Underwater Bedroom

Underwater Bedroom

Innovative floating hotel at the Manta Resort allows people to appreciate the beauty of the ocean from the comfort of a private underwater room.

Underwater Bedroom with large windows offers breathtaking 360 degree views of different kinds of fish, beautiful coral reefs, and sea creatures.

Floating hotel with underwater room can be rented for $1500 per night.

Underwater Room

Underwater Hotel Room

Underwater Hotel

Hotel with Underwater Bedroom

The Underwater Room

The Manta Underwater Room

Floating Hotel with Underwater Room

The Manta Resort

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  1. Fakhri Dirgantara

    wouldn’t it be scary when some sharks decided to come along?

  2. Tom

    No parking place?

  3. Sami

    woooooooow! I should get a straight plane ticket to this place!

  4. Grey

    Wow! And ONLY $1500 a night! What a bargain!

  5. Jimmy

    Looks amazing!! Need a place like this for my next holiday! :D Would be epic if you could attach on a motor to move the room with a control! Would be a bit worried about going to the toilet tho.. having things floating in your window view.

  6. Swiper Fox

    how’s the plumbing?
    where’s the bathroom? hehehe

  7. Zanzibar

    Wonderfull photos, I have actually stayed in The Underwater Room at the Manta Resort and the views are imaginable. Would recommend it to anyone!

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