30 Memorable and Creative Business Cards

Memorable and Creative Business Cards

Business cards are no longer used to simply provide information about a company or individual. More and more people are designing creative business cards and use them as a marketing tool.

This post showcases 30 memorable and creative business card designs.

01 – Adam Mayer Geared Business Cards

Adam Mayer Geared Business Cards

02 – Daniel Ballou Business Card

Daniel Ballou Business Card

03 – Bonnie Chambers Business Card

Bonnie Chambers Business Card

04 – Dave Ward Business Card

Dave Ward Business Card

05 – Animated Business Cards by Chung Dha Lam

Animated Business Cards

06 – Mark Ramadan Business Card

Mark Ramadan Business Card

07 – Side Show Business Card

Side Show Business Card

08 – Knitting Shop Business Card

Knitting Shop Business Card

09 – Digitopolis Business Card

Digitopolis Business Card

10 – SimpleSong Designs Business Card

SimpleSong Designs Business Card

11 – Helena Ayres Proofreader Business card

Helena Ayres Proofreader Business card

12 – Super Capacity Business Card

Super Capacity Business Card

13 – The Darling Room Business Card

The Darling Room Business Card

14 – Edgar Laini Business Card

Edgar Laini Business Card

15 – 86 The Onions Moist Towelette Business Card

86 The Onions Moist Towelette Business Card

16 – Basta Business Card

Basta Business Card

17 – Todd Smith Business Card

Todd Smith Business Card

18 – igvita.com Business Card

igvita.com Business Card

19 – Scott Roberts Business Card

Scott Roberts Business Card

20 – Romen Design Business Card

Romen Design Business Card

21 – buro RuSt Business Card

buro RuSt Business Card

22 – Stefan Pfeil Business Card

Stefan Pfeil Business Card

23 – Chris Jones Business Card

Chris Jones Business Card

24 – Adworks Media Business Card

Adworks Media Business Card

25 – Sensus Design Factory Business Card

Sensus Design Factory Business Card

We Love Your Money Business Card

26 – Amelia Lyon Business Card

Amelia Lyon Business Card

27 – Marieke Vanderweeen Business Card

Marieke Vanderweeen Business Card

28 – In Watermelon Sugar Business Card

In Watermelon Sugar Business Card

29 – Jose Antonio Contreras Business Card

Jose Antonio Contreras Business Card

30 – Kaypee Soh Business Card

Kaypee Soh Business Card

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  1. Jim

    Geared cards are incredible!

  2. Paul Sample

    I love the cube animated bussines card!!!!!

  3. Megan

    I with I had the talent to make a cool business card.

  4. RuSt

    There is an animation of my businesscard ( #21 ) on my website: http://www.burorust.nl/logoburorust/

  5. gary

    Some very unique ideas gathered here (w/luxury production budgets too). Some are very gimmicky and catch my attention, though I prefer the cards that have more of a personal craft to them, such as: The Darling Room, Bonnie Chambers and SimpleSong Designs.

  6. Jacob Ham

    Number 16 is lame…why is that on the list?

  7. Jacob Ham

    Correction Number 17 Todd Smith

  8. Tanya Plonka

    Great samples! I love the handmade quality of some of these, but I imagine they would either take forever to make, or a high budget…

  9. Elnaz

    Simply Amazing….

  10. Philip

    These all look very cool, but in fact many of them, as business cards, are useless. What good is a cool card that neither fits in a cardholder or is easily scanned by a (card sized) scanner? Good design preserves and enhances function; flashy design that damages functionality is not good design.

    I keep a stack of cards of people I do business with in a corner of my desk drawer. If I got many of these, I’d ooh, and ahh….and then 9 months from now when I have a paying job for a designer, I couldn’t find their card! What good is that?

  11. Amber Weinberg

    Awesome designs. I never seem to be handed any good ones to collect :(

  12. Ginger

    Someone should give the car salesman (#17) the proofreader’s card (#11).

  13. Jacob

    wow, found this link and holy #*@& my wife letterpressed and die cut #28!

    lame plug: gilahpress.com

  14. loveprOne

    Awesome :) .

  15. agape

    I love original business cards! In this show the prices could be high, I image!
    This is an interesting collection:

  16. Bloghita

    Awsome. I want some …

  17. cheezeflicker

    whats so special about ;
    10, 17, 18 ,19 20, and 24? they dont deserve a place just if there is hole in them. some of them are really nice tho.

  18. varun thakker


  19. Ameet Lakhiani

    Some of them are really cool, some of them, not so cool.
    Overall…very nice though.

  20. Mark

    Nice-those are certainly going to help people remember you. Thanks

  21. Joanne

    Great ideas how about adding ones using recycled materials

  22. Meysam Baraghani

    Cool Collections …

  23. Gregg

    Great business card designs!But i have to say that Adam Mayer’s business card is the most amazing one. Well thought-of, purely ingenious.

  24. Fresh

    The Adam Mayer is awesome and I simply love the letterpress one at the top.

  25. youngin`

    haha, i’ve gotten the WE LOVE YOU one before :p
    prety cool

  26. Lena

    I absolutely LOVED all of them. Especially the one with the gears! It must take a lot of patience to make those. Like wise the cutout fork/knife/spoon would be fun to play with! The puzzle one would be perfect for me :-)

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