HUSH Sleeping Chair

HUSH Sleeping Chair

Private chair designed by Freyja Sewell allows people to rest, sleep, and escape from the world.

Made out of 100% wool felt, warm and comfortable HUSH chair provides dark, quiet, and relaxing environment for body and mind.

HUSH Chair

HUSH Chair by Freyja Sewell

HUSH Pod by Freyja Sewell


HUSH by Freyja Sewell

HUSH Cocoon Chair

Freyja Sewell

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  1. itai

    That looks like something that will wear out and lose it’s shape fast.

  2. josh

    this seems like a waste of wool, but like a cool design. The material is not right.

  3. Clare

    Oh that looks itchy…

  4. Rahman

    It looks hot inside.

  5. reason

    If you could afford the chair, you could afford a bed. And the girl.

  6. Dominic

    Very Chic

  7. looloo

    yeah but unfortunately the shape of it just reminds me of something highly inappropriate…..

  8. Gert

    What’s inappropriate about a vajayjay Looloo? lol.

    I agree, this looks like a very expensive item that will lose shape quickly, become soiled without being able to wash it and potentially itchy and hot.

  9. chillaroo

    this looks nice for a kindergarden, but for grown ups?+
    id feel weird inside

  10. Max

    Looks like a crossbreed between a monster vagina and a giant onion. Super….

  11. Libeerian

    …”a vajayjay Looloo…”

    @Gert, I bow to you…

  12. Tima

    It needs light inside!

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