Beautiful Examples of HDR Photography

Beautiful Examples of HDR Photography

HDR is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of values between light and dark areas than normal digital imaging techniques.

Today we showcase our favorite examples of beautiful and creative HDR Photography.

The Ansonia by JeffrySG

Three exposure HDRI of “The Ansonia” an Upper West-Side Beaux-Arts style building built in 1899-1904.

The Ansonia by JeffrySG

Kuala Lumpur Nightscape by Ariffin

6xp HDR of Kuala Lumpur Nightscape.

Kuala Lumpur Nightscape by Ariffin

Signs in Maragogi Beach by Omar Junior

Signs in Maragogi Beach by Omar Junior

Burano Venice by MorBCN

Burano Venice by MorBCN

Old scene new tricks by Sean Mantey

This picture is a classic scene of the original Tyne bridges in North East England.

Old scene new tricks by Sean Mantey

The Beauty of Venice by Last Rounds

The Beauty of Venice by Last Rounds

Triumph Daytona by gngillies

Triumph Daytona 675 by Jazz Musician mural in the Fillmore Jazz District, San Francisco.

Triumph Daytona by gngillies

On Frozen Pond by Trey Ratcliff

On Frozen Pond by Trey Ratcliff

Firetruck from Hell by Luda Arce

Firetruck from Hell! in HDR.

Firetruck from Hell by Luda Arce

Old Dray by Zonifer Lloyd

An old dray just left in a paddock. This was taken between Quorn and Hawker in the north of South Australia.

Old Dray by Zonifer Lloyd

Reflections of CBD by Daniel Cheong

Central Business District and Boat Quay, Singapore. Sunday morning at 7:45am.

Reflections of CBD by Daniel Cheong

Larry the Mechanic by Chris

HDR tend to have a gritty effect on portraits. Larry has impeccable grooming habits, when he isn’t allowing his beard to grown in for a weekend hunting trip. He had to sit very still while I manually adjusted the exposure for each shot. A tripod was used.

Larry the Mechanic by Chris

Canons of Corregidor by mindmurder

Canons of Corregidor by mindmurder

Dozer by Donald Fregede

Dozer by Donald Fregede

Saturday by Die Skiing!

This was taken out of rage. Somewhere not far from here, my best friends are having the time of ther lives. damn homework.

Saturday by Die Skiing!

Fazen by dorli

Fazen by dorli

Apartments by JeffrySG

Three exposure HDRI of some apartments in NYC.

Apartments by JeffrySG

View from my Rooftop by TooMuch204

View from my Rooftop by TooMuch204

Frankenburger by Bryan Scott

Frankenburger at Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Frankenburger by Bryan Scott

HDR Church by Omar Junior

In front of Igreja Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes Church Ours in the main square of the Itapuã Village, located in the city of Viamão.

HDR Church by Omar Junior

Noble Jake by Blake Lipthratt

It’s a single exposure hdr with lots of PS processing.

Noble Jake by Blake Lipthratt

Kiev Opera House by Trey Ratcliff

A Snowy Night at the Kiev Opera House.

Kiev Opera House by Trey Ratcliff

Tokyo Tower HDR by R23W

Tokyo Tower HDR by R23W

Amazing photos taken at the most exclusive photography locations.

  1. Arthur Brown

    These are some awesome photographs.

  2. Alexius G

    how were these taken? this is the first time i’m hearing about HDR photography, but i’m really impressed

  3. Kyle

    Just an FYI, the one of the Kiev Opera House by “Stuck In Customs” is actually Trey Ratcliff, just like the frozen ponds picture. He’s amazing!

  4. Alex Linebrink

    Cool list. Check these (much bigger lists) out if you’re in to HDR:::

    Unbelievable HDR on Flickr:

    Awesome HDR on Picasa:

    HDR portraits from Deviant Art:

  5. Mandar

    Very nice pics.

  6. Gil Bates

    Most of these are awful.

    You’d best leave it to the pros, kids.

  7. Robert Reynolds

    @Gil Get over yourself.

  8. that guy

    sadly I actually agree with gil, a lot of them do look like shit, but there one or two okay ones

  9. Ern

    Yes, some of these are horrible. This ‘fake hdr’ trend is very sad. Completely ruins a picture when it overdone. Looks like some bad video game with crappy lighting effects. And leave the hipass filter alone!

  10. Kevin

    “How are these taken”

    Lock down your camera on a tripod. Take 7 photos. Properly expose the first one. Then underexpose the 2nd shot by 3 stops, underexpose the 3rd one by 2 stops, underexpose the 4th shot by 1 stop. Over expose the 5th shot by 1 stop. Overexpose the 6th shot by 2 stops, overexpose the 7th shot by 3 stops.

    Once you have those shots you use your HDR plugin in photoshop or other applications made for HDR to merge the 7 photos together. You can then use sliders or curves to adjust how all the areas of the image are exposed. What you end up with is a photo where there is detail in all shadows and highlights.

  11. moosebreath

    these are awful — terrible trend.

    no offense to the artists meant. I appreciate every creative endeavor, but this are going to date horribly. They don’t look so great today, either.

  12. moosebreath


  13. German Bauer

    too much artifical sweetener

  14. steved

    ok – once again – for REAL HDR you need an HDR display.

    This fake HDR technique is just a hack. You can not be looking at HDR via JPG images on a regular browser on a regular computer. Think about it.

    The real thing is great – I have seen it.

  15. Velvet Elvis

    Why is there always some debate about what photography, “should” look like?

  16. Andres Pereyda

    interesting. thanks for the explanation Kevin. i was just about to google “hdr” or “hdri”. i may still, because i want to educate myself as to what the acronym stands for. god forbid this becoming too popular and people actually making sub par examples. that would be worse than dropping bombs on iraqi children.

  17. Andres Pereyda

    high dynamic range imaging

  18. Andres Pereyda

    hdr should not be used to kill people.

  19. johnm

    I agree with moosebreath. These picture looks so painting-like. Over-saturated and unreal to the human eyes. It somehow doesn’t look interesting to me.

  20. Jim

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I like all the hdr photos here because they do look surreal like paintings. The first time I ever saw an HDR photo on flickr, I thought someone had posted a painting. The photographer emailed me and told me what he had done. I was blown away.

  21. Mortum

    The one before last is not Kiev Opera House, it’s Kiev Conservatory:

  22. ~M

    Well the trend is to make it look like an obvious HDR photograph, and that’s the thing that will probably become dated. More HDR should be done subtly so you’re not sure if its an HDR composite or not, except for when you compare it to an original frame which by comparison looks extremely dull and flat. Once you move past effect and into enhancement the true artistry of HDR emerges, the artistry of control of which we see very little. ~M

  23. Carl Geers

    What you are HDR is in fact Tone Mapped. HDR would look terrible on a normal screen and would include the full dynamic range, which would be impossible to display.

    The process is to shoot a number of exposures of the same subject then merge the exposures together to create an HDR image. Then this image is Tone Mapped to display on normal screens. Hope this clears up some of the mystery.

  24. ntopics

    I like the Dozer by Donald Fregede best.
    Very cool effect changing photos.

    thanks from tony

  25. Adam

  26. terry

    These are horrible. One is clearly a photoshop job too – using a photo of the US navy in Tokyo bay in 1945.


  27. Diappo

    90% of these pictures are way too overprocessed and simply NOT good HDR pictures.

    It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but seriously… ugly HDR. Period.

  28. The Spotter

    This is *NOT* HDR.

    REAL HDR photos are MASSIVE data-wise even when they are small resolution-wise.

    And real HDR is processed in lossless formats, NOT JPEG.

    I do have an HDR screen (64-bit color, your regular LCD screen is probably 8 or 10 bit) and I do some actual HDR photography.

    Of course, I do convert to JPEG for those that do not have an HDR screen, so they at least get a decent look at the image.

    And I don’t even use Photoshop, which is too large, too bulky, and too slow. I have a program purely designed for HDR imaging.

  29. Kellie

    @ Velvet Elvis

    because being a good ‘photographer’ is different than slapping a bunch of photos together in photoshop that have been taken in different exposures and calling the final product ‘photography’. there’s a difference, although you need talent for both. the latter is not ‘photography’, it’s called ‘being good at photoshop’.

  30. skel

    Some of those images would have been great had it not been for the overbaked HDR processing.
    The only image that really benefits from the process is the motorcycle, in that it just makes it look shiny and slick. Even that image is kind of annoying to look at but not as bad as the others. That portrait is pure crap.

  31. Banjo Patternson

    HDR is an imaging tool. Real or unreal it’s nice to have.

  32. Stefano

    Awsome! Fantastic! Great!

  33. E

    Not photography, but digital compositions. They make me cry.

  34. wallpapers

    they certainly have a cgi render feel about them

  35. Omar Junior

    The photo “Signs in Maragogi Beach” is by me, not Sean Mantey.

    thanks for posting.

    congrats from brazil.

  36. BonerBandFan

    Fantastic Pictures! Love them! Awesome colors and contrast. Sureal. Humming. Electrifying.

  37. MIke

    I like the potential of HDR but I agree with many here that most of these are just way over-engineered in Photoshop. I take HDR’s of landscapes using just three or five shots and that is to improve the colour, range, shadow and tones – not to make them look like a graphic artist has drawn them for some coffee table sci-fi book. I love Photoshop but I think too many people are taking seriously average photos then making them look good with software.


    Kyle and Omar, we have corrected the mistakes.

    Thank You for your comments!

  39. bret

    for those saying they are bad because some look like paintings…are you suggesting that painting are a lesser form of art because they look fake? Yes some and most HDR’s are over baked, but many people like the look. Try it yourself and execute better, until then pipe down.

  40. bret

    and if you want good examples of HDR then check out

    Thats for those of you saying HDR is dumb, takes no talent, etc.

  41. Byron Warwick.

    Beautiful images.

  42. Trey Ratcliff

    HDR is fun! One of my shots is above (the is Trey Ratcliff). For those of you interested, I have a free tutorial you might enjoy on how you can do this sort of thing yourself… it’s great fun… you can find it at

  43. Michael John Grist

    Excellent images- the canons over Corregidor amazing.

  44. TommyP

  45. Emily

    I thought the idea of HDR was to _mimic_ the way our eyes (and brain) process a scene. Imo only the bike and the phone are decent, the others are simply garish.

  46. MutedEcho

    Can anyone point to a higher resolution version of the very top image of the little street? I would like to use it as a desktop wallpaper image to cheer me up, and it would be a great Christmas season wallpaper. :) Thanks very much in advance.

  47. Ignatz Horowitz

    Hey, Kevin…neat how the “photographer” got all those airplanes to freeze in mid-flight so he could bracket 7 shots. Should would have looked less stupid if you’d have explained the work-around.


    Proper HDR shouldn’t look like a cartoon.

  48. Carlos

    I can’t understand why people like this type of oversaturated, completely unrealistic pics.
    HDR is meant to enhance photography not to distort it beyond recognition.
    HDR can be well used with good results, so you guys and girls out there who are giving a look at HDR, don’t get dissapointed with these examples.

  49. Bunny got Blog

    Truly lovely

  50. cloudkicker

    I love these, sometimes you just see the world a little differently, like a heightend emotion and these are very expressive, just like that.

  51. Elan

    i enjoyed

  52. Norm

    These pictures are boring. Yeah it’s a nice effect, but it isn’t being used artistically. It just makes everything seem fake, like the digital backgrounds in the new star wars movies.

    Im sure this technique can be used for good, but these pictures don’t show that. If you have the capability to make pictures look like this, do it because you think it will improve the picture, not just because you can.

  53. Abdurahman

    If theres a lot of complaint about HDR technique and photoshop. Then what good HDR image look like? Can anyone give an examples ? The real HDR images without photoshop?

  54. Praip Shah

    There is nothing realistic about any one of them. I am from the old school when the SKILL was king. Getting details in the shadows without washing out the high lights was a great learning experience.

  55. TJ Getz

    I’m wondering the same thing Abdurahman, can anyone from this post send good examples of HDR?

    I also agree that a lot of the above examples are a little to “candy-coated-sugar-fied” but their are a couple good ones in the mix.

    I get the feeling there are a number of old school junkies writing on this post, and I must say I can relate to their sentiment about photography being a craft, but I also believe besides their relevant argument that some of the craft has been lost doing things “old school”, I get an undercurrent of fear that they can’t keep up and the industry is moving forward without them by combining more digital photography techniques than ever before.

    I wish newbies would learn from the old school guys and the old school guys/gals would stop calling digital photography non-photography. We’re in a time of evolution, we should not fear it it, but learn the new tools in a craft-life manner just as the masters of “old school photography” did.

    As I said, I see the digital photography as an evolution; just another style, not an end all. I don’t think it should entirely replace “old school photography” but at the same time, art and life does evolve.

  56. Chris

    I created the picture “Larry the Mechanic”. It has been my most popular picture by far posted on Flickr. Clearly there is a need for increased tonal range in digital photography. Yes it is OVER THE TOP but the first camera company to do this effect “in camera” will be very successful. I’m sure it would have to be a camera with three ccd’s to capture the shadows and highlights. There have been a few comments on the picture that said this effect is a fad and will disappear like solarize and posterize. I disagree. HDR ads a component of detail that the two previously mentioned effects do not contribute. I do believe that everyone that posts negatively probably don’t have the skill set necessary to pull it off.


  57. Emily

    Chris: “I do believe that _everyone_ that posts negatively probably don’t have the skill set necessary to pull it off.”

    A case of sour grapes? Just because some people wants to jump into the river it doesn’t mean everyone else will follow suit.

    Just agree to disagree. I for one have seen very good works of HDR, too bad they are very far and few in between.

    Btw, The Spotter (a commentator above) has some pretty good examples of _proper_ HDR.

  58. Justine

    Love them all! Awesome photos.

  59. kırtasiye


  60. leorolim

    These hdr make my eyes hurt!
    Seriously :|
    Loved the 1st and the 3rd though.

  61. Tom

    New rule: in an argument, the first side to use the phrase “epic fail” loses the argument.

  62. Beezy

    these are incredible!

  63. rampantheart

    Hi, I came here from SU! Just stopped by to thank you for sharing such wonderful shots! I still can’t the believe the fact that these are real photos! Fabulous pictures!

  64. Zakopane kwatery

    Wow! Excellent images!

  65. gaston monescu

    cool technique.
    very cinema-like

  66. Alias

    It may not be good HDR photography, or “proper” HDR photography, but I, for one, enjoyed these photos MUCH more than those that The Spotter posted above.

    And frankly, I don’t care if the overbaked technique is “wrong” and “fake” and “not how it should be done” – I love the look of the overdone images.

    Not all of the above examples are amazing, some didn’t strike me at all, but collectively they impress me more than the so-caller “proper” HDR phtography, courtesy of The Spotter.

    No offense to the Spotter, by the way. Your shots are great, I just enjoy these much more. :)

  67. fletcher

    these photos are like totally amazing…
    i wish that i knew how to do something like this because its my boyfriends bday tomorrow and he is way into photography and i want to impress him with my mad photo skillz.

  68. gillespey

    HDRI has actually been around for quite some time in cinema and CGI. It’s only recently been available in easy to attain and use technology. There are several new books on this technology available on amazon that I highly recommend.

    Suffice it to say HDRI is here to stay folks and the early adopters will be the most successful in their art and their businesses.

    All the nay sayers out there should have an open mind. As photography continues its transition to a digital medium, additional technology will be required to make up for the limitations of “in camera” digital capture. HDRI is a great tool to make up for these limitations.

    And for those pros who decry HDRI as a cheap shortcut to inferior imagery, he/she who has never used any post processing techniques, whether it be in the darkroom or in photoshop to “improve” your images to your liking, can be the first to cast a stone on this technology and its users.

    It’s all art and it’s all good…to someone. Why all the negativity? Don’t fear it, embrace it and make good art with it.

  69. Oliver

    Time will show if it’s only a short trend…I believe once you calm down after your first HDR attempts, you should be able to use it for more realistic looking results.

    I’m still trying:


  70. belgianbob

    The whole ‘debate’ (Read: Slanging match) over what is and isn’t photography is as old as the hills.
    When I was a student of photography, Photoshop – the original Version 1 – was considered by most to be a graphics package at the very least and at worst, cheating. Back then, and it’s only 15 years ago, ‘real’ photographers were people who could correctly expose on transparency film, manipulate lighting and composition and only resorted to computers when things went wrong.

    Some of us protested that just ‘clicking a mouse’ would kill photography – and some of you here seem to agree with that – while others saw the possibility for blending the creative possibilities of computing and optics into new styles of imaging and new ways of working.

    What am I saying? Well, nothing changes. Actually, that’s not quite true: the fad back then was for processing tranny film through Colour neg chemistry, and I see no-one’s doing that anymore. It’s just the turn of the wheel, and the same arguements apply today as they did in 1992.

    FWIW, I like the tone-mapped thing when it’s done well but I can see how, now everyone has learned how to do it and it’s all over the web, it has got very dull.
    It works, but use it sparingly, and learn how to tone-map for a naturalistic rendering too… or try shooting on location with lights and Kodachrome. That should be fun!

  71. belgianbob

    I should add, before I get accused of being an old school dinosaur, that I really like the ‘Larry the Mechanic’ shot by Chris, the Kiev Opera House shot and Omar Junior’s church. I think the technique works well for those subjects and has produced results that I find pleasing (and it’s all about individual taste really, isn’t it?)

    I’d also like to know where the first photograph was shot, as it reminds me of Melk in Austria (although I don’t think it is.)

  72. Daniel

    hey kids,
    these photos are amazing!. Its the art in the modern world. Accept it kids. you are not using your fathers canon AE-1 to take a good photograph. believe me you use a digital one.

  73. DisturbedByFascists

    I’m reading through some of these comments and I’m floored by the absolute fascism spewed by some of these people. I’ve been shooting for nearly 30 yrs(Large & medium format, transparency, film, digital, blah, blah) and I never thought I’d run into people like the ones crapping all over these images.

    To say things like: “HDR is MEANT to enhance photography not to distort it beyond recognition” is beyond ignorant.

    – Is there an HDR GOVERNING BODY dictating what HDR is MEANT to do?
    – Who says that HDR has ANY rules?
    – Since when does ART have ANY rules?

    Who are these people?! To them “photography” is some sort of shrine. Some relic that needs to be dusted off and waxed and shined every so often, but NEVER, EVER tampered with. Talk about narrow minds. It’s actually scary to know that we have people in the arts community who think like this.

    To those that actually appreciate these images…

    I REALLY like the motorcycle image and the one from Venice. Those are FANTASTIC!!! They are my favorites from this collection.

    HDR is here to stay; get over it. But more importantly, get over yourselves.

  74. Yunus Toprak

    incredible …fantastic…

  75. CARLOS

    Very nice technique, good pictures…. I really like them…

  76. Diarmuid

    This is the guy you need to study

  77. Robert Miller

    This is one of my more popular hdr’s

  78. TedB

    Some people spill blue jello on a tile floor and take a picture and call it art. (The Spotter)
    Others take a series of photographs and stitch them together adjusting mapping and brightness and contrast till it gives them the effect they are looking for. (See Above) Still others take pictures on films of different speeds and process them with different chemical mixes to get what they see as art. If you don’t like it thats ok. They did it to make themselves happy. If you don’t want to see it then dont look at it. But for goodness sake QUIT BITCHIN it is so freakin old. This is art, thats not art, thats over processed, this would have been good if, She’s lookin at me…. Fits right in doesn’t it…you all sound like 4 year olds.
    ITS ART, The idea is to make you feel something, to be passionate, obviously its working because the comments are all filled with emotion. But damn can we express them like adults PLEASE!!!!!

  79. gc

    whatever you may call these pictures they all took a lot of effort and patience to make … and that is something.
    thanks to all the artists :)

  80. Guillermo

    Hey Andres Pereyda. This is a photography (technical) website enjoyed by many professionals. Not need for you to impose your political views on to everyone. We all have our own unique opinions. Let’s keep that to ourselves on this board and concentrate on just the subjects at hand.

  81. scott webb

    nice selection. most are nice examples. a couple were sorta bland but I still enjoyed them. thanks for posting them up because I like to see what’s out there to see where I can take my HDR work.

  82. Denise Cranney

    nice pics all around. i’m using new hdr program, hdr photostudio from unified color. they have awesome hdr for realistic images. good for single image edits too!

  83. Jack

    Nice! Beautiful photos…that bulldozer one is intense… I’ve been working on HDR shots for a while, check this one out:

    Or look here
    If you want to see all of them.

  84. Photographer

    Very beautiful photos! awesome collection….

  85. Jumanjan

    I love them, and frankly I get tired of people telling me what’s great and what’s not great. If a picture appeals to me, it just does. Simple as that. I like it. period. Quit analyzing everything.

  86. Febe Y

    i love HDR..

    Art is absolute…undeniable..can not be debated in many ways…

    Photography is one of the art it’s just the same thing for me..

  87. Okinawa hdr

    Wow their work is amazing, I wish each image was accompanied by a tutorial.

  88. Maggie

    To Daniel –

    I am a photographer who is still using her father’s old Nikon F2 (along with a few other film cameras), and I am taking “good” photographs. You don’t HAVE to use digital to take good photographs, or to make art.

  89. pontiac

    High dynamic range imaging was originally developed in the 1930s and 1940s by Charles Wyckoff. Wyckoff’s detailed pictures of nuclear explosions appeared on the cover of Life magazine in the mid 1940s.

  90. jon harrison

    good images. im a fan of hdr or tone mapping or any other effect you can use to achieve an original piece of art. doesnt matter if you use a box brownie and a set of hand colouring tints as long as the end result is pleasing to the eye .

  91. Michael Sperling

    The Kuala Lumpur photo is the only one I like. The last ones are especially fake looking. It’s like those magazines that way over airbrush a model to the point where they look plastic and fake (Show magazine is one example). I don’t mean to be mean to these photographers. Just one person’s subjective opinion. :-)

  92. Adam

    Not one of these are “terrible” maybe not quite to your personal likings, but theyre all pretty damn good looking photos. maybe not perfect, but definitely better then what the average person with a camera could do. I personally dont have much experience with a camera, but have seen alot of photos. to me, these all look amazing and whether the effect is done with photoshop or not it still looks awesome.

  93. Jeff

    Anyone seen any hdr black and white? I believe I have, though they weren’t titled as such.

  94. Lena

    i think these are wonderful, they are unique and have a special twist in them, id like to know how to take such good photos and edit them to look like these, they are fantastic!

  95. Alan

    I agree with all the political correct brigade in here….we need to ban images like this.
    They give too much freedom to people with effects software.

    Nobody is allowed to looks at such images again.

  96. EvilDaystar

    Some of the pictures are a little over the top for my taste (ie.: Tokyo Tower, Kiev Opera House) but others are simply gorgeous (ie.: The Beauty of Venice, Triumph Daytona)

    Now the ones that are, in my opinion, over the top, are they still art? Yes.

    But some of these pictures as so heavily modified that I don’t think they should be considered photographic art anymore, the original picture would but not some of these heavily modified images (again, tokyo Tower for example).

    The pictures are so modified that the subject is no longer the focus of the image but the modifications are. The modifications actually DETRACT from the photo.

    Anyways, that’s my 2 copper pieces.

  97. thesergfactor

    Wow these photos are awesome, just found out about HDR photography as well. Looks like alot of fun.

  98. Rob

    Very nice and I would like to play with it. How are moving objects and portraits done? That isn’t that easy I think?

  99. Andy

    There are a lot of nice images here. Why are some photographers scared of HDR? Pro Photographers doing commercial work have been shooting multiple exposures and merging them for years, it’s not NEW!. People like Picasso and his paintings don’t look realistic and he uses bright saturated colors. Why can’t a camera be used like a brush? All art is subjective that’s what makes it unique.

  100. alex rivero nava

    First these guys need to learn fotography. Then they need to stop overprocessing and killing what might have been a great picture. Oh my god, just simply plain awful.

    You know, enhancing is about making it closer to what we see and bringin expressiveness into the picture, not killing it! I will soon post a link og my gallery, then you will see what fotography is about

  101. lynn c czuchnicki

    Great job in producing some outstanding photos. They brought excitement and joy to my day. I wish everyone were as creative as you. Keep up the good work and believe in yourself.

  102. vmichael

    Mostly over filtered images. Only like a couple of them.
    It’s true – the digital age has made everyone a “photographer”. In reality, it’s made everyone a Photoshop hack.

  103. Stuart

    yeh not good examples, i like the finish personally when it is done gently and with passion, it can enhance a pic or kill it, it is a way to make a mediocre snapper appear better than he really is, ie no real understanding of exposure or shutter speed, just bracket mash and smash out a colourful print…. do it properly peoples and it can appeal to many eyes.

  104. Mike

    What an awesome technique. I would love to know how its’ done.

  105. arne

    like all of these were done in Italy,i was there, it is a must go opportunity…BTW amazing job

  106. Bri

    I love these,an like the painting look to some of these,great job guys ,sounds like some jealous people on here,ahhh some peoples kids ehhh…

  107. Aleksey

    Nice picture!!!!!!!

  108. aditya

    you know what, some how this kinda HDR thing really makes money and deliver pleasure for common people who didn’t know how the process being done, and it is quite amazing for them to look at these HDR… except photoshop and photomatrix user :D

  109. emmajane

    Now those pictures would make some really good stock photos. the old dray and the apartements are amazing.

  110. Prison n Juniad

    Truly amazing! All pics are indeed very cool , dark and light . Awesome.

  111. Oblivion

    tokyo tower looks like it has oblivion gate somewhere close….. or have i played too long for elder scrolls: oblivion?

  112. j ritchie

    So much negative debate from the artsy fartsy mindset ….its pretty its well composed its art ….if you dont like it dont look at it …

  113. kathy

    beautiful photos.. And a funny debate:) All these hdr haters trying to set the “rules” of “the right” photography.. It is as if you were trying to explain to a cubist painter that the lines in his pictures are twisted:)

  114. surovy

    where was the first picture taken? in trencin, slovakia?

    greeteings from switzerland

  115. John

    Yes, some of these images are overdone, but some look surreal, and it works for those particular images. HRD is used to make a photo appear more like it looks with our eye, but just becasue that’s true does not mean that it cannot be used to enhance an artistic image. Not all photography has to look like it did with our naked eye. That’s why it’s considered an art. It just depends on the images and the purpose behind it. It’s a subjective field. If you don”t like someones work critique constructively.

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