Coca-Cola Sharing Can

Coca-Cola Sharing Can

Innovative beverage can splits in half for easy sharing between two people.

Designed by Ogilvy & Mather for Coca-Cola, creative Sharing Can quickly and easily transforms into two smaller cans.

Half for you and half for someone you love. Twist and share!

Coca-Cola Can

Sharing Can

Coke Sharing Can

Can Splits in Two

Easy to Share

Coca-Cola Share Can

Designed for Two People

Two People Can

Coca-Cola Sharing Can

CocaCola Sharing Can

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  1. jacklyn

    interesting. nice between couples..

  2. diego

    this is so cute :3

  3. aladeen

    it’s nice but then it will make more waste. nice idea for couples tho

  4. Spectator

    Oh great. Wouldn’t it be easier to buy, like, two cans of soda for them couples?

  5. Gert

    They make half cans of soda. This is cute but silly and sort of pointless.

  6. Amy

    Nice idea but those cans are only really big enough for one person. Splitting it you get a little slip each.

    It’s a teaser! to make you buy another one!

  7. Douglas

    Todays products are all about less product at a higher price. Thank you corporate vampires.

  8. Nicklas

    Oh, shut up.

    This site is about creativity, and this is creative.
    We don’t need to point out that it’s to make money – of course it is.

    Look at it as art, not a product to buy.

    This is cool. It’s new. And I like it!

  9. @

    completely agree with Nicklas. It’s not really a place to complain about how corporate America is taking all our money, it’s to enjoy the innovation.

  10. liz

    i love this i love this! great for people like me who most of the time don’t have the motivation to finish an entire can (because i really need that) xD
    very very cute :)

  11. noa

    Half cans of soda, means less calorie intake, which is a good thing of course!
    It’s cool to have at parties too.

  12. Allan Bilolo

    This would save me money on my date. lol! :))

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