Eyes Street Art

Eyes Street Art

Fun and memorable street art by talented German artist Timm Schneider.

Large cartoon eyes transform everyday objects into unique characters.

Eyes Art

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Timm Schneider Street Art

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Eye Street Art

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  1. Niyari

    cute though a bit paranoia inducing.

  2. Mon Sun C

    Adds a bit of life to the most mundane objects. I wonder if the eyes move, now that would be scary.

  3. acews


  4. Maria

    This reminds me on the Pet-Pets of the Austrian Artist Regina Lustig:


    She made 50 cute Animals using caps of PET-Bottles. :-)

  5. MasterOche

    Love the Cookie Monster bin.

  6. Aerwhyn

    Great idea. Especially to scare drunk people at night.

    Also: Toilet picture; is that a hand in the background?

  7. Sophia

    can’t believe they wasted that tasty looking chocolate cookie just after one bite in that last picture :( apart from that, love the idea, simple but adds a refreshing dimension

  8. Gonzo

    Well I feel inspired!

  9. Art of Concept

    Some are pretty cool! It’s art!

  10. Nani

    <3 <3 Cookie Monster <3 <3

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