Modern and Creative Fireplace Designs

Modern and Creative Fireplace Designs

Modern fireplaces and creative fireplace designs from all over the world.

Zeta Fireplace

Designed by John Dimopoulos, stylish and striking, the EcoSmart Zeta fireplace is nothing if not original.

Zeta Fireplace

Zeta Fireplace 2

Pyramid Fireplace

The Starline Fire pyramid collection for an ultra modern home.

Pyramid Fireplace

Vauni Globe Fireplace

More than just a fireplace. It’s like a sculpture even when unlit.

Vauni Globe Fireplace

UNI FLAME Fireplace

Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to spend pleasant evenings in the garden watching real flames.

UNI FLAME Fireplace

Glass Fireplace

This stunning Glass Fireplace by Bloch-Design lets the natural, vivid beauty of fire take centre stage.

Glass Fireplace

Glass Fireplace 2

Greed For Quiet Fireplace

Greed For Quiet is a fire pit and furniture all in one. The fire pit sits in a self enclosed unit surrounded by wood planks supporting 5 chairs.

Greed For Quiet Fireplace

Greed For Quiet Fireplace 2

Gaya Fireplace

Wall mounted fireplace that kind of looks like fire is escaping through a cut in the wall.

Gaya Fireplace

Cube Fireplace

Cleverly designed, square-shaped fireplace that will complement a variety of interiors, including apartments, houses, or commercial premises such as offices, bars and restaurants. It’s an ideal solution for smaller spaces.

Cube Fireplace 2

Cube Fireplace 5

Icoya Fireplace

Contemporary fireplace with artistic heart shaped design.

Icoya Fireplace

Fireplaces by Anne Colombo

Fireplaces by Anne Colombo

Fireplaces by Anne Colombo 2

Fireplaces by Anne Colombo 3

Igloo Fireplace

The EcoSmart Igloo is designed with a futuristic appeal to enhance any contemporary décor.

Igloo Fireplace

Table Top Fireplace

Beautiful miniature fireplace designed by Carl Mertens.

Table Top Fireplace

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  1. irrumare

    Those globe fireplaces look too much like chairs. I’d be afraid to accidentally slump down in one if I was in a drunken stupor! But yay for lawsuit money. As for the wall mounted one…HELL NAW :( unless my walls were made out of stone or something. Anyhow I wonder how much power these things use

  2. Deborah Zee

    Curious about exhaust. Some have provisions for exhaust, others don’t.
    Thank you, Deborah

  3. Ron

    Sure, its a pretty design but people forget that fire makes a mess, all that glass will be covered in black real fast

  4. junior

    design wise they are all awesome. starting with the first one as probably coolest looking to me. but most practical would probably be the glass design with cone above it. makes sense. provides heat and fumes or exhaust go up and out. plus it looks GREAT! if we all just wanted to create concept im sure we could come up with some pretty interesting ideas.

  5. BenignaMarko

    Benigna Marko loves all the new creative fireplaces. These are just fabulous. Benigna Marko enjoys knowing that now and then the fire will cracle. And, how nice it is to know that just in time for this cold winter time. Benigna Marko

  6. Benblur4

    to answer some questions…the chemical that these fires burn does not emit any residue other than nontoxic gases, so the glass will not turn black. Also, most do not need ventilation, since they burn clean! The cool part about these is that if you have a metal cup anyone can make a fire like this without the high cost. Just poor the flammable liquid into the cup, decorate it with rocks or other nonflammable objects and then light the liquid with a match.
    I got this from there site:
    “Planika Fires use a special liquid FANOLA®. As a result, the fire is free of smoke or smell. “

  7. chadfaaborg

    Well then, way to take something warm & comforting….and turn it into something cold & sterile.

    Ooohh! Look how minimal I can design something that’s traditionally so heavy & cluttered.

    I’m not saying you’ve gotta have a fireplace out of a Dickens’ novel….but this ultra-sleek/modern-version-of-Miami-Vice …is for sh**it!

  8. douchie

    Form – Function = America

  9. Jame Woods

    Wow dude I think you hit the nail on the head!


  10. kiran

    Good post.Thanks for sharing.

  11. Elle

    There’s no place like home
    (with a fireplace).

  12. Craig Harrison

    Some amazing designs here. Fireplaces have looked the same for so long. Most homes do not need fireplaces for heat anymore, but the allure of a real fire still remains. These fires offer limitless possibilities, that will set the mood for any room. I have a decorative hole in the wall fire in my home. It took me 10 months finding the right one, but it makes my room.

  13. Mile


  14. PW

    Hmmm. Not one of these looks the least bit efficient or cozy. Fireplaces should be built to be efficient AND comforting, and these are neither. Who cares if it is clean when it does not keep you warm effectively? Please tell us what design school the designers went to so we can let youngsters know where not to attend!

  15. Kate

    These are amazing and so beautiful. I love the fact that they are clean burning and offer all the beauty and comfort of a traditional fireplace.

    Imagine being able to move your personal fireplace from room to room – very romantic!

    Thank you for this wonderful post.

  16. em

    They look great but I would prefer the real old fashion fire place. The pop and smell of the wood, the sod and all that.

  17. jaysee

    Greed For Quiet Fireplace is my favorite! Love the idea!

  18. Andreia Oshiro

    Nice designs! They migh be adapted for different needs.
    Here in Japan fireplaces are not so common, we use air conditioner, eletric heater and kerosene heater. Besides most of the popular houses are made of wood and accidents that cause fire are frequently, specialy in old constructions. But, if these project could respond for this demand, it’ll be great.

  19. JDM

    To the comments above that said “Form-Function=American” take a look at the third photo of the Zeta Fireplace at the top- there is a Euro dollar sign in the window and what appears to be French writing on the window across the way. Perhaps you are being a tad arrogant in your assumptions.

  20. JDM

    Oh, and I quote from the top of this page: “Modern fireplaces and creative fireplace designs from all over the world.”

    ’nuff said.

  21. M.Hartz

    Such elegant designs and they appear functional.

  22. Leonard Cohen

    All stunning, but the Zeta does it for me!

  23. Raj

    They are beautiful but I am afraid I might sit in one thinking its a modern chair.

  24. nooshin

    These are fantastic design. Thanks

  25. Hetal

    Nice designs but not sure of its workability. We make lot of fire place accessories in india thats why interest in this category. thx

  26. Yunus Toprak

    very good… nice post tnx

  27. BPM

    Some are clearly natural gas fireplaces, which like your stove do not require venting.

  28. Holly

    I love these. There just so different and really create a great wow factor.

  29. Jim

    Another idea for a modern fireplace is to turn your flat screen TV into a fireplace with Plasma Candy’s Fireplace DVD. It’s a pretty good substitute if you don’t have enough money for one of the amazing fireplaces in this post. :)

  30. Joi

    These are elegant, but I’m looking for a long, LOW gas fireplace that would go under a window. Six to eight feet would be WONDERFUL. Any idea where I could LOOK for such as this?

  31. Benigna Torviso-Marko

    These are absolutely beautiful. Elegant, and so nicely designed.
    Benigna Torviso-Marko

  32. şömine

    very good.

  33. Frank

    very nice, the winter is coming ;o)

  34. ahmad khalil

    can you sent me a sections for fireplaces to me
    thank you

  35. samuel

    there cool

  36. Kimmy

    Simply exquisite!

  37. samkinkel

    awesome i love them but the glass will get dirty quickly just like ron said so

  38. Lolli

    These are nice, but nothing can replace the traditional cozy fireplace.. :)

  39. Benigna+Marko

    The rock fireplaces. ROC!

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