Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson

Pedestrian Street Art

Peter Gibson (aka Roadsworth) began painting the streets of Montreal in the fall of 2001. He was motivated by a desire for more bike paths in the city and a questioning of “car culture” in general.

In the fall of 2004, Roadsworth was arrested for his nocturnal activities and charged with 53 counts of mischief. Despite the threat of heavy fines and a criminal record he received a relatively lenient sentence which he attributes in part to the public support he received subsequent to his arrest.

Since that time, Roadsworth has received various commissions for his work and continues to be active in both visual art and music.

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 2

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 3

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 4

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 5

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 6

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 7

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 8

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 8

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 10

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 11

Edit: the above artwork is by Banksy, also a great artist.

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 12

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 13

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 14

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 15

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 16

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 17

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 18

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 19

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 20

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 21

Pedestrian Street Art by Peter Gibson 22

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  1. Voyno

    this makes me happy about the human race

  2. JMGBlage

    Isn’t the one of the flower a Banksy?

  3. Chi

    The flower one is Banksy for sure. The hands look like his too, but I’m not 100% on that one :)

  4. Takky

    I’m luvin’ it!

  5. Rock

    Cool art!)

  6. Del

    A few of these are pictures taken from Banksys own work.

  7. Chris Menning

    I’m pretty sure that’s just his flower NEXT TO a Banksy.

  8. Honour Chick

    im not impressed

  9. fat douglas

    That is some pretty awesome stuff. =)

  10. fk off

    this is great stuff..thank you for sharing
    I will never look at street stuff the same,
    very kewl

  11. Will

    The one with the flower is definitely Banksy. It’s a UK street. Look at it closer.

  12. dave Pixelshift

    Just because it was done with a stencil doesn’t mean it’s a Banksy… You cheap art critics…!

  13. Swati Paul

    Amazing Art!!!

  14. Pol

    Unfortunately, the one with a flower is 100% Banksy, no doubt about it.

    I like most of the others but some seem a bit out of context.

  15. John

    I think the Banksy photo was probably a mistake on the part of the poster and not the artist ‘ripping’ anyone off. Lay off guys. Otherwise the work is entertaining.

    My personal faves for the statements they make are the barbwire crossing and the footprint crossing.

  16. MsMays

    Looks pretty cool to me.
    But get over the flower already! It’s already been established that it probably isn’t all of his work.

    Just enjoy looking at creative art!

  17. Aaron

    Be aware that the flower on the wall is work of Banksy.

  18. Jiff Wilfred

    Amazing. Absolutely amazing!


  19. johndick01

    This is the definition of novelty art. A bunch of gimmicks, plus isn’t that flower piece a banksy?

  20. 8Bit

    The picture of the flower up the wall is Banksy.

  21. jon wright

    clearly nobody reads the post above them or there wouldn’t be so many “that’s a banksy” posts and knee-jerk condemnations of the artist. First, If i’m not mistaken, roadsworth is in Montreal (you now, in Canada) and Banksy, well, isn’t. Not to say he couldn’t travel all the way up to Mtl and do a little work there, but i think as it’s been stated before, this is a case of someone adding a banksy shot by accident.

  22. TurntheScrew

    Nice to see that this isn’t just street ‘art’ that serves no purpose other that to advertise someone’s name. Hopefully some of this stuff stayed around for a while before it was ‘cleaned up’.

  23. John

    wow, this was fantastic. thanks for a good start to the morning.

  24. ZZZ

    nice and creative!

  25. Adam

    @jon wright:

    “clearly nobody reads the post above them or there wouldn’t be so many “that’s a banksy” posts and knee-jerk condemnations of the artist. First, If i’m not mistaken, roadsworth is in Montreal (you now, in Canada) and Banksy, well, isn’t. Not to say he couldn’t travel all the way up to Mtl and do a little work there, but i think as it’s been stated before, this is a case of someone adding a banksy shot by accident.”

    First off, some of them are banksy’s, and secondly, just because he SAYS it’s in montreal, doesn’t mean it is indeed montreal. Check out banksy’s site, and you’ll see that the flower piece is actually in britain, not Canada as was stated.

  26. blowd

    “banksy banksy!”
    “nuh uh, shut up! who cares!”

    These pictures are cool and you are not, because you are arguing about them on the internet.
    (Flower one is totally banksy.)

  27. Dorian

    I saw this, read the Banksy rip-off comments, and looked up Banksy for the first time. Ohhhh, he’s the one who has influenced so much of todays art play. How do you know Banksy is even one person? How do you know Banksy didn’t rip off someone else’s first? I bet it was put in by mistake, the flower, but I’ve also seen takes on it and other ideas of Banksy’s becoming almost mainstream. It’s moshed into the art psyche and I love it. I love Peter Gibson’s clever stuff, too.

  28. manda

    the only one that is banksy’s is the flower and its an easy mistake to make seeing as the artist featured here does that kind of stuff, i mean the artist wasnt saying he did banksys work… the poster just made a slight mistake, cut him/her some slack, either way some of the above is pretty cool.

  29. Yuriy

    That flower is def. Banksy!

    Neat nonetheless.

  30. BluePan

    Sorry to tell you Banksy fan but he was not the frist,get over it!! love the pics thanks for posting

  31. Eyesrolling

    All these flames about Branski! And all of them based on faulty reasoning: just because Branski’s art appears on somebody’s website about Gibson doesn’t make Gibson a thief or a talentless hack; he’s simply the victim of someone else’s error. Yes, the sunflower is obviously in London and is not by Gibson. Get over it – Branski’s great and everything, but it’s not like he invented graffiti/public art.

  32. taco lover

    In total agreement with the comment above! What a bunch of toolsheds you people are arguing about a simple mistake.


    The 15th picture was taken in Bruges (Belgium)!!!
    Love it to live here :D


  34. Steve

    Actually, I don’t reckon Banksy stuff is all that original and cool! Nearly everything is copied in one way or another… This guy has just come up with something that is interesting and makes people look!

  35. bianca

    100% Not a Banksy..

    there you go

  36. Joe

    I’m pretty sure the flower on teh wall is a banky piece

  37. Text

    Photoshopped. lol jk

    Really enjoyed these. I like to do the same thing but with chalk because it washes away easily.

  38. Charlie

    This style of art is always fun to look at but after a while it becomes almost predictable and even though it’s original somehow doesn’t feel like it.
    I was blown away by Banksy when I first discovered him but now the concept has began to bore me.

  39. Chi


    It’s important that people point out the mistake in the article instead of just saying “cool, I like it” because it would give the wrong impression to people who don’t know about the artwork. If readers didn’t point out the Banksy pic, then people who don’t know Banksy wouldn’t realize the mistake and thus, may pass it on. That doesn’t detract from the rest of the great art, but overlooking a mistake doesn’t do -anyone- any good.

  40. John

    As for the flower piece. Most need to realize it’s not -only- a flower. If you look to the left of it, you’ll see a human painter tagged on the wall. Now I may not know Banksy (The person, or the group) personally, but I can recognize his style first and foremost. And that sort of human is his art style.

    Otherwise, this was pleasant. Great stuff all around.

  41. Photoshopped

    @Text: You can tell they are photoshopped because no city official (either in Canada or the UK) would let a crew paint this stuff on the roads. It’s against the law. I would know because I’ve been working as a road painter for the DOT more than 15 years.


  42. Duncan

    Good to see roadsworth up here, Ive seen alot of those pieces on Ste. Catherines in Montreal.

  43. Albond

    @Photoshopped: Yes, there is no possible way that the artist might have painted this at night without permission when no “city official” was watching. Definitely not. I mean, that would have gotten him arrested and charged with 53 counts of mischief or something, which never happened. Ever. -_-

    Reading is fun!

  44. tommy

    Wow, the negativity! Just seeing the pictures was enough for me. Photoshopped or not you have to admit it is an interesting concept. Although I can’t say I have seen the exact images above I have seen similar real life work on the streets and my town aint that big.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.

  45. Banksy

    um… hullo….

    you shallow bunch of wankers!

    just enjoy it for what it is…

  46. rstanley

    Whoever it is, it is cool!

  47. David Greiman

    Very original. Thanks for making my day.

  48. Remy

    First of all, these are beautiful and I wish someone would come to cleveland (Ohio that is) and paint beautiful things like this instead of the gang tags that cover our streets. I especially love the footprint and the scissors (coupon cutting line)

    Secondly @ Albond: Before trying to be a clever cynical a$$ take just a moment to think that maybe someone could be joking.

    On a similar note, these are definitely photoshooped, I can tell from the pixels, having seen quite a few shoops in my day.

  49. dave Pixelshift

    yo if you type in ‘roadsworth’ on flickr you will see that people actually took pictures of roadsworth works… and that they are not photoshopped… haha!

  50. lily

    wow!!! this is wonderful! is very very impresionat and inteligent! good idea!!

  51. Slingy

    Wonderful. I would love to see such art in my daily life. I know it could be distracting at times, especially for cars on the roads, but with good control (or less of it) this world would be much cozier ;)

  52. Noureddine

    Fabulous !

  53. Ivan Marrinson

    wow, you all are retarded, it says that it is banksy on teh flower one right below the picture

  54. juanhokuten

    Wow, how creative the human being is. If these class of art will exist in my town, i almost sure i will live so happier… congratulations… i would like see that artistic expressions in my daily life…

    see you…

  55. neil

    Pretty F’in Kewl!!!!

  56. cchiovitti

    How neat. Too bad this would never fly in the US. Too many stupid drivers would get confused and cause accidents then find someone to sue.

  57. yaser

    its so good

  58. Sara

    Nice! =)

  59. Phil

    I love this stuff.. I’m starting to see some of it popping up around Montreal. Nothing this great though.

  60. Candice

    Ok, so like one or two of these pics are entertaining, but for the most part it looks like crap and if I was the police, I’d definately charge him with mischief and stick him with a fine or make him clean the mess up himself.

  61. McCow

    Ahhhhh is it Banksy or not? That is the question…..

    Meself… I think illegally made street art is much more artistic, than having the city pay commission to someone to paint a bunch of crap on the road. Like where’s the fun in that? I’d much rather see a stencil of a cop porking a pig, in front of the local cop shop, than a commissioned barbed wire cross walk. Its all in the matter of Who has the BALLS to do it!!!!!!

  62. saeed shafipour

    real art

  63. Tommy Åslin

    I want stuff like this in my town. It’s great.

  64. website design

    Awesome paintings, but I don’t know how I’d feel about a double yellow line leading me into a wall.

  65. Akanksha

    Really interesting! Wish i had this in my city :)

  66. Penny


  67. Artist

    Very cool. I’m glad to see people take the time to do temporary work like this. This art lives on through the photographs.

  68. Lynne

    Thank you for making me look at our world in a different way. I needed to smile this morning, and ALL the artwork made me do so.


  69. Moe,Larry,or Curley ?

    I can’t understand why there are so many”that’s a Banksy”,or”that’s stolen from Banksy”about the Flower.
    The caption under it clearly states that it is a Banksy
    piece of art.There was no intention to take credit for someone elses work,as Mr.Gibson plainly stated under the photo.Are people only looking at the pictures,and not reading the text accompanying them ?

  70. tuna coz

    streets are ours.

  71. Jomark Osabel

    Cool looking street art but isn’t the traffic or roads signs have standards.

  72. gabriel viau

    here is an other great artist dat uses the street art! hope you’ll like it !


  73. Duncan

    How about this. If you’re an idiot, and you’re feeling compelled to write something containing the word “Banksy”, even though it CLEARLY SAYS SO, stop yourself right now.

    Then click on my name. ;)

  74. mac

    4 sure,
    art is amazing, you guyz rockz, lovin ur art.

  75. Babaloo

    The flower on the wall is absolutely disgusting!! It makes the building and the city look dirty and cheap!

    Some of the pedestrian lines are awesome!!!!

  76. bhavik

    it is cool and a nice art…

  77. jeff

    i dont know who banksy is,but its some cool art.

  78. snowrussia

    Great! …..

  79. jim

    not bad.

  80. Ian

    @ photoshopped

    I know most of these are real since I’ve seen them myself when I was in Montreal over the summer…the shoelace one is near Place Des Arts.

  81. Lidiya Apparatus

    These are quite the works! I should like to see them in real life. I enjoy the gags in particular, such as the plug or the film reel.

  82. shazzam billard

    … a few of the comments are right. a couple of these works are done by banksy. for example- the flower one.
    hes an amazing man.

  83. kozmetik

    Hopefully some of this stuff stayed around for a while before it was ‘cleaned up’.

  84. afsaneh

    I,ll drink to that!!!

  85. Nuchka

    Banksy is definately the SHHIT.
    Some of these are interesting but I’ve seen better.

  86. supasorn

    pater you can not see very well say no to street art. You are very social and want to … on.

  87. thomas burge

    that was wicked

  88. robert


  89. Solya

    Ez zsírdisznókirály!!!! Very nice!!!

  90. Terry O

    Nobody here really knows who Banksy is. So for all they know this could be by the same artist.

    Balls to Monty.

  91. David

    Flower one is banksy’s, 100% sure about it

  92. kristinn

    wow! im loving the street arts. its really amazing.

  93. May

    I love street art that shows houses,streets,or sidewalks all the sudden drop into water.It shows great detail and beauty of art.They are some that I find funny like the shoelace one,the zipper,and the plug.They’re all genius,but what I like the most is:the whole street looks like it’s water and it drops and there’s parts that levitate.BYE!

  94. S

    I was wondering where these streets are. If anyone knows 100% Please help me out here.

  95. Melvis


    I think most of Peter Gibson’s work is in Montreal, Canada. Juust watching a documentary called Roadswoth – Crossing The … on Sky Arts 1 in the UK at the minute. His work has some real humour in it

  96. Parker

    I am an artist too and I love spray painting and I have never seen something like this before and i think it’s amazing

  97. Fred

    any one has the video to share with us ?
    Thank you, Fred.

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