Burning City Fireplace Screens

Burning City Fireplace Screens

Creative fireplace screens designed by Alessio Baschera, Fabio Brigolin, and Matteo Mocchi of BBMDS.

Unusual firescreens, made of laser cut metal, look like iconic silhouettes of famous cities: London and Rome.

Clever fire shields were inspired by the Great Fires of 1666 and 64 AD.


Burning City Fireplace

Burning City Firescreens


Burning City Fire Screen

Burning City Fire Screens

Burning City Firescreen

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  1. Adrian

    There needs to be one for the Great Chicago Fire

  2. cole

    ditto to adrian

  3. nanobelle

    Forget those machine-made screens devised to amuse rich people-those rough hewn stools cleverly interpreting the nature of hand-made things are the bomb.Those are art.I would buy those well balanced pieces in a second.

  4. Ru

    Does it have glass or mesh above the skyline? There’s still a huge empty area that embers and sparks could jump out of.

  5. Enrico Martinez

    Roasting Pig / Cow / Chicken Fireplace Screen Designs???
    Witches’ Big Pot Fireplace Screen Design???

  6. Gert

    Creepy, I’d buy it.

  7. jay

    nanobelle, you don’t think those stools cost a fortune either? ha

  8. nanobelle

    Too right Jay but they’d be worth it and not perfectly replicable either

  9. Amy

    @Adrian, isn’t the great fire of London /way/ more famous?

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