ever said god was love) then we’ll put some in yours.

    if god is hate and hate is there then by definition god is satan and ateism is a belief of the absence of god/hate and if we (truly) feel this way then we don’t feel sorry for you.

    the following is an Einstein quote in a letter to Eric Gutkind
    “The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this.”

    Einstein was showing simply that nothing exists, if asked- does god exist? He would surely have said- “No, only the absence of science.”

    enjoy. . .

  95. LR

    Goddammit people, knock it off. The page title is “World’s Oldest Skyscrapers”, not “Stupid, Pointless Metaphysical Debate.” Every last one of you sounds like a real asshole, and as a professional asshole I would know.

  96. Junnie

    I’m at work, and I seriously lol’d so much after reading all these comments.

  97. Lance Calkins

    I love the architecture. They were creative people who made something beautiful. I believe that man was created in God’s image. That man and this world is amazing. I am thankful for that and thank God for his goodness. I don’t understand how people can assume there is no God. The above comments prove we all have a choice as to what to believe. It seems this would be a very important decision that should take some thought. Maybe the problem is there is a cost to believe. Like if God is real then I will have to quit my sinning so I would rather believe there is no God so I don’t have to be morally accountable to anyone. People can get really ugly and hateful when you tell them they have sin in their life. Any way if God is real then it is more than worth the cost. I do not believe any one has to prove God is real. God is big enough to prove himself to anyone that is sincere in wanting to know.

  98. Chris

    I find all of this discussion interesting. I shared this page with my best friend. We used to have theological debates. She’s a believer, I’m a non-believer. But we haven’t talked much lately about religion because our political debates have been heating up. (No, I’m not trying to change the subject.) Sometimes we get “too in to it” and really upset at each other and fight. She’s more conservative (as you may have suspected) and I’m more liberal.

    Anyways, I have found all your points (even the ones I don’t agree with) valid. Everybody is right (in their own mind) and there will never be an agreement until something happens (or continues not to happen). And just because someone does not believe, doesn’t make them immoral or have no values. And just because someone does believe, doesn’t make them holy and perfect. There are probably more hypocrites in organized religions than there are anywhere else (besides politics).

    Which brings me back to my original point which is it’s become harder and harder to discuss religion and politics with my best friend without getting bent out of shape. It’s always been said that these are two subjects that people can have very strong opinions about. It’s probably best to just let it go. (So why then am I continuing the discussion?!?! LOL)

    I guess I just had to put in my two cents worth and a whole lot of typing. The reason I’m here is by chance and a couple of clicks. I was sharing with my best friend whether she could see this as a “sign” as we were just discussing only moments ago about the nature of signs (being from God) or merely pure coincidence. I think you can guess which sides we took on that issue. ;-)

    Everybody try to enjoy your time in this life. Whether or not there is an afterlife of some sort, or our energy simply changes form when we die and goes back into the universe somehow, we might as well try to get along somehow. (Unfortunately, we never seem to learn from history, and we continue the cycle of mistakes… wars over religion, greed, power, etc. I do hope we can change and evolve and move towards peace. If not, we’ll end up wiping ourselves out of existence, and the cockroaches will end up ruling the planet.)

    And the pictures are cool, by the way. ;-)

  99. Michael

    Well, I believe and thats all that matters……….If he does not exist, then it wont make a difference, because once I am dead, I wont know the difference. But it brings peace to my soul to pray to him and that makes all the difference to me……

    Oh and by the way…….what a cool city….very cool.

  100. bobo

    Get over religion, existentialism is where it’s at.

  101. JEff

    Atheists don’t try to convert religious people, we try to get them to shut up with the religious stuff. You can’t go to a blog anymore with out the religionists babbling about their psychosis…even here someone had to cram “god” into the thread. Keep that stuff to yourself and you won’t hear a peep out of atheists. Or is that too complex for the religious brain to comprehend?

    Great photos.

  102. Someguy

    All of this arguing because the original poster of the story didn’t say “The story is told …” or “It is written in … “.

    Oh and folks who want to demonstrate their intellect, do try to figure out which ancient text the story comes from. I thinking it is NOT the bible. Another one comes to mind from the words of poster that mentioned the old story. It is also the case the story appears in other (non holy) texts. But then any such discussion would require knowledge of ancient literature and history of religion which is obviously not being demonstrated on this thread.

    Oh and to the last poster, JEff; who appointed you spokesperson for all atheists? Do you use ESP to figure out what all of them think or would do? I’m thinking your intellectual naïveté and prejudice is showing.

    Now hopefully back to the beauty of creation.

  103. Fred

    If you genuinely want to know if there is a God, why don’t you just ask him?

  104. GunGuy

    Funny, tall buildings equates to if there is a God or not….

    Bathroom graffiti is art for art sake, not for profit.

    Go ahead, discuss.

    Or, get a life.

  105. Catherine Broughton

    This made for hilarious reading ! One or two people made the only appropriate comments : the discussion should be about the amazing photos, not about G/god. And equally importantly – don’t be rude. There is no need to be rude – ever.
    But I love the pictures.

  106. kakaayteakaay

    There always seem to be on religious person in ever internet theological debate that texts like this:

    “How cn u say theeirs no god? Ur goin 2 hell! I red tha bible, i noe he’s real!”

    Stupid people are so quick to believe whatever is hand fed to them. If I taught my sons that there was a purple elephant in the circus in the sky and we had to do a ceremonial peanut dance and always wear scuba is gear to make him happy; so we can get into the circus when we die they would believe me. Religion

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