BMW M6 Concept Renders

BMW M6 Concept

These images were created by graphics artist Guillaume Mouton in an attempt to visualize the next-generation BMW 6-Series Coupe M6 model.

BMW M6 Concept Renders 2

BMW M6 Concept Renders

BMW M6 Concept Renders 4

BMW M6 Concept Renders 3

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  1. Renton

    They try too hard to look like Mercedes.

  2. nikusha

    it is is fine

  3. nikusha

    magaria bozishvili viyo sheni fani var bmw

  4. kevin lee

    I think the back looks good but the front looks a bit too much like a 1 series. looks good aside from hat though.

  5. kevin lee

    i meant ‘that’

  6. koo

    what kevin lee said. the back looks beautiful but the “beak” is a little of a turn off i must say. but other than that I WANT ONE!

  7. Chim Yong Ping

    I like the old one better, this one is ugly

  8. hugo

    is beautifull

  9. BMW ///M5 fan

    Not the most awesome bmw i have seen, but okay.. But I have to say that this car does not look like a mercedes benz, seriously..

    I would say it looks like a 3 series remix..

  10. thami

    i think it has a more 325i look than a 6series but besides that the car looks great

  11. Dingu

    It looks Dingu……….hahahaha

  12. Bazzi

    I think Mercedes needs many more years to make such a car !! there is no way for comparison guys BMW sure has better performance ..

  13. MARC


  14. YoU

    Bmw Have the Best Car..M power ..:) ..Give me one..:)

  15. Moosa

    It is so hot realy beautifull

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