World’s Longest Skyscraper

Worlds Longest Skyscraper

Proposed U-shaped building will become the longest skyscraper in the world.

The Big Bend skyscraper in Manhattan, New York designed by Oiio studio.

Worlds Longest Building

U Skyscraper

U Shaped Building

Oiio The Big Bend

U Shaped Skyscraper


Oiio Skyscraper

The Big Bend

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  1. Swiper Fox

    It works only in paper & movies; otherwise, typhoons & earthquake will make a short work of it.

  2. Critical Eye

    Looks a little thin, but certainly a fun design.

  3. tg

    This is in NYC, there are no typhoons here. Also, I am sure that the architectural firm will take into account any environmental loads on the structure

  4. tim

    this project is no longer happening, per state of new york.

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