BMW Car made from Stone

BMW Car made from Stone

BMW Z4 roadster made out of stone and mortar was spotted in Beijing, China.

Stunning full size replica comes complete with glass windows and detailed interior also made from stone. [photos by Eric Brum]

Stone BMW

BMW Z4 Made out of Stone

Stone BMW Z4

BMW Made from Stone

BMW Made out of Stone

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  1. Kimcool

    OMG, I’ll go to see it!

  2. Utsi

    I love it………. :)

  3. bala s murali


  4. Reilly

    Interesting haha.

  5. Rindane

    oh my god. It is kind of crazy:)

  6. Pete

    I didn’t think it was anything special…until I scrolled down and saw the interior. Nice!

  7. Shammie

    huuummmm……. very nice.

  8. Betty

    I’m not sure why, but this seemed a little sad to me. It’s absolutely amazing but it’s not going anywhere which is what this vehicle was made for. Who created it? Why? Who ever the person is, he/she must be really like BMWs.

  9. hrishi

    great work!!!!…

  10. Guido Jansen

    someone needs a hobby… or a job ;)

  11. Vibha

    WOW! Really A good One!

  12. simon

    that’s awesome and amazing

  13. Julie

    :O That looks amazing.

  14. Jay

    So, does it drive? :)

  15. Bill

    How many mpg?

  16. James Anzalone

    Well, Its funny what objects people make from other objects.

    I wonder if their is a message behind this or just meant to draw attention. Well it looks interesting!

  17. Karin L.


  18. fylp

    what for ? its not interesting visual and ain’t showing any special manual skills so Im asking “what for” wasted time for this do something creative !

    in field of sculpture it’s nothing special so Im not really impresed even about interior,

  19. aditia

    wow, is it really from stone, what a patience from the creator ….. awesome

  20. jargen

    I should try making one of my own, and place it on my driveway!

  21. livindadoodmays

    id breaK the windows

  22. 1039 studio

    i think there is an SLK Merc somewhere else in Beijing too that is made out of bricks. the only difference is that the Merc came in red.


    @Bill, infinite.

  24. Jani

    I don’t see the BMW logo on the car?

    Did they not make it?

  25. rachel

    I saw this when i was there in april! It’s a bit random, amazing set of studios/galleries where it is though.

  26. ab1

    where it is exactly? wanna see it.

  27. RDW

    Quick as a brick!

  28. Bernhard

    That looks great!

  29. Andrew

    Why people don’t use their creative energy in something more interesting than a car which will be obsolete in a couple of years? This is not art nor design.. Total waste of time..

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