Creative Products for your Kitchen

Creative Products for your Kitchen

Collection of useful gadgets, products, tools and inventions that will make a great addition to any modern kitchen.

Wine Pourer

Stylish wine pourer, designed by Rochelle Wellhausen, allows you to pour wine without spills.

Wine Pourer

Upside Down Bottle Holder

Keep a bottle of ketchup, salad dressing or sauce in this inverted bottle holder and the contents will be ready to dispense instantly. [buy]

Upside Down Bottle Holder

Mozzarella Slicer

This useful tool swiftly cuts any soft cheese into uniform slices.

Mozzarella Slicer

Citrus Juicer

Extracts juice from lemons or limes and leaves the seeds behind.

Citrus Juicer

Bull Bottle Opener

This proud little bull can open any bottle in your kitchen.

Bull Bottle Opener

Produce Washing Net

Clean fruits and vegetables in less time. Simply hang this mesh net over your faucet while you rinse your fruits and veggies.

Produce Washing Net

Ceramic Egg Box

Stylish ceramic egg holder will look great in any modern kitchen.

Ceramic Egg Box

Banana Holder

It is time to forget boring fruit bowls. If you are looking for something unique, then you will be thrilled with this banana holder.

Banana Holder

Olive and Cherry Pitter

Pitting olives and cherries so the fruit remains whole is easy with this time saving tool. [buy]

Olive and Cherry Pitter

Bottle Handle

Liter bottle handle turns plastic bottles into easy-pouring containers.

Bottle Handle

Apple Corer

Coring apples is easy with this ergonomically designed tool.

Apple Corer

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  1. eliza

    awesome… very convenience :)

  2. Dallas

    The cherry pitter one is awesome :)

  3. Alec

    they all look amazing. i love wine pourer especially

  4. Rindane

    Apple corer is great.

  5. Vanessa

    Apple corer is a fantastic idea, and only $10 for that product? What a great deal.

  6. charnchai lersbantornkul

    Love all of them

  7. Utsi

    Love……… Apple Corer most :)

  8. Aarti Harish

    Loved all of them…!!!

  9. Tyron Bache

    I just love how most of these solve everyday problems simply.

  10. kathy

    Yeah nice but do we really need these products??? O.k, the cherry pitter is very handy but there are some things we can definitely do without. They shouldn’t be considered as everyday problems because it really isn’t a problem to begin with. It’s just another way for companies to sell you stuff you think you need.
    Arn’t we all supposed to be actively looking after our natural resources and think about sustainability to reduce the effects of global warming people???????
    The energy & resources used to make these products is not WORTH IT!!!!!
    I think picking up a 1ltr bottle the old fashion way REALLY won’t be that much of a pain in the ass!! I think we are becoming a very lazy society and the Earth is suffering the consequences.

  11. Rizwan

    Nice :) specially the Apple Corer is cooool..

  12. Pete

    Did I miss something obvious about the wine pourer? Seems like you’d have to position it at the edge of a table to use it when the wine bottle is anything but full. Fiddling with that at the edge of a table/counter seems *more* prone to spills. If you’re supposed to hold it by the slats at the far end, I have no idea how it’s supposed to keep wine from spilling.

    Produce washing net: Waste. It’ll hardly hold on, and washing your produce under a fixed stream without having your hands in it to ensure everything gets washed is just a waste of time.

    Egg holder: if you keep eggs around long enough to bother transplanting them to a separate holder, your stomach is stronger than mine.

    Banana holder: Interesting. Wonder if the bananas tend to flop over?

    Many of the others are variations on tried and true. Not essential, but can be useful. When I got my first apartment, I bought a ton of kitchen gadgets. Very few have survived the test of time, utility and need :)

  13. Gem

    I agree with kathy. A waste of resources on teh whole (although the bull bottle opener is cute on a novelty level) the mozzarella slicer? Use a knife ffs! And don’t even get me started on the wine pourer…

  14. Tony

    @ Katy / Gem

    Couldn’t agere more.
    Upside down bottle holder?
    FFS like!

  15. MG151

    @ Katy / Gem

    isn’t this a design site? OK, some of them are silly, but this site is about new ideas and design, if we stopped thinking up new ideas just because we were afraid to use some resources we wouldn’t get anywhere. just because it isn’t a green design that’s going to save the world doesn’t make it a bad design.

  16. Critical Eye

    Many of these products are examples of “design for the sake of design”, and aren’t very well thought out. Ex: The banana holder looks need, but the pressure it exerts on the part of fruit it contact will cause a bruise.

  17. Kenny Glenn

    i want the apple corer!

  18. may

    I am ordering them all gotta have them.

  19. timmay

    there all amazing, i really would get the cherry pitter first cause i eat cherries alot in the summer.

  20. Chad

    Wine Pourer – “Allows you to pour wine without spills” Yeah right . . . looks like the bottle would slide out of the slots when tipped. Also, would have to use near the edge of a table to be able to pour into the glass.

    Upside Down Bottle Holder – Useless.

    Mozzarella Slicer – Nice, if you serve a lot of soft cheese.

    Citrus Juicer – Is this new?

    Bull Bottle Opener – Like.

    Banana Holder – Interesting.

    Bottle Handle – Dorky.

    Apple Corer – Might be fun to fill the opening with caramel or creme of some sort.

  21. Karin L.

    Some good ideas.

  22. crazycook

    That basket will ruin your faucet, They are not made to support weight and could damage gasket

  23. Albuss

    These are all single use. this only helps one clutter their kitchens.

  24. pita

    The apple corer at least fixes an issue with the current apple corers you find in the store, ie the core getting stuck in the corer. This one opens so you can pop it out.
    I’m not sure what the innovation is supposed to be with the citrus squeezer. I know they come in 2 sizes for lemons and limes, but the larger one for lemons does work for limes as well so I never saw the point in buying both sizes to begin with. I guess this one is supposed to save the space by having 1 item instead of 2, but I would just get a lemon one if I was going to buy one.

  25. Dave

    The “mozzarella slicer” cracks me up. My mom had the same thing for hard boiled eggs when I was a kid.


    I agree with Kathy, Pete, and Gem.

    And doesn’t that banana holder just look wrong?

  27. tho

    Im pretty sure that mozzarella slicer is just an egg slicer. gotta love innovation..

  28. bunny

    Are any of these products new? I feel like they’re just stylized versions of already functional products.

    stupid and unnecessary if you ask me.

  29. chet

    no one likes a UNITASKER!

  30. Anonymous

    @ Pete,
    I might be wrong, but I thought that you would actually pick the bottle and holder up off the table by the slats, and pour it, instead of rolling it back and forth on a table.

  31. Raads

    Woah! these are probably invented for some REALLY lazy ppl! i mean its not exaclty hard to get a knife is it? any one ever heard of a knife? no?

    totally agree with ‘bunny’
    :D oh, im so kind i know!lol

  32. Aimee

    First time I’ve seen something on here that I already own…well it’s just the egg holder, but still!

  33. Pete


    That may be how it’s designed, but wouldn’t the bottle slip out if used that way?

    Actually, even if rolled, it looks like the bottle would slip. It’s either an incredibly stupid design, or there’s some piece in play that isn’t visible in the photograph :)

    Looking at the link, it turns out this is just a design concept (yes, I think you’re right on how it’s used), not an actual product. It looks like it relies on the little lip on the top to hold it in place – pretty precarious. It doesn’t have to work :)

  34. pimapen

    Some good ideas.

  35. shokooh

    so creative and cool

  36. samkinkel

    ya um i liked them all and they all were very cool but what do you do with the wine holder?

  37. Dave

    Could the next level be “the bottle handler” handler?


  38. Mida

    Amazing such time saver

  39. Paymaan

    All look nice, but that Mozzarella slicer (or Egg slicer), I had one 30 years ago! it is not something new. Today, I prefer to slice most of things with a nice kitchen knife, but slicer is still cool!

  40. andrea

    Creative ideas? Where.

    An egg/mozza slicer
    I tilting wine holder WOW
    A pop bottle holder oh please
    An apple corer and cherry pitter, god been using them for 40 years.

    BORING and this is the new creativity…recycling our grandparents products.

  41. Angel

    @Critical Eye
    Finally! was wondering how far down in the comments I’d get before someone realized that the banana holder would just bruise the banana and takes up more room and holds less fruit than a normal banana hook, only thing here that does something better is the apple corer like almost everyone said. Design for the sake of design is nice if you’re going for an art piece, just don’t pretend it’ll solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Design for the sake of innovation is what should be encouraged. We need more things using greener technology. Things to replace other, more wasteful items we have around the house.

  42. Clare

    I adore that banana holder.

  43. jordan

    the mozzarella slicer is actually meant for hard boiled eggs.

  44. JM Cook

    Woo Woo

  45. WR Lampe

    The cheese slicere looks bigger w/ sturdier wires to cut the cheese. Egg slicer wired would probably stretch and become unusable.

    The liter bottle handle may seem to be stupid to some, but for those of us who have arthritis and those older who have trouble with handling heavier stuff, I could see it being beneficial.

    The banana holder looks like a bad version of Menusa (The lady with worm hair you cant look at) (Probably misspelled).

    The egg holder, I think, would be better suited for serving deviled eggs. (Cut and filled vertically, of course.)

  46. bob

    core an apple….easy, cut in quarters then cut out stalk and pip bits with a knife doh!

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