Rusting Car Wrap

Rusting Car Wrap

Brand new Volkswagen van wrapped in realistic rust artwork and disguised to look like an old rusting car.

Protect your new car with “rust-look” stickers designed by Clyde Wraps.

Rust Volkswagen

Rusting Car Sticker

Rust VW

Rust Volkswagen Van

Rust VW Van

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  1. Michele


  2. criticaleye


  3. Noni

    I want to see this on a brand new Ferarri

  4. Gert

    Why? Well, if you live i a crap area your car will still be there when you come back for starters :D

  5. Cee

    If you live in a crap area A) You probably should save up your money to getout of there B) You can actually buy a crap car for way less than this..

    Also, these can’t be taken off..

    Just irks me the way they sell crappy tshirts that look like they are 10 years old, for a lot of money, when we all have crappy shirts in our closet..but hey, to each his own..

    Someone please explain this to me…

  6. criticaleye

    @Cee: These just appear to be vinyl wraps… why can’t they be taken off?

  7. Cee

    They can, be, but they aren’t like magnetic stickers where you can just take them off whenever you want to, I believe..they probably can be taken off reapplied by the original people who did it, but I doubt that would be convenient or cheap..

  8. Mike Dunbar

    As the van’s graphic artist I’d like to thank everyone for their comments, concerns and insults! To answer some of your points.

    Glasgow has it’s fair share of crappy areas but my customer lives in a new housing area in an afluent part of town and the van was bought brand new Top-of-the-range.

    He wanted something to stand out from the crowd and myself – and Clyde Wraps – delivered! To the point we are working on it’s baby right now so watch this space LOL

    Vinyl wraps whether just a colour change or full colour digitally printed wraps like this are fully removable and are popular for a number of reasons. They are put on using heat guns and removed the exact same way.

    We see many high end vehicles come in for a colour change wrap to be different as manufacturers may not offer their favourite shade for the car they want. This also serves as a good paint protector for the duration of a lease which, once removed, leaves the car looking like it did new.

  9. fajar

    why must look so bad when it’s better to be a good one?

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