Clever and Creative Billboard Advertising

Clever and Creative Billboard Advertising

Creative uses of billboards in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Alien Billboard

A creepy billboard in Ann Arbor, MI.

Alien Billboard

Formula Toothcare Billboard

Formula Toothcare “builds strong teeth.”

Formula Toothcare Billboard

Heineken Billboard

This outdoor campaign from Heineken is an example of how an innovative idea can have a huge impact in a traditional approach.

Heineken Billboard

Coops Paint Billboard

Paint drips off three custom banners spread across the north side of the Atlas Building in downtown Columbus Ohio.

Coops Paint Billboard

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Billboard

Nice concept billboard from Miami Ad School.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Billboard

Adidas Billboard

Adidas Billboard

IKEA Billboard

Decorate for the holidays.

IKEA Billboard

Zhangbei Fitness Billboard

Zhangbei Fitness Billboard

Jumbo Muffins Billboard

This muffin crushing billboard won an “OBIE” award from the Advertising Educational Foundation (AEF).

Jumbo Muffins Billboard

Mini Billboard

Mini Billboard

BMW Billboard

“From up here, I can see BMW of Bridgeport”

BMW Billboard

Nestle Billboard

Creative billboard advertisement from Nestle.

Nestle Billboard

Alpen Gold Billboard

Alpen Gold Billboard

Kill Bill Billboard

Clever billboard promoting Kill Bill movie.

Kill Bill Billboard

Tide Billboards

To demonstrate the long-lasting whiteness of Tide detergent, billboards covered in cotton with self cleaning effect were placed on a really busy road. After a few weeks, they became more and more polluted and clean clothes were revealed.

Tide Billboards

Floralp Butter Billboard

Floralp Butter Billboard

Slingshot Billboard

“The Back Seat’s No Safer. Belt Up”

Slingshot Billboard

Mars Billboard

Mars Billboard

Nike Billboard

Creative “transparent” billboard by Nike.

Nike Billboard

Mercedes Billboard

Mercedes Billboard

Nitco Billboard

Wood finish tiles.

Nitco Billboard

Fitness Billboard

Time for Silberman’s Fitness Center.

Fitness Billboard

House Billboard

An inhabitable billboard concept by Front Architects.

House Billboard

The Economist Billboard

A bulb goes off on this billboard, triggered by a motion sensor.

The Economist Billboard

BMW Billboard in Germany

Creative metal billboard promoting BMW cars.

BMW Billboard in Germany

Sony PSP Billboards

Clever billboards for Sony PSP gaming console.

Sony PSP Billboards

Sony PSP Billboards 2

Sony PSP Billboards 3

Whiskey Billboard

Maker’s Mark Hand-crafted Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey.

Whiskey Billboard

Wanted Billboard

Billboard promoting movie Wanted in Russia.

Wanted Billboard

Bubble Gum Billboard

Bubble Gum Billboard

BIC Razor Billboard

The billboard is blank except for a small logo, but without it the advertisement might be missed and it acts as a good backdrop for the giant razor and cut grass.

BIC Razor Billboard

Penline Tape Billboard

Very strong tape by Penline, Malaysia.

Penline Tape Billboard

Eskom Electricity Billboard

Eskom Electricity Billboard

BMW Billboard in Russia

One of the biggest ads in Russia, located in the center of Moscow, it has a number of full sized cars sticked on to it.

BMW Billboard in Russia

BMW Billboard in Russia 3

Woodland Shoes Billboard

Creative billboard that is hard to miss.

Woodland Shoes Billboard

PSP Billboard

Giant Sony PSP Billboard in SoHo.

PSP Billboard

Formula 1 Billboard

Creative advertisement by Petrol Ofisi, one of Turkey’s biggest fuel companies, who is the main sponsor of the Turkish F1 Grand Prix.

Formula 1 Billboard

Cingular Billboard

“Hate Dropped Calls?”

Cingular Billboard

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  1. Carly

    The billboard that you can live in is really nice…it is so unexpected, but makes good sense at the same time.

  2. julesandrebrown


  3. Daniel Ted

    Engaging. This is how advertising should be.

  4. Vincent Lejeune

    Nice ! Some of them are amazing & well done !

  5. Catalin

    Although it seems that sticking a car on a bilboard is the latest fad, it’s already been done one too many times.

  6. gary

    Some very creative thinking here, great inspiration.

    Meanwhile, us back in the real world with big ideas and small budgets…

  7. Daniel

    How many times do you have to post these???
    At least for next time, only post the new ones.


    very very gooooood!!!!!!!

  9. Shust One

    Great advertising, but the Sony PSP ones are only mockups. They aren’t even casting shadows.

  10. Todd

    For some reason I don’t the mind the corporate propaganda as much when the ads are very creative and nicely done.

  11. jb

    you all seemed to miss the point that Coop’s Paint is not a company, and the ad is for Nationwide Insurance…

  12. Beezy

    awesome! thanks for sharing

  13. Takashi Kusuma

    wow that’s awesome

  14. stu

    whaaat, I’m surprised you guys don’t have this one in the article – it’s at the CityTV building in downtown Toronto.

  15. Alec

    How I wish I had that imagination, truely mind blowing.Made my day, thanks.

  16. Price Poorman

    Ads like these are why sh!t is so expensive.

  17. Jeffrey Mosetic

    Price you have a point but it puts bread and butter on more tan just a few peoples plate at night. However,I love the move from boring corporate towards creativity in our media driving society’s. It truly is brilliant.

  18. Scott

    you want to capture people’s interest, make your ads interesting. instead of complaining that people aren’t viewing your ads, make ads they would want to view!

  19. Darren

    You’re missing this great one, whose anti-theft message was revealed as people stole stuff off of it:

  20. Jackie

    The “transparent” billboard by Nike, reminds me of the Roadrunner cartoons.

    The Coyote thought he’d trick the Roadrunner by painting a fake road going somewhere, then the Roadrunner runs through it. The Coyote tries to follow, and “SMACK!” right into the wall.

    It’d be funny seeing that happen with a runner and this billboard.

  21. Ariel

    These are great! Thanks for collecting and posting these. :)

  22. Malte

    the Floralp Butter Billboard was at the main station in zurich

  23. Kyle

    I can’t believe these advertisers don’t have problems with the sign police! We have a sign ordinance gestapo where I live.

  24. Kristy

    Great collection!

    One of the recent campaigns in my area that I loved was the Shark Campaign for the Boston Museum of Science…

  25. Always Changing Clothing

    The paint one is awesome, it’s amazing what you can do with a little creativity, and maybe some skrill.

  26. asiulana

    These are great =)

    Really really good =P

  27. Ali Ghanaati

    These are really funny & interesting ;)

  28. Skracanie linków

    The billboards are so innovative and cunning that I just can’t belive it… Where are your brains Polish marketers?

  29. sue

    those were pretty neat,and also cool

  30. Kurt

    The purpose of advertising is to LOWER the cost of selling. Effective outdoor (or any) ads reach more people than paying the salaries of enough sales people to physically get the word out to the public, which could only be paid for by raising the price of the product or service even higher.

  31. Tom Human

    “The purpose of advertising is to LOWER the cost of selling.”

    Nonsense. The purpose of advertising is to sell product.

    The cost of advertising is part of the cost of selling. You might well argue that advertising is a more effect way to sell your product, but it still increases the total cost of the product, and thus increases its price.

    The original poster is correct in saying that the consumer does pay for the advertising in the end.

  32. Kurt

    Everything involved in the manufacture, packaging and distribution adds to the base cost of the product or service.

    There’s alot of ways to sell product, word of mouth, door-to-door, live demos, etc.

    An effective (and it must be effective, not just cute or creative) advertising message is a more economic way to reach the highest number of people for awareness. Therefore LOWERING the cost of selling…

  33. Chris Cavallucci

    This is a great collection!

    It would be really cool if we could:
    * geotag these photos in a Flickr set
    * identify the creative people did the work

  34. kannan

    This is realy good advertisements which has got more powerful and creative…… i would like to say thanks in the future i could try to do some like which i saw
    thanks budy….

  35. nelson

    If cell phones distract drivers and cause accidents, what are the odds that drivers will be similarly dis-tracted reading and/or understanding these billboards?

  36. Andrew.T

    Hey has anyone seen this one>>

    its of two guys playing soccer on a vertical billboard for adidas.

  37. Dave deBruyn

    Fantastic, imaginative & unique. Love the concepts! My favorite has to be the miele one. Nice to see some work that pushes the boundaries a bit.

  38. Jack

    Well it seems that good advertising has an audience, to bad most clients don’t understand that. No you don’t always have to have a big budget to pull off a great idea.

  39. Errol Miller

    I hate to be the wet blanket, but do you suppose these very creative billboards are more or less distracting than cell phones? I assume most are placed next to busy roads.

  40. sebastiangavel


  41. Hank-Dachbeschichtung

    Really cool Ads! Thanks for sharing!

  42. asif

    its amazing advertise really i impressed

  43. mafe

    I love all of these, especially the Economist one. I love the simplicity of it and how well it carries the message across.

    One thing though, the Coops paint one is fake and is actually part of an ad for Nationwide insurance…you can see the billboard on the right. They created the Coops Paint billboard just to carry out their message, that you never know when something like paint falling on your car is going to happen, so get Nationwide insurance.

  44. amanhem

    i love all of them, and i saw one off them in Turkey-istanbul Formula 1 billboard

  45. lawrence adubofour

    i’m really impress with most of the billboards. they really communicate as a well designed billboard should be. I will be glad if advertiser in my country start making creative billboards like this.

  46. jayant

    gr8, innovative

  47. Michael

    this good but don’t you consider the cost of production

  48. esseltyNate

    Sweet blog. I never know what I am going to come across next. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

    I’ll be watching you . :)

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  50. Whitney Pannell

    OMG! I Love this site. How incredibly smart are these creative directors!

  51. Ameet Lakhiani

    These ads are absolutely fabulous. Great minds at work! Very commendable, how do they come up with this kind of stuff?


  52. danvertising

    Hey I just had to post this link onto my blog as well. The whole industry is trending towards digital, but out-of-home can be so much fun!

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  54. Владимир Малкин

    За статью премного благодарен, все по делу, достаточно много кто это использует

  55. Designer Guy

    very good collection. keep them coming!

  56. dalia kamel

    creative work

  57. Jeremy

    Really creative… this is the way to be…

  58. Banner Guy

    Amazing work. Im a graphic designer and I know how hard is to find some ideas. Cool gallery website

  59. William Anthony

    Very inspiring and creative… and surely the audience will get notice to all that kind avertising… two thumbs up for the creative director

  60. Mark Jakosalem

    it’s great and awesome for advertising ideas!

  61. Mark Jakosalem

    it’s awesome

  62. Luke


  63. Sam

    I feel like a sicko for saying so, but I like the Kill Bill one the best. lol

  64. tommy wilson


  65. Stuart Flynn

    I’ll be sure to pass on to my creative network

  66. sadiya

    Amazing gr8 wrk…..!!!

  67. rohit dhimole

    its amazing advertise really i impressed

  68. sitare

    great ones

  69. crazy

    they are all very funny nd crazy……

  70. Caraidorrerma

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

  71. Gerard Prastudya

    Very creative. It true what people saying, creativity has no limits. It only touch the sky, but except for this advertisement budget it the limit.

  72. TAB

    very good!creative thoughts!good JOB!continue!

  73. diwhflq

    touch the sky, but except for this advertisement budget it the limit.

  74. love wind

    it’s funny!

  75. pumpkin

    very creative ideas
    i laugh so hard at the 2nd pic hahaha
    and the Tide billboards, i find it hilarious but effective at the same time, now i want one :)

  76. ngoc_htc

    these make me imagine and want to buy one of them
    these are really smart and intelligent

  77. lucky_lovely

    So great! I am really amazed at unique advertisements.I impress so much!

  78. tran thu ha tai chinh

    oh oh
    it is really creative and professional
    i like it

  79. Trần Thị Thu Hường-AOF

    Using Billboards is a popular way in advertising. But to attract people,the designers have to create special Billboards.They can express specific traits of the brand image which companies want to promote.Billboards should be unique and can create a buzz.Looking at all of above Billboards,we can’t deny that people have unlimited creativity.

  80. quynhphuong

    These advertisements are very attractive. They create many images that are like reality.The advertisement I like most is the ” formula toothcare ” build strong teeth””.It made me feel scared at the first time I saw it

  81. seryun9x

    so cool and amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!
    These ads are really rock ….

  82. ngoc anh 47/ 51.01

    i don’t have any comment!!they are so cool!!!
    i love them very much!!
    very creative!!

  83. Scirocco

    The paint one is awesome, it’s amazing what you can do with a little creativity, and maybe some skrill.

  84. collino

    They were all pretty sick!

  85. Liezl

    i was really stunned! awesome!

  86. Isaac Jimoh

    This is what is called, Creative Advertising, kudos to the creators

  87. Rona

    these are actually pretty awesome. great job and thanks for sharing them :)

  88. Durgesh

    The Economist – billboard is execellent.

  89. Calvyn

    I like the one Ikea bill board… feel very relexing

  90. Natasha

    I loved all of these billboards at the moments im trying to create one for a project and these have givin me some very good tips on how to do it. I loved all of these billboards!

  91. ifedayo afesojaye

    what i saw on this page is incredible,infact i’m short of words

  92. Aurora

    These are all very amazing. Well done all you good thinking companies.

  93. DawnD

    I have seen the Bridgeport BMW billboard many times as it is right next to I-95 in Bridgeport, CT, near where I live. The first time I saw it, I did such a double-take, I nearly ran off the road, so, yes, they can be dangerous as well as creative!

  94. Riyadh


  95. Larna

    i dont think only big budget company can afford these ads.look at the ‘tape’ ad in Malaysia?do u think it costs big money to do that?
    its simply creativity..thats all..

  96. Tom


  97. Tubi

    Wow! how inspiring, after seeing this I’m now sure more than ever that advertising is what i want to do after school.

  98. tin myo aung

    the best creative billboard advertising

  99. valerie

    whether you like the billboards or not, what’s striking is that you know immediately what the message is. Obviously with billboards, less is more. you have to make what little time a reader spends on it count. I think you have to trust your creativity and if it is a fit, you are free to be that creative. So, what is the next trend. I would like to see a picture of Obama with a hand extending out of the board with a pen in it. What would that say?

  100. Don

    Impressive! Very impressive!

    Intelligent and Creative Selling.

  101. brand guy

    Terrific, creative ideas but pretty poor branding on many of them. Without looking back, how many of the actual brands do you remember?

  102. Tiffany

    I work in outdoor advertising for regional north qld Australia. These billboards are a great example of what can be achieved with a great imagination.

  103. Sunil Sharma

    This stuff just sticks in the mind. The more I saw, the more I felt curious. Wanna see it again and again. Really their is no bar for creativity. Just have no words to describe it. Just wanna praise whom ever created it. Hands off to you guys….

  104. jolinda

    supper cool!!!

  105. nani

    I fell in love with these ads.

    Hope I will never see boring ads littering the streets anymore.

  106. raghav


  107. prabhu

    I love all the above creative

  108. Tai


  109. ser


  110. sana

    creative :)

  111. Meena

    All the billboards are so creative.. Real nice execution…

  112. o Dow

    WOW. For the sake of credit for this assignment I am adding this comment but the first three letter word actually sums it up and I really feel that anything else is overkill. According to my assessment of all of the “outdoors” even the weakest of those shown exceed anything I have seen (have seen a few good ones in the U.S. NY & Chi-town but these advertisements are amazing. They sparked interest in said company….a few of them have simple ideas but execution make the BANG! Favorite……ummmmmm “all of em”.

  113. jbone

    where are the hot girls for billboards?

  114. Kazora Brian

    how can i patern or get access to do these kinds of
    bill boards in my country, Rwanda-Kigali.They are extremly good en helpful for my success in the Adverting
    business that am doing in my country,

  115. Sanjay

    this is called concept based intelligent advertising

  116. yishak takele

    this is why we need marketing for life

  117. Vahid

    Infinitely beautiful

  118. Daniel Ribeiro

    It’s such a pity here, in São Paulo (Brazil) it’s forbidden to have billboards on the streets.
    There are a lot of good advertisements and great ideas for it.
    These ones are awesome!
    I’m sharing around ;)

  119. Elizabeth

    I have to admit, I laughed pretty hard at the PSP advertisements. Those where the least expected ones I have seen. Now I wonder what they are going to do for the PSP Vita.

  120. mehran

    some of them are so much busy but generaly adidas adv is better than athers.

  121. Michelle

    Wow this is some amazing art! My favorite one is the Formula toothcare Billboard,it seems so ALIVE and I absolutely LOVE it!

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