Cat VR

Cat VR

Virtual reality helmet designed for cats will keep your pet entertained at home.

PVRR ( Pet Virtual Reality Research ) created by Isobar for Zoos Victoria encourages people to keep their pet cats safe and happy indoors.

It comes with hours of immersive experiences designed for cats.

To compensate for increased spatial awareness, and low light vision, each headset is calibrated to give your cat an optimal viewing experience.


Cat Virtual Reality

Pet Virtual Reality

Cat VR Helmet


VR for Cats

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    For humans all products over and boared…. now making smartphone , TV’s, VR, Play station and different programs for different animals + different devices …so wired!!

  2. Pearl Lambie

    Oh, H-ll no! My cat would shred me if i even tried to put this on and it would last maybe 2 seconds, lol. i’d think this were an April Fools joke except it’s the wrong day!

  3. eemke

    april fools day is allready over

  4. Rob

    and what happens when the cat tries to chase something across the room and slams into the wall… repeatedly.

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