Phone Book Sculptures

Phone Book Sculptures

Long-Bin Chen makes unique three-dimensional sculptures out of recycled phone books, newspapers, and magazines.

Taiwanese artist started transforming telephone books into art in 1990s, when computers became popular and more affordable. Chen Long-bin decided to give books a new life in the form of amazing sculptures.

Reading Sculptures

Reading Sculptures

Phone Book Sculpture

Book Sculptures

Buddha Heads

Buddha Heads



Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Book Sculptures

Book Art

Long-Bin Chen

Long-Bin Chen

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  1. @TinaNguyensays

    So creative!

  2. Manuel Utrera

    OMG this is amazing and so creative !!!

  3. Mark

    Pretty Cool! A lot of paper art/ butchering books lately. . if it’s yellowpages. . might as well

  4. Marcus

    Gotta take lots of time to do it..

  5. Gert

    Finally! A practical use for used telephone books!

    Artistically very inspiring as well.

  6. jane

    cheaper than marble!

  7. Dustin

    Abraham Lincoln looks like he’s on drugs.

  8. syafiq

    WHAT A TALENT!!!!!

  9. Art of Concept

    Very cool and unique art! Fantastic!

  10. peppy

    Totaly cool!

    @Gert- I’ll bet you $100 he uses brand new ones.

  11. Sandra Clarke

    SO CREATIVE! I never thought about using books this way! AWESOME!

  12. Sarsh Myers

    Very cool.. Awsome use for Phone books, mostly knowing their hardly ever recycled..

  13. Vook

    Very nice and original sculptures!

  14. Darryl Ware

    Good use of the yellow pages…..nice work.

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