Ancient LEGO Walls

LEGO Walls

Jan Vormann went around Bocchignano, Italy, a village close to Rome, and filled some parts of ancient walls with LEGO bricks. This work is a part of the group project titled “20 Eventi”.

The group of artists developed projects for 4 villages of the Sabina region and decided to create a compilation of drawings, for collectors to purchase, and to support this project.

Ancient LEGO Walls 2

Ancient LEGO Walls 3

Ancient LEGO Walls 4

Ancient LEGO Walls 5

Ancient LEGO Walls

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  1. Fred

    More Lego art, awesome!

  2. hex

    Cool? I don’t entirely see the point of that, but it’s an interesting project.

  3. pief

    Awesome! Very clever, interesting and beautiful.

  4. asskicknchicken

    Original idea.. Nice

  5. rosita

    Nice, but if it strengthen the walls the idea is a good one.

  6. Daniel

    that is so kool
    i ♥ legos for life
    i agree with mademoiselle rosita

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