The Huit – Infinity Shaped Sofa

Infinity Shaped Sofa

Beautiful sofa design, inspired by the infinity symbol [or the number 8], created by really talented french designer Emmanuel Laffon de Mazieres.

The Huit Infinity Shaped Sofa 2

The Huit Infinity Shaped Sofa 3

The Huit Infinity Shaped Sofa 4

The Huit Infinity Shaped Sofa

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  1. michael

    looks stunning!

  2. Dainis Graveris

    I must say wow. Looks very stylish – i need it at my home :D

  3. onelegout

    Sorry, but it looks SO uncomfortable. Too many designers put style before practicality.

  4. paul

    i agree, it looks cool but no way i could sleep on this

  5. Elphaba

    And nobody in all of Oz
    No Wizard that there is or was
    Is ever gonna… get me to buy that sofa!!!

  6. Alen

    Nice but it does not look to comfortable.

  7. emily

    no way! i would LOVE to have this in my home. i could totally sleep on it…you’ve just gotta curl up and get super comfy…mmm…seriously. i want one.

  8. Hamid Malik

    Fantastic idea..

  9. shetlandboy

    where can i get 1?

  10. jimi

    it looks cool

  11. bananabread

    If you guys are all so worried about sleeping why not go to bed? this couch is made for sitting same as a kitchen chair, you don’t all worry about haw you’re suppose to sleep in one of those do you. this is just made to be accent furniture.

  12. The Professor

    It would be more interesting if it was homeomorphic to a mobius strip

  13. alex

    Who doesnt sleep on their couch, I do have to admit this would make a nice accent piece. I have no idea where this would go, it would require a location that lacks a focal point based on the design.

  14. KMP Furniture

    This Sofa has so Unique look & because of that anybody can find it within the crowd

  15. Jac Hill

    Hm. Not really a living room piece, like most have said, but I could see this fitting into a modern hotel lobby or something of the like.

    Not the most comfortable, but not intended for long term use, such as sleeping or watching TV.

    Maybe call it an Infinity Bench.

  16. Tom Davies

    no good as a loveseat mind

  17. Identium Reklambyrå

    Wonderful sofa! The idea is simply amazing

  18. wat

    That looks annoying to use. Who the hell wants a sofa that looks two different directions and ISN’t owning a salon or an over the top office?

    Give me a standard brown leather sofa and I’ll be happy. Fit 3 people, pointing in the same direction and comfortable even after years of use.

  19. Silv

    I really like this, but does it come in any other color? I’m not much of a red person, so maybe black, blue, or something like that? For those who think you can’t sleep on it, I figured out two ways, but I’m sure they’re not comfortable to everyone. Also for saying it is either suitable for a lobby or is not functional, it all depends on the decor of your house/apartment/room and where you put it. It would go in my house, just got to figure out where…Anyways good post! I stumbled and liked it!

  20. Hmm

    I agree for the sleeping thing. Find a bed if you want to sleep. If you can’t sleep in the bed, quit arguing with your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend or quit sleeping with the neighbor lady/dog/guy.

    Otherwise, nice couch. Looks fun. :)

  21. Jerry

    It is looking really cute and Royal!

    but very uncomfortable for seating. Although i want it in my living room.

    Thanks for sweet post.

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