Write a Bike

Write a Bike

Swiss designer Juri Zaech imagines a future where people have creative one-of-a-kind bicycles with personalized bike frames.

With the rapid advancement of 3D printing technology, the creation of unique bicycle frames will soon become easier and more affordable.

Just imagine having a bicycle with a frame that spells out your name.

Typography Bike

Juri Zaech

Typography Bicycle

Typography Bicycles

Typography Bikes

Write a Bike by Juri Zaech

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  1. Kevin

    Nice idea!

    This will discourage bicycle thieves from stealing the bike…

    …unless they have the same name. :)

  2. Pavel

    Bicycle “Matilda” is very dangerous :)

  3. paul

    can someone explain to me how bicycle “friday” is gonna work out

  4. Max

    Ok now add the chain, the peddles, a lock and the wires for the lighting and the brakes and show me if this still looks good.

    Also why are women the targeted audience? I’m sure a lot of guys want a bike spelling their name too but they don’t want to ride a woman’s bike.

  5. Gert

    So Elton is a girl’s name now? Good to know Max. lol

  6. Siggy

    None of these bikes work. It is art. Also, the Friday and Elton bikes have the bar to be considered men’s bikes.

  7. Jimbo

    Art is Art. Creative ideas with no practicalty, or in this case reality. cute though.

  8. Libeerian

    That’s really creative. Let me try:


    Wow! Now I’M creative!

  9. beruz

    too & too cute…

  10. Karen

    This looks adorable! If I could have one, I would.

  11. bananaman

    I agree with Siggy. This isn’t meant to be fully practical yet, obviously no ones gonna be able to ride a bike like this. It’s just a concept, don’t get too critical about it.

  12. Enrico Martinez

    I wonder if there’s a bike for Dyslexic people.

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